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  1. Nice to see you on Hifi Wigwam, Mike. How about Altas Hyper cables - I think they might be a (IMO) good, reasonably-priced alternative. The latest version is the Hyper 3.5, available for £42 a metre. I think you can bend them round corners too....
  2. But....but...I love the Eurovision song contest! [ you were]
  3. I heard this on the radio today - it's really good IMO. If anyone can do re-works of Led Zeppelin songs, it's...errr.... Led Zeppelin! My interest has now been piqued in acquiring the about-to-be-released Jimmy Page-remasters of the first three albums.
  4. Congratulations on your purchase, Take5. I don't know if you frequent Pink Fish Media at all but the site owner, Tony L, runs a Thorens 124 mkII which he has done some restoration work on himself to get it working and a very nice looking deck it is too. He posts here too occasionally so it might be worth PMing him for some tips and ideas. Good luck!
  5. I have just seen this thread. All the many eloquent comments posted throughout this thread have said everything and more and there is little I can add, so instead I will just say:- RIP Oldfogey, and to Ed, where I come from we say: I wish you long life. Very best wishes to you and your family. Jon
  6. Or try a Tabriz zi if you can't stretch to an Artemiz.
  7. If you're willing to look beyond standmounts to (albeit diminutive) floorstanders, consider Kudos X2s. I note you are running a Croft 7 power amp which I understand has more than enough power to trot out, and the X2s will fill a room with ease.
  8. FWIW I bought pdiddy's CS300X a couple of years or so ago and used it with my Harbeth HL-P3ES's which are about 12-15 years and a couple of "generations" older than the current P3ESRs with great results. However, I would suggest this is not an ideal combination if you are looking for serious volume, and/or to fill a large-ish space, as I discovered to my cost when exhibiting at Scalford a while back...! For that you really need a CS600 or an amp of similar or higher power output. This is because the P3s have quite lower sensitivity - around 82-83db, not much in the scheme of things. Having said that, my Leben is now the main amp in my system, and sounds wonderful driving Kudos X2s. Part of the reason I believe this combination works, though it shouldn't, is my listening room area is quite small, and the X2s have a slightly higher sensitivity rating - about 86db I think, so not a lot of power needed to fill the space.
  9. ....except I seem to recall you chose an *interesting* listening position at the time (sat on the stairs staring at the front door...!)
  10. JonR


    Congratulations, Paul and Samantha, wonderful news. The only matter that needs to be settled now is the sound system to be used for your wedding party (active Naim system 552/Snaxo/3 x 500s/Ovator S800's should be just the ticket )
  11. Just a quickie, if I may. I've not managed to read all of this huge thread but I have seen snippets here and there, including posts from Peter Qvortrup (sp?) himself. A subsequent cursory glance at the Deco Audio website today revealed what appears to be a ban on prices being shown for Audio Note products, at the instigation, it appears, of Audio Note themselves. I am intrigued to know if this development might be related to his experience of posting in this thread. Possibly not - it just seems oddly coincidental, that's all. Thoughts, anyone?
  12. I may sit out this one but on the other hand, if I can find a way to get my Kudos speakers there safely then I might try for a room. The Harbeths have had a pretty good run, so now it's time to showcase something else!
  13. No worries, Gareth, and thanks for the info. Just as I suspected - and feared!
  14. Thanks for the further replies, gents - I appreciate all the suggestions that have been made. In answer to one or two questions posted up-thread, I am actually pretty happy with the sound of the Mullards, and part of the reason I am looking at buying a replacement set is that they are, as I understand it, what differentiates the limited edition Leben CS300x from the CS300xs which contains the Sovtek tubes as standard. There is another reason, however. For a while I suspected there was something wrong with the CD input. At times it would the right channel, or the left channel, and it one point there was briefly what sounded like white noise going through the left channel. In fact it was this last incident that prompted me to pack the amp up and get a dealer to cast a more expert eye upon it. In the event he could find little wrong except that one pair of Mullards were what he described as "noisy". The evidence for this is that a little 'pop' occurs through one channel about 30 seconds after switch-on (and does not re-occur). This changed to the right channel when he swapped the two pairs of Mullards over. Apart from this the dealer could detect nothing wrong with the amp and could play music through any of the inputs. The dealer recommended I acquire a spare set of tubes, as much because of good practice as anything else, hence this thread. I take the point made a few posts up about the driver tubes - I would certainly consider buying a replacement pair of these too. As well as the suggestions above I have received some very helpful PMs which I will consider also. I realise a new set of Mullards is the most expensive option and, due to current circumstances, funds are limited so it would be foolish of me to rule out cheaper alternatives which may, as some have suggested, may actually sound better than the Mullards. One other thing I have noticed since getting the amp back from the dealer: those of you who are familiar with Leben amps will note that there is a red "Operation" light above the power switch which lights up a few seconds after switch-on to signify that the amp is ready for use. Over the past couple of days I have noticed that when the 'pop' I have described above occurs, this light goes out, and I thought it was supposed to stay on. Doesn't seem to affect the sound though, admittedly.