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  1. Edgeyboy

    Wanted: Classe Audio CA2300 Amplifier

    It's sold, but thank you for the link. Appreciated.
  2. Edgeyboy

    Auralic Aries Mini

    Is this still available?
  3. Must be in excellent condition, ideally boxed and in full working order. Can collect.
  4. Edgeyboy

    Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

    Now sold pending payment.
  5. Edgeyboy

    Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

    Silver Finish. Excellent Condition. Boxed. Remote Control WiFi Antenna Collection from Ely welcome or can send by courier at cost (likely to be less than £10) Can upload photos Thursday evening if required (working away) £200
  6. Edgeyboy

    Oppo BDP-105EU

    Now sold.
  7. Edgeyboy

    Oppo BDP-105EU

    It belonged to my Dad who died five years ago and it was boxed up for 3 years before I got it late last summer. I've only used it a handful of times since then as I stream and don't need CD anymore.
  8. Edgeyboy

    Oppo BDP-105EU

    Excellent overall condition. Clean top, front, back and left hand side panel. 2 scratches down right hand side caused by rubbing against cabinet. Original box, Oppo bag, instructions, wifi dongle, remote. Perfect working order. £375 Collected form Ely or £400 delivered by courier.
  9. Must be in excellent condition and ideally boxed. Can collect.
  10. Edgeyboy

    KEF LS50 Loudspeakers Gloss Black

    Speakers collected. Paul (Fullupo) is a great guy and highly recommend. Thanks again. Tom
  11. Edgeyboy

    KEF LS50 Loudspeakers Gloss Black

    Hi Paul. 6pm tonight would be good. I'll PM you now.
  12. Edgeyboy

    KEF LS50 Loudspeakers Gloss Black

    Hi Paul, I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm working away this week and wont be home until late Friday. I'll have a look for the receipt as soon as I get back. Thanks Tom
  13. Edgeyboy

    KEF LS50 Loudspeakers Gloss Black

    Hi Paul. Thanks for the offer, but as these are brand new, boxed and never opened, I can't go any lower than £500 collected.