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  1. 2 different things you are dealing with; 4K and HDR. 4K is number of pixels and this will be determined as to how close you sit to the screen as to if it's worth it or not ( as has been mentioned) HDR is different, its to do with peak brightness and the levels displayed between white(bright) and black(dark). Things encoded in HDR are supposed to give a much better and brighter range of colours (I say supposed to as I've not seen it yet for myself) People say that they've been more impressed with HDR than they have with 4K. As I understand it though HDR is only currently available on UHD bluray ( so 4k!) and on streaming such as netflix and Amazon). No doubt Sky will follow suit at some point It looks very much like if you want HDR you'll be getting a 4K tv by default
  2. ahh so it does - use mine in the av setup. annoying! JL audio (as has been mentioned) keep cropping up as small and powerful. Another here
  3. I run an SVS SB2000. which I got in preference to a BK as it is very compact for a 12 inch sub. It's maybe not a beast that some of the others suggested but it's pretty good for the price. Others to maybe check are M&K, XTC or Adrenal. These have a good rep too
  4. if it's small you need this one may do.
  5. Great. I'm hopefully listening to the new kit next month, will give you a shout after and let you know what I decide to do
  6. Hi Simon, If I do the deed I'll give you shout - if you are still up the road from me I can always bring it over for you have listen to in your system or you are welcome to mine.
  7. I'm going to be listening to few new bits in the next couple of months with the intention on downsizing my kit to reapportion to my AV. If I can bring myself to do it (and it's a big if!) then my 3.1X will be up for sale. I was told by AudioNote ( three years ago when I purchased it) it would sit somewhere between the DAC2.1x/II Balanced and the DAC3.1x/II Balanced so may be of interest?
  8. Check out seating options too. Good home cinema seating can hold your popcorn and massage your butt Helps get your room layout sorted and the decor police get to have some input. If I was doing it now I'd probably be looking at a Mk speaker set up on an Anthem receiver. Other options aplenty but that would be good start IMO. Check out any fire regs on cabling and speakers locally if putting in walls and ceilings
  9. I'm lucky enough to have to an av system and separate HiFi system. Both of which impress and sound fantastic ( audiophillia nerversia aside) but I still cannot get over the sound from a a diamond and a bit of plastic. It's f'ing bonkers that a bit of crappy plastic being dragged over by a diamond sounds so f'ing awesome (sometimes). Honestly blows my tiny mind
  10. My direkts are up against the wall (with toe in). They sound light and airy but with deep bass. Probably a good match for the sound the want but not sure if the bass might aggravate the neighbours and what the impact of the sofa might be.
  11. Thanks been reading through and catching up. don't apologise for any diversions - many ways to skin a cat! 1st off I'm not changing my speakers! They work exceptionally well in the room and I spent a long time finding ones that I was happy with. I've a tricky room and these work fantastically even up close to the wall where I have to position them. I basically need to find an amp/cd and/or streamer that I can enjoy even if I don't get that little added magic I get from my current combo. The idea of adding headphone is a very good one and I'm up for trying. I always used to enjoy listen via headphones 'in the olden days with a Walkman' as much as listening to the hifi so I'm hopeful a decent pair may well suit. I realised I had a Rega dealer (Tom Tom) 10 mins from me and I've been in touch to have a listen to this and to have a trial of the Naim Atom when it comes in to stock as I think it looks like a really neat solution and I've enjoyed Naim products in the past. If this floats my boat I'll sell my current kit and see what I have left over to assign budget on headphones - will probably trial some second hand items and see where we go from there. Getting over the mental wrench of letting the AN stuff go slowly
  12. Insulation is a good idea but adds cost and is not going to get past the house police. I'm going to be hard pressed to keep any freed up cash for the other room from the better half. Headphones is an interesting one. I could perhaps downsize and keep a bit back for headphones. Then we can enjoy music with friends or together and I can have some phones for individual listening hmmmm... Never done the headphone thing before so need to do a bit of investigation
  13. Thanks. I'm not moving room though. I have all my records and CD's in the current room and I want to keep it separate from the AV family room. Kids are now 8 and 10 and they are bouncing around. They can do that in the TV room without me panicking about the hifi getting damaged. They do use the hifi but when they go to do so they are comletely respectful of it. Also means they don't bother with it when their mates are over so I retain my tweeters.
  14. HAHA. probably right. But I've found this thread very cathartic and am in the process of organising a dem of some Rega kit. I used to have the original planet and it was a really nice bit of kit for the money
  15. Not sure I get your point? My cinema set up was precisely that, a cinema set up for a TV room to deliver great film sound whilst catering for aesthetics in a small room. I had no music consideration on it whatsoever. TV room is just over 3 x 3m (see pic - hopefully attached) even if I could put in massive speakers it's not for music. It's not laid up that way. Don't get me wrong if I chuck a CD or some such on it sounds impressive and most people are surprised but when you sit down in front of the hifi it's not anywhere near the same and I'm not trying to shoehorn it into the cinema It sounds fantastic on films and given the time spent watching it I may upgrade ( looking at MK) but not to play music on but to get more out of the film aspect. My hifi sounds awesome to me but doesn't get the listening time it deserves. if I downsize the hifi it will still be used as the primary tool to listen to music but I'll probably upgrade the cinema to give me even more on the film front. It had crossed my mind so I am arranging a demo or the brio and the elex.