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  1. Hi LeeI'll try an explain as best i can, its easier with a drawing ,but i know i haven't got one on this computer (used visio in the past to explain) , i now have a mac - no visio compatibility .The pre amp on the cursa has the provision to drive two power amps. So taking the upper most power amp i have run the cables to power the tweeters - choosing to bi wire at the same time .Mirror the same set up for the lower power amp - except running the cables to the bass drivers, again bi wiring.Even more contraversional is the fact (OMG) we're into cable talk again - I run Campaign Audio speaker cable SLC500 for the tweeter , and SLC1000 for the bass units.I expect this will result in all sorts of fall out from the cable talk thread - but it works.Hope this helps.
  2. here's a photo of the kit, as it stands today....
  3. A classic I never tire ofDonald Fagen - Kamakiriad they don't make um like they use to :-)))
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    Laura Veirs

    I like the new album by Laura Viers - bought it on the strength of the sampler on the Nonesuch website.Good stuff, entertaining new music. recommended.
  5. HiJust to confuse the thread entirely, I have added the Isotek GII Mini Sub mains conditioner into my system - with excellent results.Sweeter treble - didn't think I'd get that sort of improvment (not a massive improvement , but noticeable), better seperation , more bass definition.....ummm nice.Still will be looking for a new amp in the near future.I seem to want to have a simple systemCD playerAmpSpeakerswould have had to have a distribution block - so the Isotek performs that function as well.
  6. why does it have to be in Scotland? thats quite a trek for me.
  7. Hi LeeYes, I've had a few thoughts.....I'm going to begin the quest for the valve or hybrid valve amp.Walrus in London sent me an excellent reply to my general query. I think this will take quite some time though to finally decide.The only way to do this is by actually listening.Still have a preference for a simple hi fi system.Rega Jupiter cdValve / hybrid integrated amp with a bit of muscle - fortunately I don't need much more than that - no added complications of phono input etc.ProAc Response 1SC'sStill the amps on the short list are Croft integrated - but concerned about ower outputConsonanceThe expensive Sugden ampStill half the fun is the exploration - its not that I'm unhappy with the Rea amplification - just slightly weary of the cut and thrust. It does have a freat deal of power to drive the ProAc's , and I'll have to see if the trade off between blood and thunder is better than the valve presentation in my system.
  8. Thanks for the replies, been scouring the net - any thoughts on using a hybrid amp?Saw some interesting reviews on Croft, and also the full blown valve Stingray amp.
  9. Thanks LeonardBut I'm sold on the ProAc's, had various ProAc speakers for the last ten years.They're just right for me, but I appreciate that they won't suit everyone.
  10. Here's a photo of the systemRega and ProAcÂ
  11. Thanks arjn, but using my current system the volume control is usually in the 12 o clock position. For some cd's I'll turn it up to 1 o clock. This might sound excessive, but its not that loud at those settings.Still have a niggle to listen to a Sugden though.
  12. Budget for about £1500, maybe £2000.I like the fit and forget aspect of transistor amp. prefer to go to a big integrated again. ProAc's like a bit of muscle.
  13. HiNew to the forum. considering a change of amp to match my speakers.Current set upRega Jupiter cdRega Cursa preRega Maia power amps - bi amped - driving the superbProAc Response 1sc speakersWhat I'm after is a more fluid/ liquid / air and space around the music.Any suggestions? worried about valves, as I know little. My instinct takes me to Sugden.
  14. New member, here's the kit, you'll get the idea I like Rega.Rega Jupiter cdRega Cursa pre ampRega Maia power amps x 2 drivingProAc Response 1SC speakersTarget R1 speaker stands.
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    Newbie Intro's

    Just hi to everyone, my names Denis.The kitRega Jupiter cdRega Cursa pre ampRega Maia power amps x 2 - using to bi amp the speakersProAc Response 1SC'sTarget R1 stands.