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  1. Not seen that review, just the one by Jason Kennedy in The Ear. *EDIT* Ah, thats for the previous RP10, not the new Planar 10. Turntables not long released, sure the reviews will trickle out over time. Thanks anyway. That review is here:
  2. Having now dem'd both,the Rega P10 is noticably better than the P8, a big step up. Bought the P10 with factory fitted Apheta 3 and very very happy with it. Better than my Gorbe, even with a SME V bolted on. It's a helluva record player.
  3. Hi,

    I came across your classified ad when searching for used SME arms for sale. Are you willing to sell it separately from the Gorbe (I have an Orbe myself)? If so, please let me know what price you're thinking and whether you would ship to the U.S.





    PS - I tried to send this as a message, but the website wouldn't let me.

    1. Gazjam


      Hi Andy,
      Afraid the arm (and deck) have been sold.

      Bought the new Rega P10, and it's very good.

  4. Thinking of picking up the new Planar 10 with Apheta 3 when funds are available, got a dem booked for Friday. Hearing it compared to the Planar 8, sharing the same new skeletal structure etc. Just as a heads up, anyone compared them both? Going from a (recently sold) Gorbe/SME V/Dynavector XX2 mk2, expecting quite a different sound! Thanks. Gaz.
  5. Would need to speak to the Designer about that, don't know myself. They bettered 7K Living Voice speakers at a bake off, properly spanked them. Wonderful sounding things, only selling as Ive discovered horns, and a pair that work magic with my 300B SET DHT power amp.
  6. Edingdale's still up for sale: Price reduction to £750 Collection from Near Glasgow preferred, UK delivery at buyers additional cost and risk. These are big heavy buggers, so collection preferred. Thanks.
  7. Dynavector XX2 Cartridge now sold. Price reduction on Deck and SME V arm, £3400 (Collection preferred but can insurance courier to UK for additional cost) The Arm is as close to "brand new" condition as a used arm could be: ZERO marks, dings or markings, and a new SME V retails for over five grand....For the arm alone. The V had one previous owner before me, bought from brand new, and traded in to the same dealer he bought it from, whom I picked it up from. This is the latest specification of the tonearm. The turntable: A1 condition, Exactly as a an Orbe bar the power supply. A reminder whats for Sale: Thanks.
  8. Had these about 5 years from new, these are the original Mk 1 versions purchased directly from Colin Topps, the designer. The These speakers were designed with the input of the DIY hifi guys over on the Audio Talk forum, very clever technical bunch over there and many of the guys there were involved in developing it. Has a ribbon tweeter with an L-Pad which lets you dial in the treble to suit your room. A rock solid, deep tight bass and room filling soundstage, the Eddingdales are very special sounding speakers. Cost me £1500 new, commercial for this sound quality you'd be looking at a genuine 8K. Compared to that level of Living Voice speakers...these were better. This pair have the updated Crossovers with larger inductors, a noticeable step up from the stock original crossovers. In cherry finish, they sit on black spiked plinths. In great condition, much loved and well looked after. Some very minor small cracks in the the veneer from the wood settling over time, can't really be seen and actually add character to the wood! Annoyingly, which just happened when I was moving the Eddie's out the listening room, theres a tiny ding in the veneer at the rear top Lhs corner. Again, cant really be seen unless your looking for it...and its at the top back corner of the speaker so can't be seen. Big Beasties... But easier to accommodate than their size might imply though. Front ported, so can be used hard up against the wall with no issue. DIMENSIONS 240mm Wide 430mm Deep 1130mm High These are very big, heavy speakers so a nightmare to ship, so collection preferred from Near Glasgow. I'm looking for £850 for these, collection only. Thanks.
  9. "Near" mint...hmnn. Shame, but that's kaiboshed the deal.. Honestly, no idea Chris. Guess people just aren't buying at the moment, Brexit 'n stuff perhaps.