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  1. In case this is important I'll just mention that the way the miniDSP has sockets split across two sides means it always looks a bit untidy with all the cables connected. Although it can be hidden away provided you don't want to be regularly using a remote to switch modes or sources.
  2. The minDSP 2x4 HD plus UMIK-1 and remote cost me about £300 all in, ordered direct from their website and including import fees. There may be better options now, I haven't checked. Room EQ Wizard is free, a microphone stand costs about £10 and USB cables cost a couple of quid. If you wanted an option with Dirac Live that would be more expensive, but for info. it is possible to retrospectively pay for the Dirac Live option to run on a 2x4 HD. I've no how idea how performance compares but I suspect in terms of setup you'd find Dirac Live much more like what you saw with the TACT unit. [Modern units will have rather more processing power than the old TACT units and so I'd have thought should be better...] Oh, and I believe it's possible to download a free version of Dirac Live to try out via a PC, but you'd need a microphone to do this.
  3. Out if interest, do you know what you heard demoed? One way to look at the 2x4 HD plus microphone option is that it's cheap enough that you wouldn't make a huge loss if you bought it, tried it, and then sold it on if you found it wasn't for you. That was partly my thinking when I bought mine actually.
  4. Bear in mind my main point re. measured performance was to avoid the cheaper non-HD model, with my thinking being that if their improved model is already a little behind what is easily achievable now (but not necessarily audibly so) then I'd be concerned that the older model might be a further step down in a way that does become significant. My other opinions were based on listening not measurements. [I've recently bought an SMSL SU-8 DAC and I've just started playing about with running either this or the 2x4 HD directly into my power amp, as well as via my pre-amp. I'll post about this properly in time.]
  5. Having a quick look at the manual it seems you have a couple of options to vary the output at the high and low frequency ends of the spectrum but not an output that would pass a band-limited signal on to your sub (which would have been handy if there was one). I don't know these speakers but FWIW I'm pretty sure my next speakers will be active.
  6. I have a miniDSP 2x4 HD, although I've used it just for speaker output correction and room mode management rather than as a crossover as you're considering. From my own use I'll mention that I don't think it's a slam-dunk that the features it offers are worth the trade-off vs using a better stand-alone DAC (without output 'correction' functionality). I'm still exploring options myself. Could you post a link to the Adam speakers you have? A quick Google wasn't conclusive, but I was wondering if they might give some extra functionality that the discussion so far might not be considering. How do you like the sound of what you have currently? If you did go down the miniDSP route I'd definitely go for the 2x4 HD not the older non-HD model. I say this because even the HD model lags a bit behind the performance of typical modern (but inexpensive) DACs so I'd be a bit worried about the performance of the older model. Bear in mind that to properly use either of them you would also need to buy a microphone, and I'd suggest a cheap microphone-stand too actually. It is possible to use a miniDSP unit fairly simply but I'll warn you it is very easy to find that the freedom creates its own headaches. There is no simple, 'correct' thing to do with it to give the 'best' sound. If you have an issue blending the crossover between your main speakers and sub then I do suspect it will work well for this, but on the other hand if you don't have a problem then you may well find it's not worth your money given you're own goals/expectations. I have zero experience with network streamers BTW.
  7. I've bought quite a few CDs form MusicMagpie without billing or delivery issues, usually browsing through things like their 2 for £2 lists. The condition can be pretty variable but being CDs they still play fine.
  8. Oh absolutely, I wasn't knocking BK. I just thought DIYing something to match an SVS 16 Ultra was a tad optimistic .
  9. I suspect this isn't realistic I'm afraid. I say this as I think a major component of the performance of subs like these is their bespoke drivers, that I'm very doubtful you could just go out and buy something equivalent to.
  10. MartinC

    CD Alive and Well?

    It is of course possible for a CD to be so scratched it affects playback but this should be incredibly rare. None of the CDs I've had from new have this problem, in over 20 years of buying them. Try not using CDs as drinks coasters...
  11. MartinC

    CD Alive and Well?

    I've not looked for data on this but I suspect overwhelmingly it is the advent of streaming services like Spotify and Deezer that are the principle reason for the decline of CD sales. And I can see why for the vast majority of people, with a fairly modest monthly fee giving access to most music they have an interest in, at a quality they're perfectly happy with.
  12. MartinC

    CD Alive and Well?

    You appear to be confusing CDs with vinyl .
  13. Bear in mind the turntable will be able to move around on top of the Stillpoints, which I'd have thought might be annoying? I had some of these years ago but I'll be honest I'm now rather sceptical about their effectiveness.
  14. MartinC

    SMSL SU-8 Dac (direct to power amp)

    Yeah. Chord DACs have an output close to 3V I believe. I think mine attenuate less than that but -20dB ones are available, or indeed could be fairly easily made as they're just potential dividers formed by two resistors (although care would need to be taken re. channel matching). I'm not sure if there are any potential downsides to their use re. audio quality though? If not these may actually be more useful than I'd previously thought.
  15. MartinC

    CD Alive and Well?

    Not blind tests I'm guessing, but still interesting. From measurements I've seen of other Chord DACs I'm sure the DAVE DAC will have exemplary jitter rejection, although any impact of electrical noise at the input is a slightly different question but my guess would be this shouldn't be an issue either.