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  1. ray70

    Linn Lp12 lid cushions?

    http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?t=198683&highlight=Pips useful info here.
  2. Haven't been on the Wam much recently and have only just seen this thread. I must have done something good in a previous life because my three albums are pretty flat. Not perfectly flat, but certainly not warped enough to consider sending back.
  3. ray70

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Because someone (Gary) from somewhere (Birmingham) will watch it.
  4. ray70

    new kid on the block - Ofyr

    Wow! I hope you're going to give us regular updates on how you're getting on with it.
  5. ray70

    Waiting for the courier.

    I know what they are because I have a young child. What's your excuse
  6. ray70

    Waiting for the courier.

    Hexbug Nanos?!
  7. ray70

    Crome cast deal

    Exactly. Bought one last month when it was £15 and have just bought another one. I use it to stream Spotify using the optical out. Great way to listen to new music before committing to a vinyl purchase.
  8. ray70

    Packaging up bundles of CDs

  9. Wow! That looks delicious and I'm very tempted to try that myself.
  10. Fascinating! Intrigued to see the finished results. I will be doing boring ribs on the Weber Smokey Mountain tomorrow. By the way, have you seen the new Weber Summit Grill. It looks great, but the price
  11. ray70

    The last album i bought was

    Recent vinyl purchases
  12. ray70

    Coffee machines

    Before I settled on the Krups, I was really tempted to get this: Sage Oracle "Manual Automatic". The thing that put me off was that a fixed shot of coffee is delivered from the grinder, resulting in either one overly strong coffee or two weak ones. This seemed to be the main source of complaint - obviously, a pretty significant one.
  13. ray70

    Coffee machines

    Having used a cheap Nespresso machine for several years, I have just upgraded to one of these: Krups EA9010. I've also bought some freshly roasted beans from Union Roasted. Looking forward to having a play with this over the weekend.
  14. ray70

    A new RCM

    Still loving my Audio Desk as well. I've now actually cleaned all my approx 700 records now with no effort whatsoever, and have only done it over the weekends. Just pop a record on, come back to the room 5-10 minutes later and pop another record in. Couldn't be easier.
  15. Hi Kevin, it may be worth listening to 5 Live Breakfast, "Your Call" as it was on this very subject. There had been several people who had been through the same thing with their parents. I wasn't really intently so can't pass on any information from it.