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  1. Two items for sale; Teac ax501 amp & Denon CD player The amp is about 18 months old but hasn’t been used much as my first baby arrived about a month after purchase...! Plus I have been alternating between this and others in my system. Condition is mint, except for a tiny nick on the edge of one knob. Sound wise, the amp is very detailed and carries plenty of heft in the bass.. 120w into 4 ohms. The CD player was purchased last month on impulse .. and I don’t really need it so I’m moving it on. It was bought as ex-display and comes with a fully functional but non-original remote. Spotless condition and incredible build quality esp considering the price. Asking £300 for the amp (RRP was 850) and £150 for the CDP - collection from Leeds or postage. Will upload pics shortly
  2. Superb condition EB2 speakers in the black ash finish. Very little use over 18 months of ownership (bought new) Lovely speaker with a balanced and detailed sound - partly thanks to the sealed / infinite baffle design (not ported) RRP is £800, asking £400 - Collection from Leeds, W.Yorks. (pics coming) Thanks DM
  3. I had an older X, my mate had a super XX (i think the super had 60w whereas the XX had 50ish) My x hissed through the speakers very audibly, but the super xx was much quieter. In terms of sound they both rocked out!! Massively punchy and muscular amps with lots of bass! Not at all like the thin, lean naim sound. You've not heard the intro to Iggy Pop's lust for life until you've heard it through these amps. Incidentally, I've heard the newer exposure stuff and not been too overwhelmed.
  4. the patek and the cable are both rip-offs of the highest order, just vulgar capitalist burps meekly allying themselves with art and science respectively
  5. what an absolute joke. Is there any other hobby/industry that makes a mockery of it's followers as much as 'hifi'? The dumbest thing is that a 5 bob copper IC will sound 99% the same. This is indeed for those rich tossers that need to have the best bragging rights.. watch as audiogon fills with valhalla
  6. art senna .. did those mini's replace a pair of JMR twins? How do they compare? or am i thinking of someone else! ?
  7. it's a one-off 2a3 design .. currently on ebay at 300 quid (new)
  8. icehockeyboy wrote: !! "IHB" The Deep voice boomed forth from the altar of HOBBY, "why persecutest thou me?"
  9. gee, wait a minute - hasn't this been done before?
  10. nixon_fiend


    JANDL100 wrote: I think Dunn made a point of using a cermet-something pot.. feels rough to use but rewards with greater SQ... but perceptions an' all that
  11. nixon_fiend

    PRaT'y amps

    you'll find rega is quite a bit smoother than the others, which are more about 'punch'
  12. I reckon the Classik. Iconic looks and great sound, very 'fleet of foot' and dry sonics.. Has a certain sonic signature. The solo just sounds inoffensive and a bit lifeless, IMO only problem is the Kunts at Linn put the price up to £1300!!! you could buy it for 699 12 months ago!
  13. I really enjoy the reading the tech-talk .. not that I understand 90% of it but it's a great way to get 'under the skin' of the hifi world. More and more of the wigwam community are 'seeing-through' the 2" thick aluminium face plates and blue LEDs of the next big hifi mega-watt amp - and instead appreciating the core fundamentals of musical reproduction.. what makes the best sounds, and how to implement it. I'm very grateful for murray/whippy/coco for sharing their long-learned expertise on this subject. I personally dislike the "loadsamoney", my £5k transport vs. your £6k transport conversations that are not so much enthusiasts chatting - as they are willy-waving... that shit bores me - I don't have that kinda of money and besides, most kit at that level is over-priced, over CNCed jewellery. TIU, I can sort-of appreciate what you are saying but I find your comments quite offensive TBH, you are attcking the enthuiasts that keep this hobby alive - and probably have the best sounding systems here