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  1. Hi, A few more added. Killers, Motorhead, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Crystal Castles, Pink Floyd, Melissa Manchester, Tool, Bil Wyman, Santana.
  2. Hi, A few more added. Temptations, Hall & Oates, Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, The Equals, Rod Stewart, The Everly Brothers, Joe Jackson, Steeleye Span, 52nd Street, Dusty Springfield, Bob James, Joan Baez,
  3. Hi, A few more added. The Boothill Foot Tappers, The Police, Depeche Mode, Beatles, Sister Sledge, The Primitives, En Vogue, Queen, ABC, Chuck Berry, Roxy Music, Average White Band, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen, Gloria Gaynor, Roy Wood, Linda Ronstadt, Soul II Soul, George Benson, Roberta Flack, Adam & the Ants, Godley & Creme, Lionel Richie, Squeeze, Fine Young Cannibals, Lindisfarne, Living in a box, Stargard, Slave, and Paul McCartney
  4. Hi, A few more added. Squeeze, ABC, Electonic, Adam & the Ants, Fine Young Cannibles, Gorilaz, Lionel Richie, The Associates, Godley & Creme and Living in a box.
  5. Hi, Big thanks to fred & Nicky for their excellent hospitality. It was food a-plenty! Another enjoyable afternoon/evening. Music, chat & eating, what a combination!
  6. Hi, A few more added Average White Band, Roberta Flack, Shalamar, Gloria Gaynor, Slave, Sister Sledge, Soul II Soul, Herb Alpert, En Vogue, Stargard, George Benson
  7. Hi, A few more added. Animals, B-52's, Level 42, Free, Madonna, Peter gabriel, The Stranglers, Associates, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, John foxx, Fun Loving Crinmals, Thomas Dolby,& Blancmange.
  8. Hi, More added. Peter gabriel, ELO, Bryan Ferry, Gil Scott Heron, Eurythmics, Cat Steven, Pete Shelly, The Sensational Alex Harvey band, Sparks, Bruce Springsteen, Dusty Springfield, Dexys Midnight Runners.
  9. Hi, More added. Boz Scaggs, Woodentops, Timbuk 3, Loggins & Messina , Elton John, Jeff beck, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Big Daddy, Bliss, Kim Carnes, Randy Crawford, Dr Hook, Eurythmics, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Freiheit, Billy Idol, Al Jarreau, Howard Jones, King, Paul McCartney, Thompson Twins, Toyah, Eugene Wilde, Smokey robinson, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Nitzer Ebb, Saturday Night Fever, The Stud, Flashdance, Streets of fire and The Inmates
  10. Hi, A few more added. Jennifer Warnes, Steve Winwood, Eagles, U2, David Bowie, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, B.B. King, Julian Cope, Makoto Ozone, Elton John, Kevin Eubanks, Pete Levin, Peter Gabrial, Genesis, Maire Brennan, & W.A.S.P.
  11. Hi, A few more added. Joe Jackson, Little Feat, Alain Markusfeld, Michael Schenker Group, Modern Jazz Quartet, Oscar The Frog, Parchment, Charlie Parker, Steely Dan, Otis Redding, Queen, UB40, Undertones, Cat Stevens, Pete Levin, The Roches, Steve Miller Band, The League Unlimited Orchestra, Brenda Russell, Dave Brubeck, Simon & Garfunkel, Kevin Eubanks,
  12. Hi, A few more added. Cat Stevens, Paul Young, Rick Springfield, Roxy Music, Murrey Head, A-Ha, Bryan Ferry, Eric Clapton, & Robert Cray..
  13. Hi, A few more added. Walk on fire, Seawind, Scott Roley, The Romantics, Rex, Reckless, Killer Dwarfs, & Jesus Loves You,
  14. Hi, It's the time to have fun. Put your feet up and get some tunes bought. More to be added. Abbreviations used within the listing:- BP - Record collector book price 1st = 1st Pressing D = double album dc=deletion cut-out, the record has a small deliberate corner cut or hole on the sleeve to indicate it was either sold as ‘end of line’, imported or used for promotional purposes. gf=gatefold sleeve. inner=original printed, picture or lyric inner sleeve. insert=printed lyric sheet, etc. woc=writing on cover wol=writing on label. RE = Reissue Rw=ring wear s= sealed t= slight tear on cover ti = tear or rip on inner sleeve tins = tear on insert ts= slight or split tear on spine or top or bottom edge Lts = Large split on spine or top or bottom edge tis = inner sleeve has a split on spine te= slighty tatty round the edges cc= creased corner P= promo copy st= stain where sticker used to be ls = large stain ss = slight stain sol = stain on label Soi = stain on inner sos = sticker on sleeve sol = sticker on label tl = tear on label tws = tear where the sticker used to be US = US pressing JP = Japan Pressing OBI = Sash around the sleeve PS = picture sleeve CS = Generic record company sleeve * = Sale Pending Postage and packing will start from £3.50 for a up to 5 records. It will be sent via 2nd class Royal Mail. PM for other other amounts. Will ship worldwide. Overseas records will be worked out depending on the number of records and distance. Gradings are visual. It goes Cover/Record A ABC - How to be a Zillionaire! (inner) (Ex/VG+) £4 ABC - Alphabet City (inner) (Ex/Ex) £4.50 A-Ha - Scoundral Days (inner, ls)(VG/VG) £2 Adam and The Ants - Kings of the wild frontier (inner)(VG/VG+ ) £4 Ryan Adams ‎– 29 (180 gram Audiophile issue, insert) (M-/Ex+) £15 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Follow The Lights (M-/M-) £14 Animals - The most of Animals (Ex/VG+) £3 Associates - Sulk (early pressing, inner) £6 Average White Band - Feel no fret (gf, inner) (Vg+/Ex+)£4.50 Average White Band - Shine (insert)(VG/VG+) £3 B The B-52's - Cosmic thing (Inner) (VG+/Ex) £5.50(sold) Joan Baez - Baptism (gf, insert)(Ex/VG+) £4 Joan Baez - Very early Joan (D) (Ex/M) £6(sold) Joan Baez - Spotlight on Joan Baez (D)(Ex+/Ex+) £4 The Beatles ‎– Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (6th Pressing, 2 Boxed EMI Labels, gf) (Ex+/Ex) £20 Jeff Beck - The most of Jeff Beck (VG+/Ex) £2.50 The Bees - Every step's a yes (inner)(Ex+/Ex) £11 Belly - King (inner) (Ex/M-) £27 Belly - Star (inner) (Ex+/M-) £20 George Benson - In your eyes (inner)(VG/VG) £2 George Benson - The Love Songs (inner)(VG/VG+) £2.50 Chuck Berry ‎– The London Chuck Berry Sessions (gf)(VG+/Ex+) £6 Big Daddy ‎– Big Daddy. What Really Happened To The Band Of '59 (VG/VG+) £2.50 Blancmange - Mange Tout (inner) (Ex+/Ex+) £5 Bliss - Loveprayer (inner)(VG+/VG+) £2.50 Blondie - Parallel Lines (inner, soi) (VG+/VG+) £3 Blondie - Parallel Lines (Candian Pressing) (Ex/Ex+) £9 The Boothill Foot Tappers - Ain't that far from Boothill (ss, t, inner) (VG-/VG) £2.50 David Bowie - The Rise and fall Ziggy Stardust and the spiders of Mars (inner, Black label RE, ts)(G+/Ex) £16 (sold) Maire Brennan - Maire (inner)(VG+/Ex+) £6 Bobby Brown - Don't be cruel (Ex+/VG) £2.50 Dave Brubeck - Two generations of Brubeck (Ex+/Ex) £5 C Kim Carnes - Voyeur (inner, dc, US)(Ex-/Ex) £2.50(sold) Eric Clapton - Behind the sun (gf)(Ex+/M-) £6.50(sold) Eric Clapton - August (gf)(Ex/Ex+) £6.00(Sold) Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen (cc)(VG/Ex+) £5 Brenda Cochrane - The Singer (Ex/Ex+) £3.50 Joe Cocker - Stingray (gf) (VG-/G+) £2.50 Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Derek and Clive (Live) (VG+/VG) £ Julian Cope - Saint Julian (booklet)(VG/VG+) £5 Phil Collins - Hello, I must be going (inner, gf, 1st)(VG/Ex-) £3.50 Randy Crawford - Abstract Emotions (VG+/VG+) £3 Randy Crawford - The Greatest Hits (Ex/VG+) £3 Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (D, insert, Canadian 1st Pressing) (VG/Ex+) £25 D Miles Davis - Miles Davis' greatest hits (US)(VG+/VG) £6.50 Chris De Burgh - Best moves(inner)(VG/VG) £3 Chris de Burgh - The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh(G+/VG) £2.50 Chris De Burgh - Flying colours (inner)(Ex/Ex) £3 Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell (1st) (VG+/VG+) £8(Sold) Depeche Mode - The singles 81 - 85 (gf, ss, ts, inner) (VG/Ex+) £11 Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners ‎– Too-Rye-Ay (inner)(VG+/VG+) £3.50 Neil Diamond - Moods (G+/VG+) £2(Sold) Dr Hook - Sometimes you win (VG/M-) £2.50 Thomas Dolby - Aliens ate my buick (Ex+/Ex+) £10 Bob Dylan - Street legal (inner) (Ex/VG+) £4 E Eagles - On the border (1st, Tex )(Ex/VG) £5 Duane Eddy - Twangy guitar silky strings (Mono, 1st, Front laminated sleeve with flipbacks)(VG+/Ex-) £4 Randy Edelman - Fairwell Fairbanks (Ex/VG+) £3 Electric Light Orchestra - ELO's Greatest Hits (inner) (Ex/VG+) £3(sold) En Vogue - Funky Divas (inner)(Ex/Ex) £5 The Equals ‎– The Equals (VG+/VG+) £4 Kevin Eubanks ‎– Guitarist (inner)(Ex/M-) £5(sold) Kevin Eubanks ‎– Face To Face (inner, cc)(VG/M-) £4.50(sold) Kevin Eubanks ‎– Promise Of Tomorrow (VG+/M) £6(sold) Eurythmics - Savage (inner, poster) (Ex/Ex+) £3.75(sold) Eurythmics - We too are one (booklet)(VG/VG) £2.50 Everly Brothers ‎– The Fabulous Style Of The Everly Brothers (Mono)(Ex/Ex-) £ F 52nd Street - Something's going on (US)(Ex/Ex+) £3 The Farm - Spartacus (inner)(G+/VG-) £3 The Farmers Boys - With these hands (inner) (VG/Ex+) £3.50 Bryan Ferry - These Foolish things (1st) (Ex/VG) £4(sold) Bryan Ferry - Girls and Boys (inner)(VG+/VG+) £4.50 Fine Young Cannibals - The raw and the cooked (inner)(VG/VG) £3 The Fixx ‎– Calm Animals (VG+/Ex+) £5(sold) Jose Felicano - Jose Felicano (inner)(VG+/VG+) £3(Sold) Roberta Flack - Reberta Flack (US, DC) (VG+/VG+) £3 Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits (gf, orange label)(VG/M-) £12 Flowered Up - A life with Brian (inner, no booklet)(Ex/Ex+) £14 Dan Fogelberg - Souvenirs (insert,1st )(VG+/VG+) £3(Sold) Dan Fogelberg - Captured Angel (gf, )(VG+/VG+) £3(Sold) Foreigner - Foreigner (Canadan pressing, inner)(VG+/VG+) £3.50 John Foxx - Metamatic (inner)(VG+/VG) £6(sold) Peter Frampton - I'm in you(inner)(VG/VG+) £3 Frankie goes to Hollywood - Liverpool (inner)(VG+/VG) £2.50 Aretha Franklin - Aretha Arrives (Sundazed pressing) (Ex/M-) £12 Aretha Franklin - Young gifted and black (RE)(Ex/M-) £15 Aretha Franklin - Aretha's Greatest hits (Ex/Ex+) £4.50 Free - "Free, easy, rough & ready" (VG+/Ex) £4.75 Freiheit - Fantasy (Ex+/Ex+) £2.50 Fun Lovin Criminals - 100% Colombian (inner) (VG+/M)£26 G Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 1 (inner, insert)(VG+/VG+) £4.50 Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 1 (inner, Candian Pressing, ATCO Label) (Ex/Ex) £6 Peter Gabriel - So (inner) (VG/VG+) £4 Gloria Gaynor - Glorious (VG+/Ex) £3 Genesis ‎– Rock Roots (VG/Ex) £5(sold) Genesis - ...and then there were three (gf)(VG+/VG+) £3.50(sold) Godley & Creme - Ismism (inner, dc)(VG/VG) £3 H Daryl Hall & John Oates - Live time (inner, US)(VG/Ex) £3 Daryl Hall & John Oates - Bigger than both of us (insert, woc)(VG+/Ex) £3 Daryl Hall & John Oates - Abandoned Lucheonette (booklet)(VG+/VG+) £ Hue & Cry ‎– Seduced And Abandoned (inner)(VG+/Ex) £3 I The Icicle Works - If you want to defeat your enemy sing his song (inner)(VG+/VG+) £3.50(sold) Billy Idol. - Whiplash smile (inner) (VG+/Ex) £3 The Inmates - Shot in the dark (VG+/VG) £2.50 Inner City - Paradise (inner)(Ex/VG) £2.50 J Jay And The Americans ‎– Wax Museum (gf, US) (VG+/VG+) £6(sold) Joe Jackson ‎– Look Sharp! (VG/VG+) £3+ Joe Jackson - Body and soul (1st)(Ex-/Ex) £5.50(sold) Joe Jackson - Tucker, The man and his dream (Ex/Ex+) £4(Sold) Bob James - Ivory Coast (US)(VG+/Ex+) £ 4 Al Jarreau - Breakin' away (inner)(Ex+/Ex+)£2.50 Jellyfish - Bellybutton(inner)(Ex/Ex-) £20(Sold) Bob James - Ivory coast (inner)(Ex/Ex) £3.50 Jennylee ‎– Right On! (inner)(Ex/Ex) £4.50 Jesus Loves You - The Martyr Mantras (inner)(VG+/Ex+) £8.50 Elton John - Tumbleweed connection (gf, RE, Portugal release)(Ex/VG+) £5 Elton John - Caribou (inner)(Ex/Ex-) £3 Elton John - Victim of love (inner)(VG+/Ex+) £3 Elton John - Too low for zero (inner)(VG/VG+) £3 Elton John - Elton John's Greatest Hits Vol II (inner)(Ex/Ex) £2.50 Howard Jones - Human's Lib (inner)(VG/VG) £2.50 Quincy Jones - The best of Quincy Jones (VG/Ex+) £3.50 K Nik Kershaw - Human Racing (inner)(VG+/VG+) £3 Killer Dwarfs - Big deal (inner)(Ex+/VG+) £8 Killers - Sawdust (D,gf,insert, 1st)(Ex/Ex) £15 King - Bitter sweet (inner)(VG+/VG) £2.50 B.B. King - The best of B.B. King (VG+/VG) £4.50 L The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love and dancing (VG/NM) £3 Level 42 - The early tapes (VG+/M) £6 Level 42 - Standing in the light (inner, t)(VG/VG) £2.50 Level 42 - Staring at the sun (inner)(Ex/Ex)£3 Pete Levin ‎– Party In The Basement (VG+/Ex) £3 Lindisfarne - Nicely out of tune (Tex, 1st)(Ex+/Ex) £10 Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - Straight from the sky (inner)(VG/VG+) £3 Lindisfarne - Lindisfarne's Finest Hour (Ex/Ex) £3 Little Feat - Time loves a hero (inner)(VG+/VG+) £4(Sold) Living in a box - Gatecrashing (inner)(VG+/Ex) £3.50 Loggins & Messina - Mother Lode (Booklet, 1st )(VG+/VG+) £2.50 Lulu - New routes (Ex/Ex+) £10 M Madonna - Like a prayer (inner) (Ex+/Ex+) £7 Melissa Manchester ‎– Melissa ( ‎Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ‎pressing, 7cm split in top spine) (VG-/VG+) £10 Alain Markusfeld - Le Desert Noir (VG-/M-) £8 Paul McCartney, - Pipes of peace (gf, inner) (Ex/VG+) £2.50 Paul McCartney - The McCartney interview (VG+/M-) £4.50 Don McLean - American Pie (Ex/VG+) £2.50 Men at work - Cargo (inner)(VG/VG+)£2.50 The Michael Schenker Group ‎– One Night At Budokan (GF, D) (Ex/Ex+) £6(sold) The Modern Jazz Quartet - plays for lovers (US, bts) (G+/VG+) £4(sold) The Modern Jazz Quartet - The art of the Modern Jazz Quartet, The Atlantic Years(D, gf) (VG+/Ex) £6(sold) Motorhead - Motorhead (, RE, Remastered, Purple Vinyl, + Bonus disc LTD Edition No. 137, cc) (VG+/Ex)£22.50 Murrey Head - Say it ain't so (gf, France pressing)(VG+/Ex) £3.50 N Nitzer Ebb ‎– That Total Age (D, 45 rpm, Ltd Edition) (VG+/M-) £30 O Alexander O'Neal - Hearsay (inner, tis)(VG/VG) £2.50 Oscar The Frog ‎– Oscar The Frog (Ex/Ex+) £7 Makoto Ozone ‎– Now You Know (Ex/Ex+) £4 P Robert Palmer - Riptide (inner) (VG+/Ex) £4 Robert Palmer - Don't Explain (D, inner) (VG+/VG+) £5.50 Parchment - light up the fire (Poster, folded lyric Sheet)(Ex+/NM) £12 Charlie Parker - Volume II (ts)(VG-/VG+) £4 Charlie Parker - Bird, Original Soundtrack (Ex-/Ex+) £6 Pink floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (A9/B8 Matrix No., 5th issue, 2 posters, 2 stickers, gf)(VG/VG+) £25(sold) Robert Plant,- The principle of moments (tws)(VG+/M) £3.75(sold) Pascal F.E.O.S. - From The Essence Of Minimalistic Sound (gf, D) (VG+/Ex) £5.50 The Police - Reggatta de Blanc (Ex/Ex+) £9 The Primitives - Lovely (inner)(VG/VG) £3.50 Q Queen - A day at the races (1st, inner, gf)(VG/Ex) £15 R Chris Rea - On the beach (inner)(VG+/VG+) £3(sold) Reckless - Heart of steel (VG+/Ex+) £6 Otis Redding - The Dock of the bay, The Definitive Collection (VG+/Ex+) £5 Rex - Where do we go from here? (Ex/Ex) £3.50 Lionel Richie - Can't slow down (gf, inner) (VG+/Ex+) £4.50 The Robert Cray Band - Who's been talking (ts)(VG/Ex+) £4.75(sold) Smokey robinson - Yes It's you lady (VG+/VG+) £2.50 The Roches - Keep on doing (inner) (Ex/M-) £5 The Rockets - Back talk (inner) (VG+/Ex+) £3 The Romantics - In heat (VG+/M-) £6 Scott Roley - Brother to brother (insert)(Ex/Ex+) £2.50 Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits (gf, inner)(Ex+/VG+) £4 Roxy Music - Stranded (gf, 1st, pink rimmed label)(Ex/VG+) £5 Diana Ross & The Supremes - Greatest Hits (VG/VG+) £3 Roxy Music - Roxy music (gf, pink rim Island label)(VG/VG+) £10(sold) Brenda Russell - Kiss me with the wind (Ex/Ex) £3 S Santana - 25 Hits (D, gf)(VG+/Ex+) £6 Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees (VG+/Ex) £2.50(Sold) Boz Scaggs - Down two then left (inner)((VG/VG+) £2.50(sold) Gil Scott Heron - The best of Gil Scott Heron (US, Lts) (VG/VG+) £6 Seawind - Light the light (P)(Ex/VG+) £5 The Sensational Alex Harvey band - Live (Ex/VG) £3(sold) Shalamar - The greatest hits ( + 12" Single, gf)(M-/M-) £7 Fergal Sharkey - Fergal Sharkey (dc, US, inner)(Ex/Ex) £4 Pete Shelly - Heaven & The Sea (Ex/M-) £6 Paul Simon - Greatest hits, etc (gf, inner)(VG+/VG+)£3.50 Paul Simon - The Paul Simon song book (Mono, 1st, Front-laminated flipback sleeve, textured labels, ts)(VG+/VG+) £12 Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of silence (Mono, Laminated triple flipback sleeve) (VG+/VG+) £9 Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends (Orange label, A1/B1 matrix)(VG+/VG+) £4.50 Simon and Garfunkel - Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits (Orange label, A1/B3 matrix) (Ex/VG+) £3 Sister Sledge - We are family (VG/Ex+) £4.50 Slave - The hardness of the world (US, DC)(VG+/Ex) £3 Soul II Soul - Club classics (inner)(VG+/VG) £3 Sparks - Propaganda (1st, inner) (Ex/VG+) £7 Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis (4 Men with beards pressing, 180 gram, gf, inner)(Ex/Ex+) £12 Dusty Springfield - It begins again (inner) (VG/VG) £3(sold) Dusty Springfield - Golden Hits (Ex/Ex) £4 Rick Springfield - Tao (inner)(VG/VG) £2 Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA (insert)(VG+/VG+) £3.50(sold) Starguard - Starguard (ts)(VG/VG+) £3 Squeeze - Play (inner)(Ex+/M) £20 Billy Squire - Don't say no (inner)(VG/VG) £2.50 Steeleye Span ‎– Individually & Collectively (VG+/VG+) £2.50 Steeleye Span - Below the salt (gf)(Ex/VG+) £3 Steely Dan - The very best of Steely Dan, Reelin' in the years (gf, D, edge chip on one record) (Ex/Ex) £9(sold) Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits 1974-78 (inner) (VG+/Ex-) £4.50(sold) Cat Stevens - Catch a bull at four (gf)(Ex+/VG+) £3.75(sold) Cat Stevens ‎– Cat Stevens' Buddha And The Chocolate Box (gf, US, inner)(VG-/VG) £4(sold) Cat Stevens - The very best of Cat Stevens (ts) (VG+/Ex+) £5(sold) Rod Stewart - Rod Stewart (inner) (VG/VG) £2 The Stranglers - IV(inner) (VG-/VG) £3 Rod Stewart - Every picture tells a story (Canadian Pressing)(Ex+/M) £5 The Stranglers - Dreamtime (inner) (VG+/Ex+) £ T The Temptations ‎– Cloud Nine (RE)(Ex/M-) £9 Thompson Twins - Quick Step & side kick (VG+/Ex) £2.50(sold) Timbuk 3 - Greeting from Timbuk 3 (VG/Ex+) £2.50 Tina Turner - Simply the best (gf, D, inner)(VG+/VG) £12 The Men they couldn't hang - Waiting for Bonaparte (inner, tws)(VG/Ex+) £5 Tool - Lateralus (D, US, LTD Edition Picture Discs, gf, inner)( Ex/Ex) £40 Toyah - Anthem (Booklet) (VG+/VG+) £2.50 Tuff Darts - Tuff darts (inner) (G+/VG+) £5.50 U U2 - The Joshua Tree (gf)(Ex/VG+) £6(sold) UB40 - Labour of love (VG/VG+) £3(Sold) The Undertones - Postive Touch (inner)(G+/VG) £4 W John Waite - Igntion (P, Includes 2 sheet press release) (VG+/Ex)£4.50 Walk on fire - Blind Faith (inner)(Ex-/VG+) £3 Jennifer Warnes - Famous blue raincoat (inner)(Ex/Ex) £8.50 W.A.S.P. -Inside the electric circus (inner)(VG+/VG+) £7.50(sold) Westworld - Where the action is (inner)(VG+/VG) £2.50 Eugene Wilde - Eugene Wilde (VG+/Ex) £2.50 Steve Winwood - Arc of a diver (inner, ss)(VG/VG+) £2.50 Roy Wood ‎– Boulders (1st, Tex)(Ex/VG+) £6.50 The Woodentops - Giant (Ex+/VG-) £2.50 World Party - Bang (inner)(Ex/M-) £32 Bill Wyman ‎– Stone Alone (JPN, Booklet, Signed by Bill Wyman on the front cover, 7cm split on bottom spine)(VG/Ex+)£22 Y Neil Young - After the gold rush (gf, A2/B2 matrix, Lyric sheet poster)(VG/VG+) £10 Paul Young - The secret of association (inner)(Ex/Ex) £2.50 Paul Young - Between two fires (inner)(Ex/Ex+) £2.50 SOUNDTRACK ALBUMS Flashdance (VG/VG+) £2 Saturday Night Fever (D, gf)(VG/Ex) £5 Streets of fire (VG+/Ex-) £2 The Stud (gf)(Ex/VG+) £2
  15. Hi, I have cleared some space in my mailbox. The Black album has already been sold. The Otis Redding LP is still up for grabs. I will be putting up more LPs either today or tomorrow. Stand by!