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  1. Great news and what a beautiful deck!
  2. No mate. Someone wants to swap their Fuji kit for my Pentax lens. I'm not looking to change systems. Just trying to gauge what I could sell it on at.
  3. Thanks mate. Not worth the bother then. I'll wait for direct payment.
  4. HI Fuji posse I know jack s**t about Fuji bodies/lenses, can anyone help please? A member on the Pentax User forum wants to buy my 50-135 f2.8 lens, but wants to do a trade. I want £380 for my lens (which frankly is a bargain) - he's offering a mint XE1 with a 6 month old XFR 35mm f1.4 lens. Says the lens alone cost him £300 from Jessops. Is it worth £380 and is anyone interested in either of these items please? Cheers
  5. Another vote for the colour image.
  6. Would a right-angled IEC cable fit?
  7. Sadly these aren't the kind of jazz mags I was hoping for. GLWTS.
  8. Yep more fucking shite to hide the same old shite. Megacuntybollox.
  9. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to a touch of cloth again.
  10. A couple of recent ones. IMGP9054-Edit-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr IMGP8960-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr The K-1 is due here by Thursday, excited!
  11. You may only see this forum as a means to peddle your wares, to many of us it's a community.
  12. We care, did you not see the shitstorm of late?
  13. Me too mate. That'd be fucking awesome!