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  1. pmac

    Twitchers Thread

    You're correct. It wasn't until I saw it on a full screen that I noticed the yellow legs
  2. pmac

    Twitchers Thread

    The Kingfisher is a Pied Kingfisher (not Giant) Greater Black-backed Gull (not Lesser)
  3. So SH then Just .. and - to come then and I'll know it hasn't been sold at all
  4. So, it's the SS then? Even they would be better than the last lot
  5. Hmmm, that's an "S" then When do we get the second letter?
  6. True, true - - - Updated - - - Anyway, back to the point
  7. Look, it was fucking funny and you fell for it. Can't go changing your mind now that you've seen the answers
  8. I'm impressed that you're impressed
  9. So, that's not an outright denial then?
  10. Are you allowed to call someone a Cretin Under New Training ? Just askin' like
  11. pmac


    Lovely gesture
  12. I've given out too much rep, so have a virtual one anyway!