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  1. I have around 60 Hifi+ magazines sitting around doing nothing. Issues 17 - 84 with a few missing, plus a couple of other Hifi titles. Any takers? Free to anyone who can collect - I will not post these so please don't ask. Next to Rutland water so easy to find on a map!
  2. I didn't know there were any Delrin ones. On mine it's brass, but painted black (it's around 10 years old).
  3. Ignoring the other arms - is this about the angle you've got your arm board set?
  4. John the Baptist did streaming. Jesus was one of his customers...
  5. Is that the one that looks like a plug adaptor/wall wart? I've got one and originally tried to get it working with MS based laptop and failed miserably. After buying my first iMac, now with Mavericks 10.9.5, I remembered I had it and as an experiment plugged it in and it worked first time, installing seamlessly.
  6. There is a Flat Earth test you can take if you're really bored...
  7. A little light reading from Audio asylum: The gist of that is its ok. I've used 7308s in the place of 6922s in BAT equipment.
  8. Stuckinarut

    Name that Foo!

    Back to the original question, I think it's a stylized version of this...
  9. ATC's preamps have an output impedance of 10 Ohms. I've no idea whether they would gel sonically with the Albarry's though.
  10. It was a local dealer who probably would consider the offer confidential, and it dates back a year or so. My LP is acting as a spare at the moment so I'm not in a great rush to replace anything. I figure if I like the LP, then the LPS will be to my taste as well.
  11. Benz dealers do offer trade ins, I was offered £350 for my LP against a new LPS. I think that price will vary according to who your dealer is, so if anyone gets a better offer, I'm all ears.
  12. One thing to be aware of with the Karan - it's wider than normal at 500mm, and there are quite a few racks it won't fit in to. So get the tape measure out if space is tight.