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  1. Skye Edwards (Morcheeba) now solo Doris Day and a second vote for Billie Holiday quite possibly the best ever female vocalist imo
  2. A hugely biased opinion from a boxster driver but I would go for the porker if you can stretch to it. They are so good to drive, steering, stopping, handling, gearchange, driving postion,feelgood is awsome. you can drive it at nissan micra speeds down the lanes and it will burble along nicely and when the opporunity arises it will transform into a serious driving tool. Engine is really flexible, mine will pull from 35mph in 6th with no problems whatsoever, or you can keep it above 4000rpm and you will grin all day long. I've got a lot of respect for hondas but I've driven a few cars (new 335 coupe recently) and yes the 335 is quicker in a straight line but the driving position, gear change and build quality are nowhere near the same. Worth a test drive at the very least.
  3. some might think it's cheesy but 'don't cry daddy' elvis presley gets me every time.
  4. We've got a re-incarnated FOPP in Cheltenham which knocks everything out for a fiver or less, so it has become my second home at the weekend for a good mooch. A couple of months ago a came out with a handfull of cd's for 20 quid and had picked up a Terry Callier Album called 'Collected'. I didn't get round to listeneing to it for a while but I now cannot stop playing the thing. Anyone else got any of his stuff? Truely stupendous!
  5. I'm seeing £1.27 for diesel at most pumps round these parts now. Just out of curiosity anyone worked out how much of the price rise is duty. Prices seemed to hover around £0.95 a litre for some time and then once it broke through the £1.00 barrier it rocketed. And what has the government done with the extra revenue?
  6. timh wrote: I've had a few cheap iems and they are all pants where comfort is concerned. Buy any Shures and you will not be disapointed with fit and comfort. Worth a scout on ebay as they tend to be cheaper.
  7. The 510 has built in IS, would I be able to get a demo on a lense at a camera shop? I'm not sure what crop factor is (Still learning) but the 4 thirds gives it a 1:2 ratio vs standard 35mm which would make it a 1000mm. I'm not sure whether or not I'll need something which will magnify that high, it might just be a case of willy waving. Either that or I just want to take some topless shots of celebs on holiday:D
  8. The bose headphones both you guys mention are ON the ear noise cancelling types, I got the in ear type which are open backed and shite. I have a bose soundock and am very pleased with the performance for what it is and I also have some bose PC speakers which are very good, that's why I was suprised about the iems as I generally like their stuff. edit I have just remembered what the sound of the bose iems reminded me of, the teacher from Charlie Brown, totally inaudible.
  9. Anyone got a big telephoto lens? We have got loads of birds in our garden (At least 10 breeds in residence nesting in our hedges) but I can't really get close enough for some decent shots. Since getting my olympus e510 (really pleased with it) I've really got back into photgraphy and usually take my camera out when I walk the dogs. I have had my eye on one of these, Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 EX DG HSM. Just wondered if anyone had an alternative suggestion before i take the plunge.
  10. I've had a few pairs of iems, first some etymotic er4p's, nice detail, a bit bass light (I listen to music in bed and lie on my side and the ety's would dig right into my ear canal) Missus sucked 'em up the hoover:( Second some shure e5c's, they were the muts very well balanced awesome but not overpowering bass. Ibroke them accidentally(there's and ongoing theme here!) An interim I had some Bose iem's. Total dogshit, they are open back so the missus could hear them and the bass was so overblown and woolly I had to use the equalizer on my ipod to reduce the bass frequency. I sent them back after a day. My last pair I had custom moulded (I know an audiologist who did me a pair for cost)Soundwise they're between the ety's and the shures but isolation is amazing. If I have my ipod on outside, it's like someone has muted the world and put the loudest biggest, fuck off hifi on:rockin:. I always listen to the ipod when mowing and strimming (Both petrol and noisy as fook) all I can hear is a slight background noise and the strimmer output's 95db's. The custom moulded were by ACS (Advanced Communication Solutions) and they have a few different options available ( If you are not bothered by ear intrusions go for the iems but I would only recommend them from etymotic, shure or the custom fits, they are by far the best for fit, comfort and sound isolation.
  11. F**k Gas guzzlers, we had to pay an extra 150 quid to fill up our oil tank (No Gas round these parts). Luckily for us my wife's car is fueled through her business and i have a works van and a fuel card so we have minimal fuel bills in terms of our personal mileage but it still makes me sweat when I fill up the wife's car (Takes super unleaded) and it costs 70 notes:shock:. I only paid 4 times that for my first car!
  13. Delia Smith, talking complete random bollix. the woman needs putting down!
  14. Sorry system seems to be having a stroke triple post.