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  1. OK, thanks, that's disappointing. May have to change my amp after all then.
  2. Useful info there, thanks! I've already got a Pi v2 and tried XBMC for movies but my AV amp doesn't have any HDMI inputs. However, the raspbmc main page says this: In the past couple of months, some new sound cards for Raspberry Pi have come out, so I’m adding support for the following sound cards: Wolfson Microelectronics Raspberry Pi Module – Wolfson’s patches for this had issues, so I’ve done my best to manually resolve these myself. I have reached out to a developer at Wolfson who tells me patches will be released in the future. HiFiBerry sound cards IqAudio sound card it looks like I will be able buy a Wolfson card, attach it to my pi, and run sound through the Wolfson into my AV amp.
  3. It would also be interesting to get a view on which seems better - Wolfson or Pi-DAC.
  4. Seems to be this one: On that web page, there's a link to a Technical Data Sheet (PDF) which says this: Designed to house the raspberry pi & Wolfson audio card via clip-in grooves - NO SCREWS REQUIRED!
  5. Lotus used to mean : Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious
  6. Hi Chris, thanks for the info. I'm just getting to grips with all this new-fangled streaming stuff.
  7. Thanks vacdac (Chris) for the Synology info, quite interesting! Re the Delock USB DAC, I'm trying to understand its output. The information on it says: "The audio output provides a combo interface and can be used as common analogue stereo output or as optical digital (SPDIF) output." This is likely to be a dumb question...but if it outputs analogue stereo, that is analogue over wires. How can the same interface output an optical digital stream? Does it sense what's connected and alter what it sends/receives?
  8. Another new JoggPerson here - bought the last ex-betting shop Jogglers for £20. It didn't have a power supply, so for the moment I'm using the 5V 2A power supply from my Linsys NSLU2 (a.k.a The Slug) which seems to work just fine. I've loaded up SqueezePlay and got it to install LMS, but haven't configured it yet. Not used SqueezePlay or a Squeezebox before so this is all alien to me but I'll see how it goes. I don't have a USB DAC yet, looking around they all seem too expensive for me, so may try the Delock one mentioned earlier in this thread. Instead of a USB DAC, I guess that if I had an up-to-date AV receiver (with USB input) I could use that instead?
  9. I've stocked up on wine in the last 2 weeks, in case the Chancellor takes the binge drinking bandwagon as an opportunity to raise extra revenue. I found this website to be quite useful: - it has links listing wines by supermarket, so you can see what they're currently selling which has been recommended by newpaper critics, with links to the articles (eg on The Times website). Enjoy
  10. Bought 2 slate slabs ("Quarry Slate" 300x300x25mm) at £3.48 each a few days ago. They were in the garden section next to the concrete and limestone paving slabs.
  11. Gaffer, Really like your avatar and the scrolling siggie block!
  12. Flat pins on the mains plugs suggests that they are US ones, so make sure that the kit will also accept 240V and 50Hz as standard. If it's only 110V you will need to get them converted to UK spec, or run them off power converters (Maplins do them I think). Sorry, can't help on the value question.
  13. Tumbler tomatoes work well in pots or containers - they're easy to grow as you don't need to pinch off side shoots. With any tomatoe, remember to water it regularly (if you don't, they can split). You will need tomatoe feed (I chose an organic one, seeweed-based I think, that only needed you to feed them once a week). Bought plants from garden centre. It sits outside happily in Gloucestershire. Tastes nice too. Google for tumbler tomatoe and you get hits like this: PS We never bothered staking tumblers as we grew them in pots and they tumbled over the side of the pot.
  14. Tel wrote: Tel, sorry, I haven't paid much attention to the bills. I switch off the system when it's not being used.
  15. Perhaps the Cyrus draws so much juice (when on standby) deliberately to keep the circuits warm so that it sounds better when you use it?