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  1. Miller-8

    I Shocked myself with a Chromecast Audio

    What apps are people using with their Chromecast Audios? I have MinimServer on my Windows PC and BubbleUPnP on my phone.
  2. Miller-8

    Top Selling Albums of All Time

    I thought Supertramp were Canadian, just checked just now and you're right.
  3. Miller-8

    I Shocked myself with a Chromecast Audio

    I'm using a Chromecast Audio going into a Chord Mojo with an optical cable. I think the cable was pretty cheap on eBay. Been doing this for over a year and a half. I'm considering getting a Chord Poly instead of the Chromecast Audio but they are £500
  4. Miller-8

    If You Are A Smashing Pumpkins Fan ?

    Yes I am a Smashing Pumpkins fan. I'm not such a big fan of their more recent stuff, though.
  5. Miller-8

    Ideal logic 30 combi

    Mine is a Baxi from about 1992. It packed in a couple of months ago.
  6. Miller-8

    Jokes, old or new

    I bought a dog from a blacksmith and as soon as I got it home it made a bolt for the door.
  7. Miller-8

    Your Favourite Releases / Buys Of 2018

    Årabrot - Who Do You Love Spriritualized - And Nothing Hurt Soccer Mommy - Clean Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer Judas Priest - Firepower Willie Nelson - Last Man Standing Rae Morris - Someone Out There Lord Huron - Vide Noir Caroline Rose - Loner
  8. Miller-8

    Ideal logic 30 combi

    I am currently looking for a heating engineer to install a new boiler. If anyone knows a good one in the Edinburgh area let me know. Had a couple of quotes so far and one was £3800. Changing from a system to combi. Been researching boilers a bit and here's what I found out: Worcester, Vaillant and Veissmann are very good Glowworm are owned by Vaillant and use Vaillant parts but the premium Vaillant models use a stainless heat exchanger rather than an alloy one Vokera don't have a great rep But general advise it most boilers will last a decent length of time if you get them serviced regularly.
  9. Miller-8

    Upgraded/repaired Audiolab 8000a volume issues

    Did you get the volume pot upgraded?
  10. Looking for a Poly for my Mojo
  11. I have a Chord Mojo and it's the best sounding DAC I've ever used. Not really sure how you cant hear a difference. Soundstage depth is fantastic, and everything sounds so musical.
  12. Miller-8

    Cheapo Chinese DAC testing results...

    Have you tried the Chord Mojo?
  13. Miller-8

    looking for an old HiFi Choice review

    Well if you feel inclined it would be appreciated! Any other reviews of it would be good to read too. I think Hifi World and What Hifi both reviewed it in 1996 too.
  14. Miller-8

    Bagged myself something of a bargain imo...

    Well, if you wont miss the money, why not.
  15. I'm looking for reviews from back in about 1996 of the Orelle SA-100 amplifier. I bought one because I remember it from when I just got into hifi and I always wanted to hear it.