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  1. SCIDB

    Winter Record Sale

    Hi, A few more added. Anita Baker, Marc Almond, Van Morrison, Chicago, Freiheit, Heaven 17, Eric Clapton, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Bangles.
  2. SCIDB

    Winter Record Sale

    Hi, Stand by for a PM
  3. SCIDB

    Winter Record Sale

    Hi, A few more added. Madonna, The Beach Boys, Luther Vandross, Big Country, ELO, Bob James, Musical Youth, Santana
  4. SCIDB

    Winter Record Sale

    Hi, Shortest day has been and gone is here. Heat yourself up by listening to some tunes. More to be added. Abbreviations used within the listing:- BP - Record collector book price 1st = 1st Pressing D = double album dc=deletion cut-out, the record has a small deliberate corner cut or hole on the sleeve to indicate it was either sold as ‘end of line’, imported or used for promotional purposes. gf=gatefold sleeve. inner=original printed, picture or lyric inner sleeve. insert=printed lyric sheet, etc. woc=writing on cover wol=writing on label. RE = Reissue Rw=ring wear s= sealed t= slight tear on cover ti = tear or rip on inner sleeve tins = tear on insert ts= slight or split tear on spine or top or bottom edge tis = inner sleeve has a split on spine te= slighty tatty round the edges cc= creased corner P= promo copy st= stain where sticker used to be ls = large stain ss = slight stain sol = stain on label Soi = stain on inner sos = sticker on sleeve sol = sticker on label tl = tear on label tws = tear where the sticker used to be US = US pressing JP = Japan Pressing OBI = Sash around the sleeve PS = picture sleeve CS = Generic record company sleeve * = Sale Pending Postage and packing will start from £3.50 for a up to 5 records. It will be sent via 2nd class Royal Mail. PM for other other amounts. Will ship worldwide. Overseas records will be worked out depending on the number of records and distance. Gradings are visual. It goes Cover/Record A A-Ha -Scoundrel days (inner) (VG+/VG-) £3 Marc Almond - Stories of Johnny (inner, booklet, insert)(VG/VG) £3 Altered Images - Pinky Blue (inner) (VG+/VG+) £4.50(SOLD) B Anita Baker - Rapture (US, inner) (Ex-/Ex) £3 Bangles - Everthing (inner)(Ex/Ex+) £5 The Beach Boys - 20 Golden Greats (Ex/VG) £2.50(SOLD) Big Country - Wonderland (Canadian issue)(Ex/M-) £5.50 Big Daddy ‎– Big Daddy. What Really Happened To The Band Of '59 (VG/VG+) £3 David Bowie - Aladdin Sane (Black label, German Pressing, tws)(VG+/M-) £10(SOLD) David Bowie - Young Americans (Tan Label, Italian Pressing) (VG-/VG+) £10 David Bowie - Stage (Orange label)(D,GF)(Ex/Ex) £12(SOLD) James Brown - The best of James Brown-The godfather of soul (gf)(Ex/Ex-) £4(SOLD) C Kim Carnes - Voyeur (inner, dc, US)(Ex-/Ex) £3 Chicago - 19 (inner, dc)(Ex/M-) £3.50 Eric Clapton - Behind the sun (gf)(Ex+/M-) £6.50 Eric Clapton - August (gf)(Ex/Ex+) £6.00 Cockney Rebel - The Human Menagerie (gf) (Ex/VG-) £3.50 Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen (dutch pressing, RE)(VG-/Ex+) £10 D Dramatis – For future reference (inner)(VG/VG+) £3(SOLD) Duran Duran - Duran Duran (inner) (Ex/VG+) £3(SOLD) Duran Duran - Arena (gf, inner, booklet) (VG+/VG+) £3 Duran Duran - Arena (gf, inner, booklet) (VG+/Ex) £4(SOLD) Bob Dylan - Street legal (inner) (Ex/VG+) £4 E ELO - The best of ELO (gf, D) (VG/VG) £6 Enya - Enya(VG/M-) £5 Everything but the girl - "Eden" (Ex+/Ex+) £5.50 F Peter Frampton - Frampton comes alive (D, gf, US)(VG/Ex) £8.50(SOLD) Freiheit - Fantasy (Ex+/Ex+) £3 Gloria Gaynor - The Power (gf, + 12" single) (M-/M) £5 H Haircut 100 - Pelican West (G+/VG) £3(SOLD) Heaven 17 - The Luxury gap (inner)(Ex//Ex) £3 Jimi Hendrix ‎– Guitar Giants Vol.3 (gf, D) (VG-/Ex+) £8 Buddy Holly - Greatst Hits (Ex/.Ex-) £3.50 Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate's Greatest hits (VG-/VG+) £2.75 Hot Chocolate - The very best of Hot Chocolate (VG/VG+) £3 Hue & Cry ‎– Seduced And Abandoned (inner)(VG+/Ex) £4.50 Hue & Cry ‎– Truth And Love (inner) (Ex/VG) £7.50 J Bob James - Ivory Coast (US)(VG+/Ex+) £ 4.50 Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic fields (innner)(VG+/Ex-) £4 David A Jaycock, - Presets (sealed) £5 Jennylee ‎– Right On! (inner) (Ex/Ex) £5.50 Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones (Vg+/VG+) £4.50(SOLD) K B.B. King - The best of B.B. King (ts) (VG-/M-) £5(SOLD) M Madonna - True Blue (inner) (Ex+/Ex-) £4.50(SOLD) Madonna - Like a Prayer (inner) (Ex+/M-) £6 Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (D, gf, inner)(VG/Ex-) £8.50 Van Morrison - Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast (VG+/VG) £5.50(SOLD) Musical Youth - The youth of today (inner)(VG+/VG-) £3 O P Robert Plant,- The principle of moments (tws)(VG+/M) £3.75 R Roman Holliday - Cookin' on the roof (US, P, dc) (VG/Ex) £2 Otis Redding ‎– The Soul Album (180 Gram, LP Sundazed Music ‎issue) (Ex+/Ex+) £14 Ronstadt, Linda - What's new(inner)(VG+/Ex) £4 Dave Lee Roth - Crazy from the heat (inner)(VG/VG+) £ Dave Lee Roth - Skyscraper (inner, DC, US)(Ex/M) £4.50 Rose Royce - Greatest Hits (Ex-/VG) £2.50 S Sade - Diamond life (gf,)(VG+/Ex-) £4.50 Santana - Santana's greatest hits (VG/Ex+) £4.25 Shalamar - Friends (gf, inner) (Ex/Ex+) £3 Simple Minds - Once upon a time (insert, Greece pressing)(VG/VG) £3 Simply Red - Stars (inner)(VG+/Ex-) £6 Spandau Ballet - Parade (Ex+/VG+) £3.50 Squeeze - Singles 45 & under (inner) (Ex/VG+) £4.50 Cat Stevens - Greatest hits (VG+/VG-) £3 Surfer Blood ‎– Pythons (insert, CD) (M-/Ex+) £6.50 T 10cc - The Original soundtrack (gf, insert)(Ex/VG) £3 The Beach Boys - Summer Dreams (gf, D) (VG+/Ex+) £6 The Blues Brothers - Made in America (VG-/Ex+) £4 The blues Brothers - Original soundtrack (Ex+/Ex+) £4.50 The Byrds - The Byrds (gf, D) (VG/VG+) £5(SOLD) The Christians - The Christians (gf, )(Ex-/Ex-) £4.50(SOLD) The Crusaders - Rhapsody and blues (gf)(Ex/Ex) £4(SOLD) The Dream Academy - The Dream Academy (US,inner)(VG+/VG+) £5(SOLD) The Moody Blues - To our childrens childrens children (gf)(VG/VG) £3 The Icicle Works ‎– Permanent Damage (inner) (Ex/Ex) £5.50 The Police - Ghost in the machine (inner, dc, US) (VG+/VG+) £3 (SOLD) The Pop Will Eat Itself - Cure for sanity (inner) (VG-/VG-) £4.50 The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue (Ex-/Ex) £5.50 Tina Turner - Foreign Affair (gf, inner) (Ex/Ex) £4.50(SOLD) U UB40 - Geffery Morgan (inner) (Ex/Ex) £4(SOLD) V Luther Vandross - Busy Body (VG-/M-) £4 Luther Vandross - Forever, For Always, For love((inner)(VG+/Ex+) £ 4.50 Voice of the beehive - Honey Lingers (inner) (Ex/Ex+) £4.50(SOLD) W Steve Winwood - Steve Winwood (dc, US, inner,ss) (Ex-/Ex+) £5.50 Stevie Wonder - Hotter than July (gf) (inner) (Ex/Ex) £5 Y Neil Young - Harvest (gf, booklet, ts, A3/B2 matrix, slight edge chip not effecting play.) ( Vg+/VG+) £10(SOLD)
  5. SCIDB

    CD Winter Sale

    CD Sale Condition Excellent upwards Postage £2 upwards D = Double CD Airbourne - Runnin' wild £2 Aerosmith - Big Ones £1.50 Atrocity - Atlantis £3.50 Battlelore - Child age of sun £4 Blues Traveler - Blues Traveler £2 James Brown - The singles Volume 4 1966-1967 (2CD) £12 Michael Bublé ‎– Michael Bublé £0.50 Vanessa Carlton - Be not nobody £1 Cee-Lo - The Collection £3 Linda Clifford/Curtis Mayfield - The right combination/"Rapping" (2CD) £6.50 Nate King Cole - The Ulitmate Collection £1 Nate King Cole - The gold Collection (D) £1 Doris Day - Day in Hollywood/Show Time £1 Drenge - Undertow £2.50 Enya - Amarantine £1 Eusebe - Tales from mama's yard £0.50 Ronan Hardiman ‎– Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance £0.50 Elton John - Songs from the east coast £3 M People - Fresco £0.50 Maria Ewing - Maria £0.50 Grip Inc - Nemesis £2.50 Jacques Loussier - Play Bach £3 Jacques Loussier ‎– Bach To The Future/Reflections Of Bach £2 Jamiroquai - A funk odyssey £1 Judge Priest - Angel of retribution £1.50 Mastodon - Blood Mountain £2.50 Mercury Rev - Deserter Songs £2 Prince - Prince of pop (sealed) £4 Radiohead - OK Computer £2 David Rudder - Beloved £1 Tom Scott - Blow it out £2 Spice Girls - Spice £0.50 Barbra Streisand - The Broadway Album £0.50 Tandy Hard ‎– Tandy Hard £1 The Beautiful South - Quench £1.50 The Feeling - Twelve stops and home £0.50 U2 - Wide awake in America £2 Underworld - Beaucoup fish £1 Andy White - Teenage £1 Robbie Williams - I've been expecting you £0.50 Bobby Womack - Safety zone/The Womack "live" £5.50 Classical/Opera Maria Callas - The Marias Callas Collection (D) £4 Nigel Kennedy - Classic Kennedy £0.50 Nigel North - Bach on the lute £2 The Sixteen - A Choral Pilgrimage £2 Various - The Classical Collection £0.50
  6. SCIDB

    Autumn Record Sale

    Hi, Hi, A few more added. David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Elvis Presley, Dells, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kinks, Eugene Wilde, Santana, Bobby Womack, The Drifters, The Dubliners, James Brown, Jean Michel Jarre, The Blues Brothers, Bob James, Crusaders, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Shalamar, Jimmy Ruffin, Simply Red, Surfer Blood, The Icicle Works, Steve Winwood
  7. SCIDB

    If you did believe in power cables..

    Hi, Here's the real deal. The cables were very expensive JPS. They came in a very nice Aluminium box. There were speaker cables and mains cables. The owner was very enthusiastic about the performance gains. Due to Geoff (Oldius) have two big rooms for the bake off, it was a ideal stiuation to try some cable swapping. To make it straight forward, we decided to try just a mains lead on the amplifier. The amp was a very fine sounding Lentek amp. Two cables were used, a JPS mains cable and a normal "kettle lead" mains cable. We initially went from Kettle lead then JPS lead, then swopping back and forth. Both the leads were plugged into a mains block and each was swapped over when in use. The amp volume was kept the same. The cables were swapped quite a few times. TBH, most of the people listening couldn't here a difference between the two. The owner of the cables seemed to be ecstatic when his JPS cables were in place. This did led to some people looking perplexed. Each time I changed the cable, I had to go behind the equipment and out of sight. As I was going to change the cable to the JPS, I had the brainwave of not changing the "kettle lead". I popped my head up and said "ready". So people thought the cable that they were listening to was the JPS. I did the "change" a few times, each time popping out of sight behind the equipment & not changing anything plus keeping the "kettle lead" in. Most didn't hear differences but the owner and maybe one or two others thought it was loads better when they thought the JPS was in. After doing this a few times, I got a fellow bake off buff to observe what I was doing and to keep quiet. I addressed the audience asking if they could hear big differences and asked what they heard in the last change. The owner did wax lyrically about the JPS. But then I dropped the bombshell of not changing the cables. The witness backed it up. Their were interesting looks on people's faces At the end of the day, if people want to spend big money on cables, it is up to them. It's their money.
  8. SCIDB

    If you did believe in power cables..

    Hi, I won't do it again..................until next time!
  9. SCIDB

    What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???

    Hi, It was. It is now a Turkish owned company.
  10. SCIDB

    What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???

    Hi, Akai, Grundig and Krell are all still going. Krell still make High end HiFi. Amps Dac, Streamers etc. Grundig & Akai have moved out of the HiFi market. Grundig make white goods (Fridges Freezers etc) , Akai make main stream consumer electronics. The Pro side of Akai (synths, samplers etc) was sold to Numark and is still strong. Tag McLaren were sold to IAG & become Audiolab again.
  11. SCIDB

    What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???

    Hi, Audio Innovations was formed by Peter Qvortrup and Erik Andersson in Basingstoke in 1984. They then moved to Brighton. Erik did the early design work (Series 800, 500, 300, 1st Audio & 2nd Audio). A chap called David Chessell also worked for Audio Innovations in 86. Erik left in late 1986 and Guy Adams (of Voyd trurntables) work with Audio Innovations. Also Guy Sergeant started around that time. They would have worked on later versions (& prototypes) of the Audio Innovations kit. Both Adams and Sergeant were engineering students at Sheffield Poly. David Chessell left in 1987 and formed Audion with Erik Andersson. David Chessell sold Audion in the late 90s, to Graham Holland, and the company moved to France. Peter Qvortrup sold Audio Innovations to Audio Components in 1991 and started Audionote UK. Guy Adams then worked with Audionote UK while Guy Sergeant stayed with Audio Innovations. Early Audionte UK stuff was the cheaper stuff, the expensive stuff was imported from Japan. Guy Adams left to work for Hewlet Packard in 1995. He also sold the right to the Voyd to Audionote. Andy Grove started to work for Audionote in the early 90 but took the main design mantle after Guy left. This led to producing High end British audionote amps.. Audio Innovations had big plans for some killer amps like the Third Audio, Fourth Audio, Fifth Audio etc, but these didn't hit the shops. Items like the P2 phono stage L2 pre amp, Alto amp appeared Julian Richer's Audio Patnership company bought Audio Innovations in 1996 and soon stopped making the valve stuff but continued to make to the Alto range for a while.
  12. SCIDB

    What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???

    Hi, Lowther are still going
  13. SCIDB

    Can you help with pricing here please?

    Hi, The Armageddon didn't have an LED where the switch was. It was a black blanking piece. Also, if you look in one of the photos, you can see a Naim box on one of the shelves plus the Main NAPSA is listed.The NAPSA is the Main Armageddon.
  14. SCIDB

    Can you help with pricing here please?

    Hi, It looks like it could be an Armageddon LP12. The picture is clear enough (from my tablet), it doesn't look like a Valhalla switch.
  15. SCIDB

    Spider's Xmas Bake off 1st December

    Hi, I would like to attend.