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  1. I only know that Simon is servicing it then it will be sold. The sale and regrettably the amp are nothing to do with me. Its just a coincidence of timing that someone posted this thread and one appears. To help all equally who may be interested I will pass on any of your email addresses to Simon if you PM them to me.
  2. Yes he had A's for a long time before the VR4's arrived and also used my Snell C's with the 2A3 PSE.
  3. Rare chance to own one of the PSE 300B copper box versions good for about 18W per channel. It is due to come onto the market shortly after Simon has finished servicing it. The dark box houses the separate power supply. Not chosen by Simon as you can tell. Form an orderly queue. Nothing to do with me unfortunately. I would either hide the PS or have Simon re box it but there are no more of these copper boxes available.
  4. Mk 11 copper power amp. Rarer than hens teeth. Only a handful ever made. Probably worth 10X what they were sold for if you only need a few Watts. My 2A3 PSE was 7W and the 300B about 5 W max. We once bi-amped Simon's VR4's with them both. If you ever see one for sale just buy it. Some early models have been fully fooed by Simon over the years taking them up to the original Kondo magic level with Lundorf T/X, tantalum resistors and Duelund caps at cost no object pricing to match. One even has had a full second box power supply added taking all the mains bits away from the audio circuit.
  5. Not what you may want to hear but a Velvet Vortex ultrasonic cleaner from Spider means that the Lp is 95% + already dry with only the trailing edge coming out of the bath wet and that air dries in minutes. If in a rush a Karcher type ( Lidl) window vac deals with the last bit of water. Worth every penny.
  6. All second hand. Oracle Mk1, SDS inner SS disc/Les Davis Audio magic platter mat, Audiomods IV, Rega Apheta2 under a copper shim. The cart sounded pants when first put in but shim/Carver MC SUT with 100 Ohm load resolved those issues. For the cost of the bits sounding not too shabby at less than 1/10th the cost of the Viridia/Tri-planar/ Kondo Jp Io which out does it on every front to be fair. As this is SWMBO’s TT though not bad at all on the main system. Happy bunny. Taken a few years to get it to sound right across the spectrum from Judie Tzuke/ David Bowie/ Kraftwerk / Free/ Grace Jones.
  7. At 20 hrs not even run in. Great cart.
  8. I just want the unobtainable as the amp/speakers would need a new, very large, dedicated from the design stage up, house to put them in. SWMBO would not move to it even if we won £100+ Million on the lottery so the divorce would be too expensive. I'll just keep tinkering within "reasonable" boundaries. However everyone's reasonable is different.
  9. I am surprised that these have not gone yet. Grab yourself some real delight on the cheap.
  10. Way over budget but a Graaf 13.5BII would do the job. Well under budget the Project RS pre with additional power supply that was on here. Immensely good for the money and balanced out to go into the actives with remote too. From your description of your likes/dislikes the ideal.
  11. Absolutely lovely sounding speakers. Not bass monsters but matched to Class A/valve amp I doubt if you will find a better speaker at the price. As he says add a sub if you must. I must resist. I have too much kit already.
  12. TV's are cheap in comparison. Heco may be little wide but there is only way to find out.
  13. That is going to take some doing with the Music Master in your new room. New amp first will give a much wider speaker choice. This could be an expensive year
  14. That can be arranged through our mutual friend. I'd like to give it a whirl too.
  15. AS transport and DACs circa 2010. 25 + year old Oracle Mk 1 25+ year old Musical Reference pre. Old Squeeze box. Even the Io is geriatric but has been rebuilt and is on a new Tri-planar and Helius Viridia. Yes I am Steptoe!