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  1. Thanks for this. Never heard of her until now.
  2. Merry Christmas Everyone.
  3. Mod please remove this thread.
  4. I find B&W HTM series one of best centre speaker around. Having said that for totally convincing surround effects what matter is having 5 tonally matched speakers. Which AP centre speakers do you have now? Maybe it would make more sense stay with the AP series and upgrade the centre channel to the best they make.
  5. I can see what you are trying to do. It does matches those speakers and stands quite well.
  6. Hope he was not stupid enough like some silly audiophools and spend huge amounts on mods. Models with original spec seem to hold their value better.
  7. p2an, I have been wondering where do you find furnitures like the chairs and cabinet like yours? Are they all new or collectors items? Furniture shops here, at least those that I know, don't stock stuff like this.
  8. Ob1, I think you hit the jackpot. There is money to be made for this kind of thing. You already have at least one client waiting to stay over at your place!
  9. wolfgang


    Monday, Jan. 14, 1957 according this article in Time. Quote:
  10. Injector wrote: What forum is that? Are most of the members as sensible as that? Sound like a nice place to visit.
  11. Davewhityetagain wrote: Because month after month people are daft enough to buy the crap they write No one buys the mags.....the mags stop selling end of story Well how the hell are you going to find out whats new out there. If you don't go to shows and don't buy mags:? Buy enough stuff and the makers send it you to try ;-)I know I am not the only wammer who gets new things to try best way to find out is to visit your local dealer Web based forums and webzines are much faster and more up to date.
  12. Johnboi wrote: I wonder if I may side tract a bit. Is this trend of subjectiive religion only retricted to UK and US?
  13. Bach Violin Sonata 2. Hilary Hahn playing. Lalala..lala. Nice. Very pretty. Ermm..... no sure what else to say.
  14. Very true. It would all depend on what is the retail price. Some people say the 983 is as good as it get.