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  1. Heh heh. What a season from Craig. 80th overall, simply insane! Blew the rest of us into the weeds! Nice one mate. 😎
  2. The 975 remains the player I would most love to own. Rarer than rocking horse doo doo though. Ive got my 965 stored for a rainy day though (along with a spare CDM4/19 mech.)
  3. Mislabelled slightly, its the Stereo 8 remix
  4. We buy most of those things, although some not very often (salt and sugar) and some in different types (Lacto free milk). Eggs we use in frittatas and all sorts of cooking. Potatoes we make all sorts with again, in curries, sometimes baked, often make healthy wedges as alternative, but again also use sweet potatoes a lot. Butter we get occasionally, my other half prefers the convenience of spread, but i prefer something that isn't grey and then coloured yellow. Bread we still get every week, but dont have every day (we get through a fair bit of gram flour though - i often make flatbreads using that, very tasty)
  5. Yes I do see a future in Bitcoin/Crypto Currency/Blockchain. To put it bluntly, we have seen that when the internet comes for your business the internet wins. The banks don't really seem to get this yet. Its still in its infancy, but it is here and it will change things.
  6. Lewis has my utmost respect for that. I wasn't his biggest fan in the the early days, but being a man of your word is important. Hopefully Bottas will appreciate/remember it.
  7. Don't know if this will be run again this year, but the game is now live again, plenty of time to tinker with squads before season starts.
  8. hifikrazy


    I bought a GMT back in April, returned it as it was simply too bulky on me (6'2" with just over 7" wrist), seemed to wear big unfortunately (weirdly possibly my favourite watch, my Seiko SNZH55 mod is only 1mm smaller but is totally fine). 38mm would be too small possibly, but to be honest i wasn't that impressed for the money. No doubt they're good watches though.
  9. I had some Keilidhs years ago, never found them lacking bass (to me they went down quite a long way, but lacked a bit of oomph and weight in the upper bass), but i did find them too bright (think there's an option on the crossover to attenuate the treble output by something like 1db from memory, but i was very sensitive to that when i was younger). Overall nice speakers
  10. Im in. Wouldn't miss a chance to wreak my rewenge! Good luck all.
  11. Neat glyphosate should work on bamboo, but you have to break it off and pour it into the stem near the ground and then seal off the top. We had our lawn at our previous place completely invaded by the stuff, was pulling up 20ft runners. Running bamboo should never be planted outside of a pot.