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  1. I missed the last couple of shows so it was great to get back into it. Big thanks to everyone who took the time to exhibit their gear, hats off and thanks to you all. Some highlights for me were: Room 121 - eddie-baby, what a marvelous little system, I honestly didn't know who'd won the suitcase challenge but I thought it must have been this one, it sounded absolutely great. I'm probably biased though being a Proac owner. Room 19 - Wizmax/Speedracer - I'd never heard BBC type speakers other than Harbeths, those Rogers LS5/9 made me re-think about the BBC sound. Not my favourite speakers of the day but probably very well suited to my room, I'll certainly have another listen when it's time to change. Room 117 - Maverick/Aejoker - read a lot about the Boenicke W8's but still wasn't prepared for the big sound they produced, one of the only rooms we visited twice. Room 101 - Audioflyer - the other room we visited twice, I could have sat in this room for hours. Real synergy going on here, great deck into Class A amplification feeding a 12' Woofer. The music just washed over you, not forced, not laid back, just spot on. I don't know Audioflyer's real name but he was a real gent too, thank you. I don't frequent the Wam much now but I'd just like to ask all members to support the show, it's unique and the high point in the year for this hobby of ours. Cheers BB
  2. Please let it be anyone but Kate Tempest, the lyrics/words are very clever, I just can't stand the delivery. Haven't heard all of them yet but nothing stands out for me so far. Cheers BB
  3. Have you tried them with the bass drivers facing inwards? I've read a couple of reviews, one preferred the bass facing inwards and the other facing outwards. Both review said the needed space around them, is this your finding too. Congrats by the way, lovely looking things. Cheers BB
  4. I think we can safely say many people have 'moved on'. Cheers BB
  5. Hi Monya, just goes to show the state of this forum that after 5 days nobody has replied yet you are still on the front page. Apparently the new 'Regulars' enjoy the level of 'banter' as it is now, Lets face it, the 'Wam' forum is now just a side line to the rest of the Commercial activity. No doubt there will be the usual 'naysayers' proclaiming how much better the new 'Wam' is but lets face it nothing comes close to the Halcyon days when the 'Wam' could be quite brutal and Hi-Fi was very nearly, almost the bastard inbred cousin of 'Sexy', in a very wrong kind of way. Who didn't enjoy logging on in those days? Cheers BB
  6. We lost one about 2 years ago, full of work kit in the back too. Gang was convicted last year, they had stolen over 40 IIRC. We have additional security measures now., Cheers BB
  7. We have 2 Ford Transits, bought with around 80K or 90K on them. One of them has had a couple of problems, probably spent about £2500 on top of regular servicing but otherwise have been trouble free for 2 years (now both 120K on them). One was ex AA so I assume it had been looked after. They are more reliable than the 2 Renault Trafics they replaced. We had the Trafics from new but once over 70K they had litany of problems. Sounds like your Peugeot is okay, I'd keep it going until something serious comes up. Cheers BB
  8. Moving from Epos M5 to Proac Studio 150 and then going back to the 150's after swapping them out for a while with some Studio 110's. Even Mrs BB, who has no interest in Hi-Fi, said we had a lucky escape when the other party decided not to make the swap for the 110's for the 150's permanent. Cheers BB
  9. IMHO, his best is Coles Corner, which The Ocean comes from, it's his 4th album, the first with his current label. It was pipped to the Mercury Prize by The Arctic Monkey's, their lead singer opened his acceptance speech with "Quick, call the Police, Richard Hawley's just been robbed". True Loves Gutter is another favourite of mine. Standing At The Skies Edge is a bit heavier, I really like it but I know some fans aren't so keen. All his albums have some great tracks on them. I've seen him live four times, he's a great live performer, backed by a decent band too. Cheers BB
  10. If I had to pick my 1 Desert Island track it would be this: Cheers BB