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  1. I think that the impact of knowing what you're listening too is relatively short lived and so much more significant for A/B type comparisons than for long term ownership, where we stop thinking about the hardware and just focus on the music. I never have chosen equipment based on unsighted listening comparisons but it would unquestionably be the best way to judge the purely audio performance as far as I'm concerned. A final decision would need to include other factors like aesthetics and functionality though.
  2. MartinC


    I'm looking forward to all the suddenly cheap American HiFi...
  3. The principle benefit of fitting plugs is that it's easier to disconnect and reconnect the cables. Very occasionally banana plugs can get stuck which gives a small advantage to spades on the practicality front I guess. My speaker cables have banana plugs on them.
  4. Others may have listened to different DACs than you...
  5. I believe Linn have that name lined up for a Klimax DSM upgrade...
  6. I know. As with many things, not everyone agrees with what is 'best' here.
  7. Whilst there is no common metric for these things I'd say they relate to the things that are measured like frequency response, transient response, distortion and noise floor. For example, speakers that have a slightly elevated treble level are likely to produce a more focused acoustic image. Once you get into off-axis performance you are firmly in the territory of room acoustic effects - if the room wasn't there the off-axis signal would never reach your ears!
  8. MartinC


    Ha! Sadly this is far from true .
  9. What data do you have that you'd want to transfer? How do you back up data you don't want to risk losing?
  10. I've not heard these to comment on quality myself but for info. two cheaper options would be a Chromecast Audio and a Teufel Connector. I think the Chromecast Audio would support Google Music if this is something you particularly want?
  11. It would be pointless to buy a more expensive DAC but still use Bluetooth, so a streamer that avoids this should definitely be the priority.
  12. How do you know or judge that a recording is 'very good'? I'd also make a distinction between a DAC accurately reproducing a recorded waveform (reproducing it with high fidelity) and the final outcome once particularly speakers and a room are factored in.
  13. To assess the accuracy of reproduction of the recording it has to be measurements. Any subjective view of how similar something may sound to a real event is inevitably dependent on a combination of the recording and the playback equipment. This was the distinction I was trying to make above.
  14. I think there is a distinction to be made between an individual component offering high fidelity and the goals of high fidelity reproduction of a live musical event. The recording is a critical component of the latter, whilst for me a high fidelity DAC would be one that accurately reproduced the recording. Edit: cross-posted with above. I was making a general comment on some of the discussion in this thread.
  15. Why must we? What is wrong with someone simply choosing components to produce a system that gives them the most listening pleasure?