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  1. I'll be there in the usual spot -stalls 14 and 15 ; right next to Robin!
  2. Beobloke


    The design looks like it does for sound acoustic reasons, not just to cause controversy!
  3. LPs from Jamie XX, The Highwomen and Unloved, plus tickets to see Eric Clapton in Copenhagen in June. Oh, and a Teeny Tiny Turntable! -
  4. Yep, that’s them. I’ve genuinely never heard anything else like them although the BL90s get very, very close (and actually fit into my lounge, whereas the OSS is too tall!)
  5. I've heard a couple of the pairs of speakers on that list - I'm not naming names but I wasn't impressed! The best speakers I've ever heard remain the ADAM Audio OSS. Only one pair ever made, though, apparently and they are "kicking round the factory somewhere" last time I asked them!
  6. A bit more detail might not go amiss, too. Do you have £100 to spend on a KA-405/KT-413/KX-550 like that I recently sold, or are you wanting the full L-07D/L-07C/L-07M/L-02T setup?
  7. My last major upgrade was 18 months ago and it still astonishes me on an almost daily basis! As to the theory about better items making bad recordings sound worse, I think this goes through a definite cycle. Using turntables as an example (as I've played or two), I have found that a good budget deck makes most things sound fairly decent. Take this to the next level and everything sounds that little bit better and bad recordings are handled a bit better. Move up the next level and the good stuff gets really good but this is where the level of retrieval becomes such that the bad recordings start to sound a bit awful - compounded by the fact that the gap between them and the good recordings has effectively widened. However, if you can then afford to get to the real top of the tree, I have found that suddenly the bad recordings get more listenable once again, simply because the best arms and cartridges really can root out anything good lurking in the depths of the mess.
  8. Ring Winchester Hi-Fi (01962 859859) and ask to speak to Andy Blockley. He used to run a company called Uberphon who were the Phonosophie UK distributors and might be able to help, or still have a contact he can nudge for you.
  9. The items with two pin mains leads are Class II or Double insulated, which means they have a supplementary protective insulation layer inside them that stops any mains voltages from touching the case in the event of a fault. More details here: Edit: Rabski and I keep cross-posting. Great minds clearly think alike!
  10. Exactly, and precisely why I asked. It's an un-earthed metal enclosure that has no secondary insulation that would make it Class II. It's dangerous and would be illegal to offer for sale in the EU. If i were you I would unplug it immediately and stop using it until it is made safe.
  11. Eh? So it measured badly but sounded magnificent and better than digital? That seems very unlikely.
  12. I couldn't be a*sed to trawl through that full PS Audio Stellar DAC measurement thread - out of interest, what was their opinion of the sound when they listened to it?
  13. More importantly than any of this, the AS-2100 has power meters. The A21 doesn't. Case closed.
  14. Then they shouldn’t whine when they get caught and charged extra.