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  1. Hi, A few more added. Belly, Lou Reed, The Beatles, Any Trouble, Motorhead, Rod Stewart
  2. Hi, There must have been something wrong with camera! There was plenty to eat as usual.
  3. Hi, A few more added. B52's, Thomas Dolby, U2
  4. Hi, A few more added. Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The vaughn Brothers, Saxon, Taste, Gladys Knight & the Pips, The Fatback Band, Sly & The Family Stone, Sweet Charles, Joe Cocker, Janet jackson, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5
  5. Hi, A few more added. Echo & The bunnymen, Talk Talk, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Patti Smith Group, Bruce Springsteen, King Crimson, Cast, Crystal Castles Cafe del mar boxset, RJD2 boxset.
  6. Hi, A few more added. PWEI, The Lilac time, Pink Floyd, Circus, Tommy, The christians, S*M*A*S*H, Quincy jones, Junior, Kool & the Gang, Blood Sweat & tears, Cat Stevens, Steve Winwood, Haircut 100, Nick Heywood, Nik Kershaw, Julian Lennon, The Untouchables, Led Zeppelin
  7. Hi, A few more added. The gentle power of song, The Enid, Dusty Springfield, Michael McDonald, Little River Band, Chris Rainbow, Jethro Tull Boxset, & Mogwai Boxset
  8. Hi, The nights are drawing in. Put put on the fire and get some music bought. More to be added. Abbreviations used within the listing:- BP - Record collector book price 1st = 1st Pressing D = double album dc=deletion cut-out, the record has a small deliberate corner cut or hole on the sleeve to indicate it was either sold as ‘end of line’, imported or used for promotional purposes. gf=gatefold sleeve. inner=original printed, picture or lyric inner sleeve. insert=printed lyric sheet, etc. woc=writing on cover wol=writing on label. RE = Reissue Rw=ring wear s= sealed t= slight tear on cover ti = tear or rip on inner sleeve tins = tear on insert ts= slight or split tear on spine or top or bottom edge Lts = Large split on spine or top or bottom edge tis = inner sleeve has a split on spine te= slighty tatty round the edges cc= creased corner P= promo copy st= stain where sticker used to be ls = large stain ss = slight stain sol = stain on label Soi = stain on inner sos = sticker on sleeve sol = sticker on label tl = tear on label tws = tear where the sticker used to be US = US pressing JP = Japan Pressing OBI = Sash around the sleeve PS = picture sleeve CS = Generic record company sleeve * = Sale Pending Postage and packing will start from £3.50 for a up to 5 records. It will be sent via 2nd class Royal Mail. PM for other other amounts. Will ship worldwide. Overseas records will be worked out depending on the number of records and distance. Gradings are visual. It goes Cover/Record A Ryan Adams ‎– 29 (180 gram Audiophile issue, insert) (M-/Ex+) £15 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Follow The Lights (M-/M-) £14 (sold) Any Trouble - Live at the venue (Ex-/M-) £10 Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading (Ex/M-) £5 (sold) Average White Band - Feel no fret (gf, inner)(Ex+/VG+) £4(sold) Average White Band - Shine (insert, )( Ex/VG+) £3.50 (sold) B BT Express - Do it 'til you're satisfied (VG+/VG+) £6.50 The Beatles ‎– Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Gramophone Rim Text - misprint sleeve, "This is a mono recording" statement bottom right of rear cover on a Stereo sleeve. (Ex+/VG+ (There is a blemish that has a few clicks, side 2 track. 1) £25 The Beatles - A collection of Beatles Oldies (Fame RE, )(Ex+/Ex+) £5.50(sold) The Beatles - Live at Hollywood Bowl (gf)(Ex+/VG+) £7(sold) The Beatles – Past Masters Volumes One & Two (D, gf, 1st) (VG+/Ex+)£32.50 Belly - King (1st, inner) (Ex/M-) £22.50 The Black Crowes - Shake your money maker (inner)(VG/VG+) £20(sold) Blood, Sweat & Tears ‎– B, S & T; 4 (1st) (Ex+/Ex+) £5 Blood, Sweat & Tears ‎– Greatest Hits (sticker on label)(VG+/VG) £3 The Blue Nile - A walk across the rooftops (1st)(VG/VG) £20(sold) Bonzo Dog Band - Gorilla (VG+/VG) £3 David Bowie - The Rise and fall Ziggy Stardust and the spiders of Mars (inner, Orange label, 'Stereo' Label, BGBS 0864-6E, BGBS 0865-4E Matrix No., no "Mainman" on rear cover )(VG/VG) £22(sold) C Capability Brown - From Scratch (1st)(VG+/VG) £20(sold) Cast - All Change (D, gf, booklet, postcard )(VG+/Ex) £30(sold) Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (D, insert, Canadian 1st Pressing) (VG/Ex+) £25 The Christians - Colour (inner)(Ex+/VG+) £3 Circus - The gentle power of song (Ex+/VG+) £6(sold) Clover ‎– Unavailable (VG+/M-) £8 Joe Cocker - Mad dogs & Englishmen (gf, D,) (Ex/VG+) £8 D Dire Straits - Dire Straits (inner) (Ex+/Ex) £7.50(sold) Bob Dylan - New morning (tws 1st) (VG/VG) £3.50 Bob Dylan - Slow train coming (inner)(VG/Ex) £5 Bob Dylan - The times they a-changin' (ss, RE)(VG/Ex) £6 Bob Dylan - Self portrait (D, gf, orange label, tws)(VG/VG) £5.50 Bob Dylan - Plant Waves (RE)(VG+/VG) £4.50 Bob Dylan - Infidels (1st )(VG+/VG+) £5.50 Bob Dylan - Hard Rain (RE)(VG+/M-) £7 Bob Dylan - Desire (inner, insert, RE)(VG+/Ex+)£6 E Eagles - Eagles (Ex+/Ex) £5(sold) Eagles - Desperado (Tex)(Ex+/Ex) £6 Echo And The Bunnymen ‎– Crocodiles (Inner)(VG+/M-) £7.50(sold) Echo And The Bunnymen - Porcupine (inner)(VG+/Ex+) £7(sold) The Enid - In th region of the summer stars (Ex+/Ex+) £7(sold) The Enid‎ - Aerie Faerie Nonsense (M/Ex) £7(sold) The Enid ‎– Six Pieces (M/Ex) £10(sold) The Enid‎– Touch Me (Ex+/VG+) £3.50(sold) The Enid - Live at Hammersmith Vol I. (M-/Ex) £5.50(sold) The Enid - Live at Hammersmith Vol II (M-/Ex+) £6(sold) F The Fatback band - The best of the Fatback band (VG+/VG+) £5 Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits (gf, orange label)(VG/Ex) £7.50(sold) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (booklet)(Ex/VG+) £5(sold) The Foundations - The Foundations (VG+/Ex) £5 Frankie goes to Hollywood - Liverpool (inner)(VG+/VG) £3(sold) Fuzzy Lights - Twin feathers (D, gf, insert, CD)(VG+/Ex) £10 G Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (D, gf, 180 gram) (Ex/Ex+) £15 H Haircut 100 - Pelican West (Fame RE)(Ex/Ex) £3.25 Nick Heyward - Postcards from home (inner)(VG+/Ex) £4.50 The Hollies - All the hits & more (D, gf)(Ex+/Ex) £6 Buddy Holly - True love ways (Ex/Ex+) £3.50 J Janet Jackson - Control (VG/VG+) £3 Joe Jackson - Body & Soul (VG+/EX+) £6 Michael Jackson - Off the wall (gf)(Ex/Ex+)£6(sold) Michael Jackson - Thriller (gf, inner)(VG+/Ex+) £7(sold) Michael Jackson - Bad (gf, inner)(Ex/VG) £4(sold) Michael Jackson - Dangerous (D, inner, 1st)(VG+/Ex+) £18(sold) Jackson 5 - Anthology (D, gf, 1st)(VG+/Ex+) £7.50 The Jam - The Gift (inner) (VG+/VG+) £7.50(sold) Jethro Tull ‎– Crest Of A Knave (inner)(Ex+/VG+) £7(sold) Jethro Tull - Rock Island (inner) (M-/VG+) £10(sold) Billy Joel - 52nd Street (inner, CX Encoded )(M-/Ex+) £8 Quincy Jones - "The Dude" (inner) (VG+/Ex+) £3(sold) Janis Joplin ‎– Janis (D, gf, booklet)(Ex/Ex+) £8(sold) Junior - "Ji" (inner) (Ex+/Ex) £3(sold) Junior - Acquired taste (inner)(Ex+/M-) £3 K Nik Kershaw - Radio Musicola (inner) (VG+/Ex) £3.75(sold) Gladys Knight & The Pips - Pipe Dreams (Ex/Ex) £3 King Crimson ‎– In The Court Of The Crimson King (gf, RE, Panegyric release, 200 gram, download code)(M-/Ex+) £12.50(sold) King Crimson ‎– Starless And Bible Black (gf)(Polydor release)(Ex/Ex+) £15.50(sold) Kool & the Gang - Something special (VG+/Ex+) £3 L Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I (ATL 40 031 (SD 8216)) (German RE,) Matrix / Runout (Side A, Variant 1): STRAWBERRY (G) R/S Alsdorf 40031 A2 Matrix / Runout (Side B, Variant 1): STRAWBERRY (G) R/S Alsdorf 40031 B3 (Ex/Ex+) £16 Led Zeppelin - III (gf, rotating-wheel in sleeve with Green and Orange generic paper labels. A7, B4 Matrix No.) (Ex/Ex+) £25(sold) Led Zeppelin - III (gf, No rotating-wheel in sleeve with Green and Orange generic paper labels. A7, B4 Matrix No.) (VG+/Ex+) £20 Led Zeppelin - IV (untitled) (gf, inner, Has the four symbols printed on both labels in the green half under the Atlantic symbol, STRAWBERRY ,W 25 K 50008 A-2, W 18 KD K 50008 B-2) (Ex/VG+) £12(sold) Julian Lennon - The secret value of day dreaming (VG+/Ex) £3 The lilac Time - & Love for all (Limited Edition, +12" Compilation record, inner) (Ex+/VG & EX+) £12(sold) Little River Band ‎– First Under The Wire (Mobile Fidelity pressing, Mobile Fidelity insert)(M-/Ex) £15(sold) Little River Band - Sleeper Catcher (inner)(Ex+/VG+) £3(sold) M Bob Marley & The Wailers ‎– Exodus (inner, Blue Island label A-2/B-3U matrix) (VG/VG+) £7 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon by bus (D, embossed lettering, 1st Pressing, inners,1A-1U, 1B-3U, 2A-1U, 2B-1U matrix (VG+/Ex) £12 Michael McDonald ‎– Take It To Heart (Ex/M-) £6(sold) Ralph McTell ‎– Easy (gf)(Ex+/Ex) £5 Moody Blues - This is The Moody Blues (gf, D)(Ex+/Ex) £6(sold) Motörhead ‎– What's Words Worth? (Red Lobster vinyl. 2017 RE) (M/M) £12 O P Patti Smith Group - Radio Ethiopia (booklet)(VG/M-) £12 Pink Floyd - The Wall (D, gf, inner) (Matrix No. SHSP 4111 A-9U TML-M / SHSP 4111 B-6U TML-S /SHSP 4112 A-6U / SHSP 4112 B-11) 2nd Issue Scarfe designed sticker on front cover The credits on the inside cover list the members of Pink Floyd (10th brick down has the names: Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Richard Wright). (The track order on the inners is not the same as featured on the album.) (No Bar Code) Sleeve - Ex + Inner Sleeve - Ex+ Vinyl - Ex £35 Pink Floyd -Wish you were here (inner, A-4, B-12 matrix, 2nd issue) (Ex/Ex+) £25 Pink Floyd - Animals (gf, inner, A 4U, B 2 U matrix) (VG/VG+) £22.50 Pink Floyd - The Final cut (inner, gf, A-5U, B-2U)(VG+/Ex) £15 Piink Floyd - A momentary lapse of reason (gf, inner, A-3U, B-3U, 1st issue) (Ex/Ex+) £25 The Pop will eat itself - Cure for sanity (inner)(VG+/M-) £10 Pink Floyd - Delicate sound of Thunder (D, gf, inner) ( Matrix No. C-5735 A 1 II NICKZ/ C-5735 B-1 II /C-XXX 5736 A 2/ C-5736 B 2 NICKZ) (1988 release) (VG+/VG+) £25(sold) Q Queen - A day at the races (gf, inner, 3U/1U matrix No.) (VG+/VG+) £10 R Chris Rainbow - White Trails (M-/Ex) £7.50(sold) Lou Reed - Berlin (RE, Green label)(Ex/VG+) £6 Rolling Stones - Rolled Gold (gf, D)(M-/M) £14 Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood (inner)(VG+/VG+) £3(sold) S Saxon - Wheels of steel (Fame RE)(VG+/Ex) £6 Paul Simon - Still crazy after all these years (inner)(Ex+/VG+) £3 Paul Simon - Graceland (inner)(Ex+/Ex) £5(sold) Sly & The Family Stone - Anthology (D, gf, )(Ex+/Ex+) £15(sold) S*M*A*S*H - Self Abused (+ 7" Single) (VG+/VG+) £7.50 Spandau ballet - Heart like a sky (inner)(Ex+/Ex+) £4 Dusty Springfield - A girl called Dusty (1st Mono) (Ex+/Ex) £15(sold) Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the edge of town (inner)(VG+/Ex+) £6(sold) Bruce Springsteen - Greetings from Asbury Park N.J. (VG/VG+) £4(sold) Bruce Springsteen - The River (gf, D, inner, booklet)(VG+/Ex) £6(sold) Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA (inner)(Ex+/M-) £7 Cat Stevens - Greatest hits (poster)(Ex+/VG+) £3.50 Rod Stewart - Never a dull moment (gf, sol)(Ex/VG) £2(sold) Rod Stewart - Gasoline Alley (Swirl label, gf, sol) (Ex+/VG+) £20 Sweet Charles - For sweet people from Sweet Charles ( US RE)(VG+/Ex+) £12 Supertramp - Crime of the century (insert)(Ex+/Ex+) £7.50(sold) The Sutherland Brothers - When the night comes down (insert)(VG+/Ex+) £4(sold) T Talk Talk - The colour of spring (inner, 2012 RE, no DVD)(Ex+/Ex) £12(sold) Taste - The best of Taste (gf, D, green vinyl, ss)(Ex/M-) £18 Tool - Lateralus (D, US, LTD Edition Picture Discs, gf, inner)( VG+/Ex) £37.50 U U2 - Boy (inner)(VG+/Ex+) £12.50 U2 - October (ss, inner)(VG/VG) £4 U2 - War (gf, German Pressing) (Ex/Ex) £10 U2 - The Joshua Tree (gf, inner, booklet)(Ex/M-) £16 U2 - Rattle & Hum (D, gf, inner, 1st)(VG+/Ex+) £15 UNKLE ‎– Psyence Fiction (2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Foldout Gatefold, Mo wax flyer.) (Ex/Ex) £45 The Untouchables - Wild child (tws, inner)(VG/VG) £3 V Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble ‎– Couldn't Stand The Weather (Ex/Ex) £10 Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble ‎– Soul To Soul (VG+/VG+) £8 Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble ‎– In Step (inner)(Ex/Ex) £15 The Vaughan Brothers ‎– Family Style (t)(VG+/Ex) £10 W Narada Michael Walden - Victory (Ex/Ex) £3 Narada Michael Walden - Dance of life (inner)(Ex/Ex+) £3 Wings ‎– Venus And Mars (gf, inner, 2 posters, 2 stickers) (VG+/VG+) £3(sold) Steve Winwood - Steve Winwood (inner, US, dc) (Ex+/Ex+) £4.50 Steve Winwood - Roll with it (inner) (Ex+/VG+) £2.50 The Who - Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy (gf)(Ex+/Ex) £6(Sold) Various ‎– The Warner Bros. Music Show (VG+/VG+) £3 BOXSETS Jethro Tull - 20 years of Jethro Tull (5LP, Booklet) (VG+/Ex ) £45(sold) Mogwai ‎– Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. (Ltd Edition, 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, 2 × CD, Album, 12", Demo, EP, 4 prints, Stencil) (slight split on one edge & corner of box) (VG+/M) £35 RJD2 - 2002-2010 Numbered Boxset £50 Boxset Conpilation (6 vinyl discs) "1000 pc. limited edition box set includes: - Deadringer LP - The Horror EP (1st Vinyl Pressing) - Since We Last Spoke LP - Tin Foil Hat EP (7 previously unrealeased songs!) - Hand Silk Screened Poster (autographed and numbered!) Plus comprehensive download card including all mp3s Box specifically constructed to hold both "The Third Hand" LP and the NEW RJD2 ALBUM "THE COLOSSUS" coming Jan 2010!! (both not included)" US Limited Edition Release Still sealed. Slight damage to one of the corners (see photo) Cover/Vinyl) (VG+/M) £50 Tommy / As Performed By The London Symphony Orchestra And Chambre Choir With Guest Soloists 2 x LP Hardboard slipcase Inner embossed gatefold sleeve. 28-page 11"x11" full color booklet. "Story of Tommy" and appearance info, lyrics, and credits. Panels have color artwork and pinball machine related photos depicting story. The soloists include Pete Townshend, Sandy Denny, Steve Winwood, Roger Daltrey, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Richard Harris, Richie Havens, Graham Bell, John Entwistle, Maggie Bell, & Merry Clayton, Condition Hardcase Slipcase - VG+ Inner Sleeve - Ex Vinyl - Ex Booklet - Ex+ £15(sold) Various ‎– Café Del Mar - Chillhouse Mix Vol. 2 Label: Cafe Del Mar 01-2001-12 Boxset with 3 LPs 3 corners are split (VG/Ex+) £15
  9. Hi Darren, Sorry but that one sold yesterday. sorry about that.
  10. Hi, A few more added. Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Julian Cope, Black Crowes, The Blue Nile, Joe Cocker, The Clash, & Lou Reed.
  11. Hi, A few more added. Killers, Motorhead, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Crystal Castles, Pink Floyd, Melissa Manchester, Tool, Bil Wyman, Santana.
  12. Hi, A few more added. Temptations, Hall & Oates, Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, The Equals, Rod Stewart, The Everly Brothers, Joe Jackson, Steeleye Span, 52nd Street, Dusty Springfield, Bob James, Joan Baez,
  13. Hi, A few more added. The Boothill Foot Tappers, The Police, Depeche Mode, Beatles, Sister Sledge, The Primitives, En Vogue, Queen, ABC, Chuck Berry, Roxy Music, Average White Band, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen, Gloria Gaynor, Roy Wood, Linda Ronstadt, Soul II Soul, George Benson, Roberta Flack, Adam & the Ants, Godley & Creme, Lionel Richie, Squeeze, Fine Young Cannibals, Lindisfarne, Living in a box, Stargard, Slave, and Paul McCartney