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  1. . As above. Wonderful sounding cable, 2.1m length. Not being used and spare, so up for sale. For info, this is a £250 /Mtr. Speaker cable. And for reference similar on EBay. 2.5m listing on EBay for £1300 Just the biwire links, same cable, going for £200. Not looking to make money on this, unused and lying in a drawer so Selling for £220 plus delivery Thanks.. ☺️
  2. Whats the black platforms your kit is sitting on?
  3. Thanks Guys Heard a standalone Rotel RB970 power amp, sounded very good. Much of animprovement in mono bridged mode ya think?
  4. Looking for any suggestions for the above, say...under £500. System gets occasional use, no not mega critical, but something nice sounding preferred. Preferably able to play nice with a Densen DM20 preamp and Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders. Source is Ki Sig CD player and SB Touch on streaming duties. Thanks.
  5. Ah... I was logged into my YouTube account so I had access to it! Logged out and its been blocked. Oh well, thanks for letting me know. Basically me playing tunes on the system.
  6. Thank you Sir! It does indeed, low box count, Roon Endpoint and superb sound.
  7. Hi Joolz Guess I'd characterise it as not having the stereotype "all about the midrange" sound that SET amps can have, with soft high's and wooly bass? Whether its down to the solid state regulation, Nick's design or the quality of the AE Iron (All of the above probably) the bass is as grunty and tight as I've heard any solid state amp have, the top end very focused and explicit. As Nick put it, you want your amp not be be just good with "girl with a guitar" music, but with everything. Nicks a big Ozric fan, plays that just fine,. Not moving on to any other amp actually, just a change in direction in my system.
  8. Hi Don't have the original box, but will of course be packed well and double boxed for insured delivery. Have original backlit remote and instruction manual.
  9. A unique bespoke Directly heated, Single Ended Triode 300B power amp, designed and built by Nick Gorham. £1750 Collection preferred from near Glasgow (Price is as seen, including valves) Meet within 150 miles for petrol cost, or insured Courier at buyers risk. Not your typical 300B SET power amp, designed and built by Nick Gorham of Longdog Audio. Nick knows a thing or two about valve amp design, it's the best 300B valve amp I've been fortunate to hear, never mind own. The amp is interesting in that its almost a "hybrid", in that its a directly heated triode amp, but has solid state regulation. Particular attention and some very clever design work has been paid to this, I've heard from a few people its voltage regulation is said to be "better than commercial". This, along with Nick's design and build, the high quality Iron and components means it doesn't sound like what you'd expect a 300B amp to sound like. Ok Some specific Info: Owned since late 2015, valves changed every 12-14 months, recently serviced by Nick and all A-ok. Amp in excellent cosmetic condition, no chips or scratches in woodwork or metalwork 8 and 4 ohm speaker taps VALVES Shown with currently fitted and supplied valves as part of sale POWER: Matched pair PSvane 1:1 Western Electric replica 300B DRIVER: TungSol NOS 5678 black plates Driver valves replaced about 6 months ago 300Bs a bit older, light use for just under a year, mixed these and a set of Electro Harmonix Gold Grid for movies, casual listening. All valves within good performance envelope...think Western Electrics and how long they last. When I got the amp it was supplied with Electro Harmonix 300Bs, even with those it was great out the box. The PSvane 300Bs were £850 a pair on their own. TRANSFORMERS Hand wound AE transformers - BOM cost over £600 just for these (A SET amp needs good heavy iron) OUTPUT Between 5 -9 watts depending on how its measured, so efficient speakers required. Worked really well with my Edingdale speakers at 94dB. This is an extremely heavy amp given the massive transformers, so collection preferred from near Glasgow. Can meet in car up to 150 miles for petrol cost...or Courier it out at buyers cost/risk. Valves will be packed up tight and the amp will of course be double boxed and securely packed. I'm looking for for £1750 A month ago I'd have been surprised to see ever myself selling this. As good and amp as I'd ever need, only selling as going forward I'm simplifying my systems and moving on from valves. This is a very special sounding amp, I've really enjoyed my time with it, and valves in general. Just looking for the simpler stuff nowadays so I hope to find a good home for this. Thanks.