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  1. Paul

    SALE Audio Note 'The Preamp'

    James you have PM
  2. Paul

    Most under hyped kit

  3. Paul

    Russ Andrews ac-12 powerpak

    amazement I have no connection to RA other than owning some of his leads, which to me are on a par with others to the same price value, not exceptional just ok for the job. I posted my original statement regarding the powerpak as I am chuffed to bit's with what it has done for my dac and to give others a chance to know my findings so they have a choice. That's all. If you don't like RA that's your choice, I do. Shame when a new guy has to defend his praise of a product, even more of a shame that you were accused of being a 'sock puppet" how come that never happens to those slagging spmething off, or might they be 'sock puppets too? still nice way to welcome a new guy.
  4. Paul

    Looking ahead

    Two ways to go here, but i would spend all of the budget on one or the other. If speaker size/neighbours/domestic/ is an issue, then consider that the AE109 is a pretty damn good speaker, but they need a bot of driving, but something warmer, consider a Krell 300 integrated, MF308 intgrated or similar, should be availabel for your budget. If size isn't an issue then go BIG, older tannoys, Klipsch Hereseys something like that, you'll find the little cambridge will sound far better into a bigger speaker, especially an older one that should warm it up a bit. Best bit it will be fun trying to find out whats best for YOU.
  5. Paul

    Hey Linnies! Time to give them some more money ;-)

    meridian man wrote: well it's working, this thread is proof of that, some will read this and seek out a Linn dealer as a result, job jobbed. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.....
  6. Paul

    I think suicide looks like a good bet.....

    get Van den hull to repair the cart? Be a lot less than a newone, keep the LP12, and buy music and a big stylus guard for next time you fook about with a cart that was prolly set fine.
  7. Paul

    Cart setup - threaded cart and arm?

    Paul wrote: I'm not sure i'd drill the headhsell either, but then i prolly would, it is possible as Martin said, but As i said you can removes some of the thread, and Yes you can get bolts like that, sourcing them isn't easy, IIRC the denon carts or the AT carts sometimes come with them, but they may be a little long.
  8. Paul

    Cart setup - threaded cart and arm?

    carefully drill out the arm? failing that you just need to keep fiddling, either that or shave off some of the thread in the bolts so that they spin freely in the arm.
  9. Paul

    Cartridge advice sought

    as I said most carts don't align bang on with the headshell, but are not as extreme as your pics make it apear. but if it's set up and tracking right, and sounds good, then just leave it be
  10. Paul

    Cartridge advice sought

    well it's prolly the smal DOF then John, My comment about alignment was reffering the the space decks arm board, wich can pivot concentircally, have you checked the spindle to pivot distance is correct? If this was out, that would explain why the cart looks so skewed relative to the headshell, at least in those pics.
  11. Paul

    Cartridge advice sought

    Emma Royd wrote: My thoughts exactly, but it could be just the photo, I don't epect all cart bodies to line up with the headshell, as it depends on what protactor you use, but that does look a bit extrem, perhaps given the arm board on the NAS that the spindle to pivot distance is off, meaning the cart ends up really skewed in the pic, thats why i asked for an overhead shot. If the canitlevr is that skewed due to anti sakte, then it lmust be set quite high.
  12. Paul

    Cartridge advice sought

    good John, the cart in the headshell still looks a bit wonky though, although that may be the pics.
  13. Paul

    Cartridge advice sought

    can you take an overhead shot, dunno if it's the camera agles, but that cantiler looks all askew as does the cart in the headshell, but it may just be the DOF
  14. Paul

    Another Dealer Rant

    JB wrote: some people use email as they don't always have time during their working hours for a chat, any business that doesn't respond to their emails promptly, or treats them as a waste of time, deserves to lose out.
  15. Paul

    hifi show

    Was the other album one by 'Adele' by any chance? I'll see if I can find out more and get back to you.