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  1. I know the power usage of each unit won't be huge but I do also wonder if it's wise on environmental grounds to be using extra electricity for such tasks.Lots of small amounts of electricity use add up...
  2. True. But £9 more expensive than the one I just posted a link to . I suspect the £20 second hand option is more what the OP is after though...
  3. I think the OP probably has cheaper in mind but FWIW there's a similar model £4 cheaper at Currys:
  4. The version with a DAC still has digital outputs, so I'm not immune to the upgrade possibility...
  5. For @michaelgb's benefit, you meant a miniDSP SHD Studio there (probably a phone autocorrect glitch). I have the larger SHD that includes a DAC.
  6. Yes that all makes sense. Your phone can only communicate with the CCA over wifi I think. So once the CCA has started playing you won't be able to tell it to stop using the phone unless you connect to wifi again. It will be the same with Spotify.
  7. Thanks for testing . @michaelgb apologies, I was talking rubbish above . A CCA now clearly now does let you stream Tidal. I may well get one for my kitchen as a result of this discovery!
  8. I wasn't really confused about that bit . Do you have two Chromecast Audios and one regular Chromecast there?
  9. Yes, you'll need to be on wifi to start the album playing, then turn wifi off on the phone. I'm now thinking full Tidal support must have been added BTW . I can find stuff from a year ago saying it wasn't there but this (and me) may be out of date...
  10. I'm much more confident I know what I'm talking about when it comes to acoustics! Streaming I'm learning about... The distinction is if the audio signal goes Internet --> CCA or Internet --> Phone --> CCA. If it's the latter then how the communication between the phone and CCA is done may the affect sound quality. With Spotify the phone just behaves like a remote control. If you select an album to play in the Spotify app on the phone and then set the CCA as the destination then it will proceed to play the whole album even if you take the phone off the wifi network after play has started. I'd be interested if you could try the same with Tidal to see what happens?
  11. No idea what you're apologising for . I may be wrong here. I think we cross-posted above. What's the answer to my switching the phone off question? This will show if the phone is doing the actual streaming (connecting to the internet) or if the CCA is, with the phone just acting like a remote control telling it what to do. Edit: or just switch the phone's wifi connection off, rather than having to turn it right off.
  12. @Lee M If you start playing music on Tidal via your phone and then switch the phone off, does the music keep playing or stop? That will show which device is doing the streaming.
  13. Is the phone is doing the actual streaming, and then 'casting' this to the CCA?