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  1. Looking to improve i2s connection between my modded Oppo and PS Audio Directstream dac. Thanks.
  2. Gazjam

    OPPO Owners Thread

    Hadn't realised there was an Oppo owners room here in the Wam, cool. I've a 203 which I've substantially modded, getting to the final stages now with a femto clock upgrade board on its way. Significant jump in quality across the board over stock, I've done almost all of the "Signature" mods you pay a fortune for, happy to have done them myself and saved money for more music! Posted a progress thread it elsewhere online, thought I'd share it here maybe inspire someone else to hot rod their Oppo. This thing has so much untapped potential, there's a reason PS Audio, MSB and otheres use the Oppo bits in their high end transports. All the mods made noticable improvements, to both audio and video. Tthe biggest I think was fitting a linear PSU and an i2s output board, which lets me output SACD dsd into the i2s input of my Dac. All sorts of goodies added, have a rummage in the thread. OPPO 203 Modding Thread
  3. Gazjam

    Which 300b?

    The EH's are the best of the budget 300Bs, good choice! My SET power amp came with these supplied, and I enjoyed them very much till I upgraded to better (more expensive) valves. Had the Elrogs but reliability wasn't there still, so went for KRs. Not missing anything from the Elrogs in my opinion.
  4. Gazjam

    The best TV so far for PQ

    Sony's A1e OLED when calibrated cant be far away from reference level I'd have thought...
  5. Recently took the helm of a 4k TV, a Sony 65A1e OLED as well as an Oppo 203 4K Bluray player. Coming from a 5Yr old 60" Samsung plasma and the difference between that and the big Sony is night and day. Everything is fed through my Oppo 203'd HDMI input and is upscaled to 4K into the telly. Native 4K from Netflix and Discs draws you into the picture, but it's HDR and the contrast you get from OLED that's the killer. Pretty terrific really, a bit salty but the quality is up there on the screen to see.
  6. Gazjam

    Have DACs really improved?

    Then there's folk that have both and can enjoy either.
  7. Gazjam

    Have DACs really improved?

    My take on it.... First Dac I heard was an Audio Alchemy DDE 2.0 which was ok, but a bit digital sounding, actually out me off the idea of running one in my system. Stuck with CD players after that until,I thought Id give a Beresford Dac a go, fed from my Cambridge Audio 640 cd player. Pretty good, improved the sound and I could plug my sky box through it Did several internal mods on it which made it even better, but time moved on and I wanted something better. At that time had a Rega Brio R amp, so went for the matching Rega Dac. Very different sound to Beresford, subjectivly ‘better’ in that its easy to listen to analogue-ish sound took me further away from my early memory of the DDE being quite screechy and sharp. *Does the initial impression maybe shapes your choices going forward? * So the Rega was good, but over time it got a bit ‘Pipe and Slippers’ for me, and given that I’d changed amps I wanted something better. Read in this very Parish about a big Dac bake-off where the M2Tech Young came out near top of a list of Dacs. One came up for sale with a linear power supply so bought it. YES! This is what Ive been looking for. Any Dac change up to this point had been more of a change in flavour than an obvious step up in quality? The Young was at a different level though. Still use it in the Office system with my Transporter and it sounds great. LESSON LEARNED. At a similar price point, dacs can have different flavours, but generally be similarish enough not to need to box swap and expect a jump in quality. More recently, my tastes have changed and its less about the kit and more on the music. Ive sidegraded my kit for years and realised that for all the money spent, has my system REALLY advanced that much? So I set about putting in place my ‘final’ setup, stick a fork in it and call it done. Back to Dacs: Given the lessons learned with moving through different Dacs, I needed something that was different and better enough than the Young that I wouldnt have that uograde itch, forget about it and enjoy the music. Found it. PS Audio Directstream Dac. Does the digital thing in a completely different way to other dacs. (The tech used is on their website) Dacs HAVE got better over time, course they have. Technology and digital techniques advance and things move on. For instance a FPGA based dac’s sound can be changed in firmware and your not stuck with a particular chipset, how cool is THAT? In my own case, PS Audio are constantly developing the dacs firmware and offer upgrades for free. Hires, DSD, MQA...ticks all the digital boxes. Guess my Dac journey has been one of incremental steps until I realised Dacs ARE much of a muchness...unless you think bigger. Happy to have found my stepping off point Dec wise, and happy that (ironically) its actually NOT, as the Dac can and will be upgraded for free.
  8. Gazjam

    Densen amps : what do you think ?

    New Wam looks good, not looked in for a while. Run one of Densen's well regarded 'classic' pre-amps, the DM20. Sent it over to Densen HQ in Denmark for a complete recapping, new transformers etc. Got the knobs gold replated so basically close to a 'new' amp. Took a while to bed in, with some time on it it sounds great, open wide dynamic and realistic sound that latches on to a songs groove and pulls you in. Ran it with a few different power amps, big Japanese solid state, chip amps and tubes, the Densen showed the different amps for what they brought to the table. Currently using a 300B SET valve power amp with it, best amp combo I've owned. Short of a lottery win I aint letting the Densen go.
  9. Gazjam


    Went this exact route mate, Technoarm on my GOrbe deck replaced by a minty V and everything was just more rock solid in comparison. Bigger soundstage, everything just felt more planted. Could tell I was hearing more of what the turntable was capable of. I paid £1760 for mine, but was almost new, fully boxed with all tools etc.
  10. Gazjam

    SALE Micromega T-DAC (2 available)

    Vinyl, You have PM Re: Unit 378
  11. Gazjam

    SME V vs Audionote Arm 1

    SME V owner here, have one on my GOrbe deck with DV XX2 mk2. Came from a J7 rewired Tech oarm and have to say sometimes the music can be a bit dark sounding, especially compared to the digital. Im considering sending the V to J7 to rewire it with Ikeda internally and one of his silver plated copper external cables. Mechanically the V is like a Leica camera, but Ive heard from sources I trust that the VDH wiring Holds it back. Rewire the V and let its potential loose?
  12. Gazjam

    UK distributor for Elrog 300B valves?

    For 211's the Psvanes are the solid bet at more down to earth prices. Steve Hoffman (yup, that one) uses the Elrogs in his 211 amp, but recommends the Psvanes as a second option.
  13. Gazjam

    Recommendations Digital I/C RCA-RCA

    They DO sound different...:) Tried a barrow full looking for the best connection between my Logitech Transporter and Dac. Top 2 2 Oyaide silver 1 Black Cat Silverstar 75 (with bnc adapters) by a mile until I discovered XLRs.
  14. Gazjam

    UK distributor for Elrog 300B valves?

    Aye, bit of an investment, had to scrimp elsewhere to get em..Toast n beans for a few Months! Have to say sound wise they are a different planet from the EH Golds. Really transformed the sound of the amp, which has a pretty special DHT heater supply and I think its bringing out the qualities of the valves.
  15. Gazjam

    UK distributor for Elrog 300B valves?

    Fair do's...