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  1. High quality 3-way Elma balanced switch. If you have multiple balanced sources each with inbuilt volume control as I did then you can use this to switch between them instead of using a preamp to get a big jump in performance. I ran a PS Audio GCPH (Cullen modified) and a PT Dacapo II CDP through this into an active crossover. £225
  2. Owned from new. Currently boxed and disassembled and the phono stage is sold already with the rest of my system in storage so no dems. I have just had an offer of slightly over £5k on audiogon and waiting for a response on a counter offer of £5.5k.
  3. Brinkmann Lagrange turntable with Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm and Brinkmann EMT cartridge (500 hours - good for 3000 and can be retipped). Ancillaries include a complete set of wally tools and a racal dana frequency meter that will allow to set the deck speed to around about 1-2 hz or so. Price £6k
  4. For sale a Pink Triangle Dacapo II CDP. Not to be confused with the original wooden boxed dacapo dac. I believe that only 3 were ever made and that this is the only one to have ever made it out of PT so something of a collectors item. It is in perfect working order. I previously owned the three box dacapo DC dac with cardinal transport and this was a big step of in terms of sound quality from the original dac. In addition it has built in volume control and can therefore run direct into a power amp or active crossover for a huge boost in performance due to cutting out a preamp altogether. The output stage is based upon the PIP preamp which was and is still a world class amplifier utilising current feedback for obvious sonic benefits in the mid-band and is capable of driving any power amplifier with ease. This unit easily outperforms my chord hugo which I use for portable use. Price £2.5K
  5. I am a bit out of touch with the online hifi community these days. Is audiogon still the best place to sell a high end turntable?
  6. Good point I will try to borrow some more. I don't think its stuck or needs drilling it just needs the right key
  7. Yeah I have those but they didnt seem to work.... maybe the photo isnt clear enough
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell from the photo attached what kind of tool I would need to undo this screw? All my existing tools fail. Regards, Bri