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  1. sexylisa

    watersports - Black Eyed Pea style

    hifiwigwam wrote: Just honest. Such as? I like to be entered via 'the tradesmans'
  2. sexylisa

    watersports - Black Eyed Pea style

    Biscuit wrote: Just honest.
  3. sexylisa

    watersports - Black Eyed Pea style

    GTI-Geordie wrote: Just honest.
  4. sexylisa

    You can only pick one

    I like Blue as well. Infact I rather fancy Lee
  5. sexylisa

    watersports - Black Eyed Pea style

    Watersports can be fun!!! I've enjoyed it in the past
  6. sexylisa

    In my pants

    hifiwigwam wrote:
  7. sexylisa

    The last album i bought was

    Tourism Athlete Think it's rather poor!
  8. sexylisa

    Home Cinema

    Tourmaline wrote: Thanks, How is life in Kernow, my favourite part of the UK.
  9. sexylisa

    Todays Choons

    Undertones Buzzcocks
  10. sexylisa

    cars you drive

    hifiwigwam wrote: Howdy DH. How goes the German music biz? i think he's still very popular over there.. I used to have a crush on him....
  11. sexylisa

    Todays Choons

    Beach Boys Pet Sounds Michael Jackson Off The Wall
  12. sexylisa

    Todays Choons

    purplepleaser wrote:
  13. sexylisa

    Gig reviews

    last group I saw live and enjoyed was Aztec camera.
  14. sexylisa

    Home Cinema

    hifiwigwam wrote:
  15. sexylisa

    Home Cinema

    If you look like your avatar I'd respond very quickly to you.