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  1. 2011 update: System One (HiFi) Source CD Player: Naim CDI Music Streamer: Logitech Squeezebox Touch DAC: Beresford Caiman Plus Gatorized Amplifiers Pre Amp: Exposure XVII Power Amp 1: Exposure XVIII (Bi-Amped controlling the Treble) Power Amp 2: Exposure XVIII (Bi-Amped controlling the Midrange & Bass) Loudspeakers Main Speakers: Epos ES-14 Headphones Ear Speakers: Grado SR-125 Cables CD Player to Pre Amp: Chord Calypso Squeezebox to Pre Amp: Chord Chrysalis Pre Amp to Power Amp 1: Cable Talk Reference (RCA) Pre Amp to Power Amp 2: Cable Talk Broadcast (XLR) Power Amp to Speakers: Cable Talk Talk III (4mm Banana Plugs) CD Player IC Merlin Funnel Web 6 Way Power Block: TCI Constrictor Equipment Stand 5 Tier HiFi Stand: Alphason (Not sure of model) System Two (Home Cinema) Source Home Theatre Amp: Yamaha RX-V800RDS DVD Player: Denon DVD-2910 DVD Recorder: Pioneer DVR-433H Video Streamer: Apple TV2 Digital Television: Sky HD Games Console 1: Xbox 360 Games Console 2: Nintendo Wii Visual Television: Fujitsu P42XHA58 (42” Plasma) Loudspeakers Speaker Package: Kef Home Theatre 3000 Series Cables DVD Player to TV: Wire World Island 52 (HDMI) DVD Recorder to TV: Bespoke Component Cable Sky to TV: Sky Cable Apple TV2 to TV: HDMIKing- Imperial Series 4.5M Games Console 1 to TV: HDMIKing- Imperial Series 4.5M Games Console 2 to TV: Standard Composite Nintendo Wii Cable DVD Player to Amp: Fisual Digital Optical Toslink Cable DVD Recorder to Amp: Fisual Digital Optical Toslink Cable Apple TV2 to Amp: Fisual Digital Optical Toslink Cable Sky to Amp: Fisual Digital Optical Toslink Cable Games Console 1 to Amp: Fisual Digital Optical Toslink Cable Games Console 2 to Amp: Standard Phono (RCA) Nintendo Wii Cables Amp to Speaker Package: QED Silver Micro (Bare Wire) Subwoofer IC: Merlin Tarantula (Figure 8) Equipment Stand 2 Tier Stand: IKEA Lack System Three (Office) Source Computer: Apple 20” iMac, 2 GHz PowerPC G5 Loudspeakers Component Speakers: Harman Kardon - Soundsticks II System Four (Bedroom) Source Music Streamer: Logitech Squeezebox Classic Amplifiers Headphone Amp: Rega Ear Ear Speakers Headphones: Sennheiser PX100 II Cables Squeezebox to Headphone Amp: Chord Chrysalis Others Turntable: Linn Sondek, SME Series III, Ortofon 530. Mini Disc Walkman: Sony MZ-R91 CD Walkman: Sony D-E401 Portable Music Player: Apple iPod Photo (20GB) Portable Music Player: Apple iPod Nano (8GB) In-Ear Headphones: Sennheiser MX 500 Open-Back Headphones: Sennheiser PX100 Cassette Deck: Technics RS-BX404 (Currently Unused) Power Supply: Naim Hi-Cap (Currently Unused) Speaker Cable: Naim NA 5 (Not Terminated) Speaker Cable: Bronze Special Edition Interconnect: Tech+Link (3mm-RCA) x 2 Interconnect: Chord Codac1 Silver Plus Interconnect: Chord Silver Siren (DIN-RCA) Games Console: Sony Playstation 2
  2. Freefallrob, I love your retro system. I used to have a pair or Whafedale Diamond II many moons ago and I loved there overall sound, I used to have them connected to an Audiolab 8000a and Marantz CD player so not massively different Paul.
  3. My kittens Amber and Arthur just love their Hifi
  4. Current Systems: TV System Hifi System Hifi Speakers - Sorry about the feet Paul.
  5. LOL Ian !!!!! ... Never thought of it like that LOL !!!
  6. Here here SSM, Thanks for your comments Dave, however, I would argue that I am deluded. All I am looking for is for everyone to have a certain level of free speech within my forum. I say certain level cause we obviously won't want vulgar language etc. If you get a chance, please pop in. You are more than welcome to disappear again, but I recon you'd be the perfect sort of person to liven up the talk. Paul.
  7. Thanks for your comments SSM, I noticed that you had joined and I agree it is great to get Ashley James onboard so soon. He seems to have some great ideas and obviously has some influence. Dave, I take it you won't be joining by your comments, shame that, I think you might enjoy the diversity. Maybe pop along sometime if you get a chance. Paul.
  8. All, I have finally managed to get the forum back up and running. Unfortunatly my vendor had problems with backups so I have had to completely recreate the forum from scratch. Please feel free to pop over and say hi. Regards Paul.
  9. Ok so my forum is still down which is very frustrating. The guy who looks after the forum for me was away on holiday last week so I hope to get it sorted sooner rather than later ! Watch this space ....
  10. SSM, I didn't particularily see eye to eye with the administrators on the forum and and got banned because I added a link to my forum on their website. Mr Creek said that it is company/forum procedure to ban anyone for doing that !!! Paul.
  11. Hi SSM, There does appear to be a problem with my forum at the moment. I hope to have it sorted out as soon as possible so should be back on line early next week, sorry if it confused you, I don't have any intention of ditching the forum for the foreseeable future. Reference the banned members comment at the beginning of this post, I can guarantee that I have not been banned from any of the independent forums. I do admit to being banned from the Epos forum, but that wasn't much of a loss really . Paul.
  12. I suppose that is true Dave, however, my father joined the forum as he is also a fan of Hifi and wanted to have a look and maybe contribute... I guess that isn't so bad.. Paul.
  13. Na Gaul, That is my father ! Hopefully the forum will pick up, just it hasbeen very slow for the past week or so. P.
  14. Ok all, My forum appears to have gone very quiet ... not that it was exactly busy before. If you feel like helping a fellow Hifi enthusiast out, please feel free to pop along ! Oh and I think we have sorted out the speed issues now. Paul. P.S. Yes I know I sound desperate, but I suppose I am really
  15. A question for all of those electronic gurus. How come when you have speakers with Bi-Wire connections using Bi-Wire cables makes all of the difference ? An example: You have 4 connections on the back of your amp, 2 red, 2 black and on each speaker you have 4 connections, 2 red, 2 black. If you use 2 sets of cables with 1 black and 1 red on either end and connect both cables at one end together to enable connection to the above amp and then leave the other 2 cables free to connect to the speakers. A mate of mine and I tried this on his new speakers and it made such a difference over using single wired cables going into the speakers with spliters on speaker. Difference in the sound: Large soundstage, sweeter treble, no muffling, tighter bass, cleaner sound. Any help to understand this one would be appreciated as I am a little lost Thanks Paul.