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    Nakamichi TX-1000
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    SME 309/MC Essence
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    Anatek MC1
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    Marantz CD-94
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    B&O BS9000
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  1. Beobloke

    FREE Bang & Olufsen Book of Hi-Fi

    Indeed. I really am that predictable!
  2. Beobloke

    15 inches

    My Sony PS-X9 has a 16” platter. I’ve been meaning to try and find a record to fill it for ages!
  3. Beobloke

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    I've reviewed most of the PMC twenty series, plus the Twenty5.24 and been incredibly impressed by them all. I have been using Twenty.24s as my reviewing speakers for the last six years and have recently made the change to Twenty5.24s, as I felt the difference was more than justified. My brother-in-law has also owned Twenty.21s, Twenty.23s and is now also using Twenty5.24s. Neither of us have 'smoked' anything during this time - in fact I never have!
  4. Beobloke

    a good unipivot alternative to hadcock288

    The Uniarm is no longer in production from Audio Origami. The Roksan Nima would be a good choice, as would the Consonance T88.
  5. Beobloke

    System for the ma-in-law

    What’s wrong with the Technics? Why not get it repaired/serviced as required?
  6. Beobloke

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    Who told you that? The Yamahas you mention are the modern version of the original Soavo 2s which were exceptional loudspeakers.
  7. Beobloke

    What van?

    You'll only get taken seriously in a Transit, or variant thereof!
  8. Beobloke

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    Few more updates on the Beobloke Yamaha collection - - An AV-M99 amplifier, T-M77 tuner, K-M77 cassette deck and CD-M77 CD player - these were the main components of Yamaha’s first midi system of the late 1980s. However, they’re certainly not compromised - all based on their larger units, all made in Japan and all very solidly constructed. The whole system sounds superb and the tuner in particular, is a bit of a gem. I just need to find an EQ-M77 graphic equaliser, P-M77 turntable and NS-99AV speakers to complete it! - A TC-800GL cassette deck. I’ve owned a few of these in the past but a Yamaha collector should really have one! One owner from new, in the loft for the last 15 years and on eBay for a B.I.N. of £1! It would have been rude not to, really...
  9. Beobloke

    You cannot be serious, can you?

    Personally, I found the onions getting wedged under the stylus to be a much bigger issue...
  10. Beobloke

    You cannot be serious, can you?

    The Sound Burger was popular in its day and is quite collectible now. It genuinely does turn in a decent performance!
  11. Beobloke

    Teledyne Acoustic Research

    Oh god, what have you lot started? I bought an AR RD-06 cassette deck last night...
  12. Beobloke

    You cannot be serious, can you?

    Some are a bit dodgy, but the Audio Technica Sound Burger and the Sony are fine turntables, even thought they look like toys. As to the Nakamichi TX-1000, it’s quite simply the best turntable I have ever heard..
  13. Beobloke

    To preamp or not

    Not at all, if you remember that a preamp should always be big enough to stand a turntable on! Mine is...
  14. Beobloke

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    Ignoring for a moment the tranmsission quality and the program material, I am still dubious over the alleged technological advantages of DAB. I still have a marginal DAB signal in my house, although FM is fine, and I was pondering the issues recently as my new car has been without a radio aerial for the last week. As a result FM was very patchy and hissy, and would drop out briefly on occasions, but it was just about listenable. However, DAB would have been completely silent in these conditions, in the same way that digital TV in our old house completely vanished if it rained, whereas the old analogue signal was always there, just a bit 'snowy'. DAB to me is not an example of technical progress and, as an engineer, this irritates me. The word "digital" is not a synonym for "better", but too many people automatically think it is.
  15. Beobloke

    To preamp or not

    You shouldn't be without a preamp, for the simple reason that this adds an extra box to your system which, as we all know, improves sound quality.