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  1. I am surprised that these have not gone yet. Grab yourself some real delight on the cheap.
  2. yoda900

    ATC Owners Club

    Way over budget but a Graaf 13.5BII would do the job. Well under budget the Project RS pre with additional power supply that was on here. Immensely good for the money and balanced out to go into the actives with remote too. From your description of your likes/dislikes the ideal.
  3. Absolutely lovely sounding speakers. Not bass monsters but matched to Class A/valve amp I doubt if you will find a better speaker at the price. As he says add a sub if you must. I must resist. I have too much kit already.
  4. yoda900

    Sugden owners club

    TV's are cheap in comparison. Heco may be little wide but there is only way to find out.
  5. yoda900

    Sugden owners club

    That is going to take some doing with the Music Master in your new room. New amp first will give a much wider speaker choice. This could be an expensive year
  6. yoda900

    Sugden owners club

    That can be arranged through our mutual friend. I'd like to give it a whirl too.
  7. yoda900

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    AS transport and DACs circa 2010. 25 + year old Oracle Mk 1 25+ year old Musical Reference pre. Old Squeeze box. Even the Io is geriatric but has been rebuilt and is on a new Tri-planar and Helius Viridia. Yes I am Steptoe!
  8. yoda900

    Not Dead Yet

    I'm just old fashioned I guess but I prefer a CD to streaming. I use the Squeezebox for convenience /background but Vinyl or CD for dedicated listening as I have never become used to playing one track from here one from there. I list to a whole side/album. My CD replay in the last two weeks has edged closer to Vinyl with an AS Transcend transport with twin ASL ST connections to an AS DAX Discrete. Best sound and a legacy CDP so I'm now sorted.
  9. Really drooling at the prospect but must keep hands away from the bank card
  10. yoda900

    Sub bass & bass Speakers with 18" Volt RV4564 drivers

    Keith. You are certifiable. I will be across with the system destroyer CD in hand when you think you have them sorted. If I can bring SWMBO I will forgo the Armagnac and let Jane and SWMBO chat out of the room, drinking fizz, whilst you and I try the candle test in earnest. On Saturday I found my Chezi test disk from May 2006, in the very early days of the Wam, when we had the Scottish contingent. I wonder if Chezi is still alive after another 13 more years of alcohol consumption? Lee and I once attempted to get to Glasgow for a bake off but were defeated by the snow and had to turn back before the Lake District. Good job as Glasgow was then snowed in for days!
  11. yoda900

    Digital Source Question.

    Non-believers need not read further. Delusional or not my old Squeeze box into a DAX sounds like the Squeeze box into the pre via cheap cables. However my AS Transcend Transport via twin ST connection to the same AS DAX Discrete gets much closer to my vinyl front end. Go figure.
  12. yoda900

    CD collection wanted

    Anyone no longer have a need for their CD collection and want the space? PM with a list. Ideally looking for a collection with numerous ( 50+ ) rock/ indie/ soul / funk/old R&B rather than pop.
  13. yoda900

    pro-ject pre box rs

    Bargain. This is very good at retail and at this price an excellent pre.
  14. yoda900

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    My dream system would be a pair of these built into a false wall or at least a custom colour pair of the active 300 pro.