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  1. No longer for sale - broke my collarbone, not in a position to pack it up for a while.
  2. Ha. About to add a red to my server full of greens - don't use it for music but expecting my video files to look so much better now.
  3. Cheap on Amazon too - £11 -
  4. Planning on losing the CD player entirely - too many CDs, too much vinyl, not enough room. Lose the CDs to the loft, with lossless rips on the server and I gain a huge amount of room. Sonos and a DAC looks nice and easy - and wife friendly, which is key.
  5. Morning all. Already running a NAS (HP Proliant) with a few terabytes of storage, running Windows Home Server (not the new one) as a media server for films/TV hardwired into a WDTV. In the process of moving house, so considering where to place the CD collection - and it occurred to me that I could just as well do without CDs next to my kit as I do with DVDs/bluray. Obvious thing appears to be to add the music to the NAS and stream that over the network - wireless or homeplugs. Would ideally be looking to control it all from an Android app - on a Nexus 7. SBT was the big thing last time I looked - but that appears to be end of life. Sonos appear to offer a simple solution - and with the added bonus of standalone units for other rooms. Where else should I be looking? Any other easy to use systems, with good front ends, that I'm missing?
  6. Speakers, CD, amp - 5 years. Deck and associated gubbins - 2 years. Fancy a different CD player, not sure why, but other than that happy enuff.
  7. Jones

    Sugden A21a.

    Appears to be one of the more popular amps on here... and I wouldn't think of changing mine.
  8. If it helpd, I might take the Quasar off you. Was wighing up the Whests (I've seen the pair you're talking about) but they may be too rich for my pocket.
  9. Another fan here. Ugly as hell - particularly in the cherry with the grills on - but a joy to listen to.
  10. notevenclose wrote: Dare I say that sounds like a pretty happy existence to me? Most currently 'trend-compliant' systems I hear would sound a lot better if turned down. Or preferably off. I'm sure it's saved me more than a few quid and a lot of hassle. Plus, it's been three years of just enjoying the music - something the perpetual box swappers/bandwagon jumpers might like to try sometime. There's a certain itch though - I've been tempted by picking up some LV to await my return a few times. The wife likes the look of Sonus Faber. And that Lavardin in the classifieds has me thinking too... Ultimately, I like what I have - I just want more of it!