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  1. I ddi a group test of DACs a while back and was quite surprised by the differences between them. As an aside, one was absolutely superb and the other four were varying degrees of dreadful! To be honest, the best DAC I've heard is the one built into my preamp.
  2. Indeed, and I have done. It was the “computer as a source” but I was singling out!
  3. Personally this sounds like the perfect recipe for audio boredom to me, but then I’m odd and love those black Liquorice Pizza things, so am probably best ignored...
  4. Nope, you're not on your own. I have found myself at work idly wondering how good a length of 34mm diameter armoured ROV umbilical would be as speaker cable. Even worse, when I'm engrossed in something I sometimes don't hear my name being called in the office but my colleagues have discovered that if they shout "turntable" at me, I always look up...
  5. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules and certainly the commonly trotted-out idea that newer units can play them but older ones can't is something of a misnomer. For exampl, i have an early 90s Yamaha CD player that cannot cope with CDRs at all, but I also used to have a 1983 Yamaha CD-1 and that played them with no problem.
  6. It does a bit, to be honest. Whilst I would agree with you that ultimate sonic performance is obviously not their raisin d’etre, you can’t really comment on how disappointing they might or might not sound if you haven’t heard them! I used mine as main speakers in the lounge for years and thoroughly enjoyed them. They’re still here, just doing rear channel duties now.
  7. Just curious - which particular aspect of their sound didn't you like when you heard them?
  8. OK, been thinking about this and I have a proposal: - If you should decide you will post it, I'll pay for postage and pints as above. - I'll poke round it and if it's repairable, I'll fix it. - If it does get fixed, I'll let you know and if you want it back for the cost of the repair plus return postage, it's yours again. Note, there'll be no labour charge, no callout fee, no VAT or anything like that - I'll charge the cost of components and that's it. And, no, I don't use rhodium-plated, unicorn glitter-wrapped, foo components in repairs! - If you decide you don't want it, then I'll hang onto it and enjoy it. Whaddya reckon?
  9. Meh - digital. It's just ones and zeros. All sounds the same...
  10. I'd hate to see it go to the tip and would happily give it a good home but i'm a fair way from North Wales, sadly. If no-one else wants it and you do change your mind about postage (which I'm more than happy to pay for, plus a bit extra to buy yourself a consoling pint!), let me know.
  11. Get yerself a pair of secondhand Cerwin Vegas with minimum 15” bass drivers. I guarantee you’ll never be bored again.
  12. Mine needed a crane for measurement...
  13. Valid point - you just use the app to set volume to maximum then use the preamp. This is what I do with my actives when using the balanced or unbalanced analogue inputs.
  14. Beobloke

    Second Systems

    My second and third systems are my 'reviewing' systems in the listening room - Michell Gyro SE, Naim CD player and amp and Mowgan Audio speakers. I also have a Cambridge Audio CD player, Yamaha amp and Usher speakers as a reference for budget reviews My fourth system is in the dining room - B&O BeoSound Core plus Beolab 6000s The components for my fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth systems are scattered between the listening room, loft and garage workshop...
  15. They were always quite forward sounding speakers, but I personally though the last generation of these models were the best. The 780 Argonauts were superb.