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  1. glad it's working out. kudos to coherent, though the amp in stock form is still no slouch. a bit of a marmite amp on the wam. some of the negative feedback, mostly from small countries like belgium, lol, should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  2. yes, i've been ripped off, lol. seriously, glad it's gone to a good home.
  3. i demoed it 5 or 6 times with various kit. i wanted to like it (it didn't take up half of the room and didn't weigh a tonne a la wadias i had). i tried everything to like it but it just generally bored me. i sort of get why people raved about it but there are other cpds that made more sense at least to me - s/h wadia, metronome, moon, esoteric, even a cds3. second hand i think it would give many players a run for their money, if you like the Opus sound.
  4. sent stuff all over the world, no problem with shipping or payment, including pp. riskiest 'trade': a zillion quid cable sold to an ebay newbie from south korea. all ok. only blip: speakers that were sent to poland - broken on arrival. no problem with insurance. now that I've said all that, i am sure my next sell/buy will be a nightmare.
  5. had/heard the 200, 500, G and 800 series front ends. the 200/203 was quite good: detailed and a little lively, and nice to look at (even impressed the gf at the time - 'this is better than....tv!'). 5 series was ok, 500 transport was quite good as was the 508.24. slight tendency to bore at times. inoffensive. seem to lose something after the 200 series. then came the G series and well, they actually were boring, at least to my ears before anyone throws a grenade. i found the 8 series to be the best of the lot but i guess i should considering the cost. other than that: well designed, good reliability and great service. overall...safe and pleasant on the ear (and eye, if you live with a domestic goddess).
  6. Picard

    Steve Jobs

    apparently, he was also working with neil young on a new hi-def music format. i guess he was an audiophile but an audiophile with npd, which didn't exactly endear him to people.
  7. Picard

    New body?

    only the d4 and a new lens on the 6th (though i could be wrong...).
  8. Picard

    New body?

    yes, fx lenses will work on a decent dx camera with good results. forget the blurb. if you stay in the nikon stable, stick with their lenses and the best you can buy (they will last a lot longer than the cameras themselves). keep it simple - low light? fx d700 or d7000. use a prime 50 or 35 (i.e. move your feet to zoom) and one zoom (70-300/28-300 on the cheap or 70-200 2.8 forever, or near as much). unfortunately, joining the fx club costs money (even second-hand e.g. d700 around £1200 on ebay).
  9. Picard

    New body?

    rm, luckily i have some good glass to go with the rumoured d800 (i reckon it's the d4 but i'm only putting a quid on it) but i take your point. gjm, if it's low light you are after, then the d700 is a good option though it is expensive (prices may drop when the new d4, d800, d5 whatever appears), and for a reason: it is an amazing camera, though so is the d7000 (rockwell is mad but generally gets it right) and it comes in a far more usable package. to get the most out of the d700 you will need to upgrade your lenses, a more costly option than just punting for a d7000 which will be a solid step up from your current camera's low light capabilities. canon are the devil. avoid.
  10. Picard

    New body?

    guess it depends what type of shooter you are. i am looking to step up from the d7000 (which is a fab camera btw and probably the best dx camera on the planet at the moment, so you might want to consider one of those) but nikon are about to release some new toys - either a d4 or d800 or d400; who knows, but there is a major 'announcement' scheduled for jan 6th - so i am holding off for a bit. if nothing appears within budget (highly likely), i will be buying a d700 (for all those low light moments). i'd go d700 and d7000 over a d300s but for fx low light - d700.
  11. ...where's the sticky on how to rip cds on mac. i seem to remember there were some features on ios that needed to be turned off etc but i can't find the sticky. thanks in advance.