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  1. istari knight

    SALE Fisual S-Flex speaker cable (19m)

    Stumbled across these the other day, I think it was originally purchased for a 5.1 setup that never came to anything. 1 x 11m length of 0.75mm S-Flex + 1 x 8m length of 0.75mm S-Flex This stuff is basically the same as Van Damme et al and retails at an eye watering £1 per metre £10 delivered for the lot?
  2. istari knight

    Humour Graveyard - the zombie jokes are rising

    No idea where to post this so here'll do. Made me laugh anyways... [video=youtube;6i0U6_17MVw]
  3. istari knight

    For Sale - Denon 201SA Complete system

    Sold, pending payment.
  4. istari knight

    For Sale - Denon 201SA Complete system

    Another Denon system for sale... Pretty damn good condition I'd say, a couple of small marks to the front edge of the tuner but otherwise good condition. Comes complete with all cables & 2 remote controls (CD player + System.) I've been testing it all afternoon and it makes a good noise, lovely rich/warm sound I daresay designed to appeal to the slightly older generations Individual components are: PMA-201SA (50wpc) TU-201SA (FM/AM RDS etc) DCD-201SA (24Bit with all Denon's technologies from full size models + 2 optical outputs) SCM-201 (made in UK by Mission) As I say, it comes with around 2x3m heavy duty speaker cables, 2x phono cables & 2x system link cables for power on/off triggering. Lovely system that was top of the range when new around 10 years ago. Looking for £100+p&p ONO. Sorry for the crap pictures, the light is starting to fade.
  5. istari knight

    For Sale - Denon UD-M30 Micro system + speakers

  6. Cracking little system for peanuts... Denon UD-M30 CD receiver + SC-M50K speakers. The main unit is in acceptable condition, there is a scratch on the disc tray & some delamination of the glass display but otherwise fine. The speakers are in good condition, a small hole and couple of paint spots on the grilles. Sadly no remote but fully controllable from the unit. £40+p&p ?
  7. istari knight

    For Sale - Sony CDP-X55ES

    Now sold
  8. istari knight

    For Sale - Sony CDP-X55ES

    Cheers £120 anyone ?
  9. istari knight

    For Sale - Sony CDP-X55ES

    I'm open to sensible offers on this
  10. istari knight

    For Sale - Sony CDP-X55ES

    As JB says, it only plays CD & CD-R. Sony SACD players usually have the prefix SCD as oppose to CDP.
  11. istari knight

    For Sale - Sony CDP-X55ES

    Middle of the line Sony ES CD player for sale... It's in what I would call average condition for age, it's obviously been used & enjoyed over the years but is still in perfect working order & looks great on the rack. Typical ES battleship build quality; Copper plated thick (heavy!) steel chassis, Dual transformers, metal disc tray & mech, audiophile components everywhere... It even has ceramic feet Unfortunately no remote control but pretty much any Sony branded CD remote will work it, only one issue to note is the headphone output control is missing a little bit of plastic. VintageKnob page can be viewed here: Looking for £150.
  12. istari knight

    What are you listening to right now?

    On CD... Of course.