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    How funny, a table that doubles up as i bike stand!!!
  2. hifiwigwam wrote: Sorry Scotty, I meant to say "Legal earnings":TheBird: about £4k then
  3. hifiwigwam wrote: When he got out of the car to look at the damage you should have done him with the wheel brace. put his body back in his car and set fire to his car (with h8m unconcious inside it) . I'd like to see him try to make a claim on your insurance after that.
  4. Miller-8 wrote: Just honest. Such as? I like to be entered via 'the tradesmans' Do you have a front entrance or are you a transvestite? lol
  5. Hi Everyone I'm Scott. I'm going to be looking to upgrade my kit bit by bit over the next few months so thought I'd register see what your all about and hopefully learn a bit more and be able to get some sound advice (excuse the pun) when it comes to updating.