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  1. Have DACs really improved?

    Has anyone yet tried to sell a DAC with a button that engages an attempt at a vinyl simulating DSP algorithm I wonder?
  2. Audiophile Carpet and Curtains?

    To add to the mix of the left speaker being nearer a corner that the right but also being by a patio door, I also recently replaced the mid/bass driver on the right hand speaker so it may be performing a little differently as well. I'll get round to some measurements at some point but don't hold your breath!
  3. That would partly be my concern, although I've not looked into long term reliability of the older Velodynes. 13 years ago a DD12 would definitely be something I wanted but I'm a little less sure now. I've certainly read various forum post from people upgrading from these older models and they also include room correction that potentially I don't need. I won't be rushing to buy the current one on eBay anyway.
  4. Audiophile Carpet and Curtains?

    I've been having a play with some room planning software. This is the sort of layout I'll be working with (room 3.46 m x 4.68 m), with a sloped ceiling in the corner to the left of the door as you go in (under the stairs):
  5. Ear Glasses

    The ear-glasses website proudly shows their frequency response (below). Think I'll pass!
  6. Ear cleaning .

    Sadly I have the issue of very narrow ear canals that means they do get blocked over time by wax, with them typically needing to be cleared every 12-18 months. Olive oil never clears them but it does soften the wax so that it comes out relatively easily by syringing. Anything other than olive oil seems to do an excellent job of irritating the skin inside my ears whilst being less effective than olive oil for softening wax. Alternatives to olive oil are also much more expensive. For people with no obvious issues I wouldn't be messing about putting anything in your ears. You might find that yawning has the save effect.
  7. best subs to use possible

    Tried again. Nope. Still no clue what he's on about!
  8. My ideal right now would probably be for a decent (rather than cheap) sub coming up for sale locally, that I could try and sell on if I didn't like it. Otherwise what I'm going to do is spend a fair amount of time getting to grips with what I can do with the miniDSP, so that down the line I can then get a sub or two to try with it (either a loan from a dealer or a purchase with an allowed return period). What I feel I don't want to do is to get a cheap sub that isn't very good and then end up ruling out the idea inappropriately. I'm in no rush to do any of this. Ultimately ending up with a cheaper sub for movies and not using it for music is another option, but I've seen enough people posting online about the benefits for music even with reasonably full-range floorstanding speakers that I want to at least investigate the idea. I did own a sub for a while years ago BTW, around 2003-2005 I think. The trouble is I was in a flat that meant I never really got to make proprer use of it. This was also in conjunction with my smaller AVI standmounts rather than my current Meadowlarks. Oh, and the ideas related to room correction or possibly even speaker response correction are still of interest even in the absence of a sub of course.
  9. best subs to use possible

    I'd probably disagree if I could make sense of that!
  10. I suspect I may be picking your brains on the subject at some time in the future if that's OK? Right now my initial idea of tentatively considering adding a sub to my systems has (interestingly) spiraled somewhat into a much larger project! I have a a whole house to decorate/furnish at the moment as well though so this will be a long/slow project for me, so don't hold your breath for any rapid progress.
  11. Vacuum cleaner

    I bought a Miele bagless vacuum about 4 months ago which seems solidly made but it's obviously early days to properly comment. The company does have a decent reputation though from what I could gather.
  12. Audiophile Carpet and Curtains?

    I did. Not however due to my desire to tidy a floor before taking a photo .
  13. Audiophile Carpet and Curtains?

    Yes my next TV will almost certainly be an OLED. I'm not going to rush to replace my current TV though as it is still pretty decent I think.
  14. Audiophile Carpet and Curtains?

    No problem; chat away . Absolutely. Here's an example for anyone unaware of some of the nonsense out there. It's a 5.36 m x 2.62 m lounge. I don't care how pretty the fireplace may be, from a functional point of view the room just fails as far as I'm concerned. I like cooking and so do appreciate a decent sized kitchen, but I'm with you on the sofas. Simply working out which options I might be able to physically get through the doors is one hurdle!
  15. Audiophile Carpet and Curtains?

    Due to cost and space I stuck to using a fairly small (20"?) 4:3 CRT until early 2011 so I probably missed the early low quality issues. The size jump to the 37" Samsung I bought was more than enough for me to feel like it was a serious upgrade anyway! It didn't though handle blu-ray properly, with slightly jerky scrolling (I forget the technical explanation). I currently have a Sony 50W829 which is by far the best TV I've ever owned. There's no way I'd personally go without a TV but I know they're not for everyone .