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  1. yoda900

    Digital Source Question.

    Non-believers need not read further. Delusional or not my old Squeeze box into a DAX sounds like the Squeeze box into the pre via cheap cables. However my AS Transcend Transport via twin ST connection to the same AS DAX Discrete gets much closer to my vinyl front end. Go figure.
  2. yoda900

    CD collection wanted

    Anyone no longer have a need for their CD collection and want the space? PM with a list. Ideally looking for a collection with numerous ( 50+ ) rock/ indie/ soul / funk/old R&B rather than pop.
  3. yoda900

    pro-ject pre box rs

    Bargain. This is very good at retail and at this price an excellent pre.
  4. yoda900

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    My dream system would be a pair of these built into a false wall or at least a custom colour pair of the active 300 pro.
  5. yoda900

    Sub bass & bass Speakers with 18" Volt RV4564 drivers

    On Tron will the port blow out a candle placed in front of it yet ? Got to try it
  6. yoda900

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Now Keith there is dedication or you may need certifying. Let me know when they are dialed in with the correct ports and we can see if we can shake the lamps off them when I visit. Make my speakers look like wimps.
  7. yoda900

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    AE500 stand-mount. £1,000 ( pricing may be optimistic ) so at the top end of your budget. Heard these at the Acoustica show in Chester. Very capable and sound more like floorstanders in a small room. I am not used to listening to small standmounts but these appealed to me and looked good in white. .https://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/new-500-series/
  8. yoda900

    pro-ject pre box rs

    These sound remarkably good and at £350 with additional power supply it is a bargain.
  9. yoda900

    Looking for advice on bookshelf speakers that can be wall mounted

    Rega Kyte used about £90. designed for wall use. Had their own wall fitting kit.
  10. yoda900

    FS: Snell Type A mk3

    For those concerned about accommodating them in their room they work well angled in the corners of a room with 6/8 ft between the speakers. Do not need a huge amount of space behind them. Would not take up that much more room than say original Snell E's which were a free space design. Power is anything from a 300B up to 100W Class A amps like the Pass Alephs. Quality not quantity is the key as they are a wide open window. Best I ever heard were a pair of these biamped by SJS 300B and also my PSE 2A3 copper amp. Gobsmaking effortlessness.
  11. yoda900

    Recommended Small Speakers?

    Budget was not mentioned. Treat yourself and keep the amp.
  12. yoda900

    It lives again

    Not tried that yet but it is a distinct possibility given the heat they generate with a 450W per channel max. dissipation for a 25W output. Don't need the heating on in the music room!
  13. yoda900

    Wtd - spike protectors for speaker stands

    Don't forget the felt pads . That's an extra £1.
  14. yoda900

    Wtd - spike protectors for speaker stands

    £5 ish from ebay for 8 delivered. £1 Shop round felt pads to protect the floor under the spike shoes. Done.