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  1. Whilst out and about doing my job,im a recovery driver for a car repair Garage,was sent to a customer's house in Watford,didnt think too much Of it when i saw the clients name,knocked on the door and instantly i Recognised him,he said to say hello to all of you that may remember Him,his username was jasper (Paul Gain)small world!
  2. Looking for a cherished example of either,if anyone has one can they pm Me,or post up on here please,sensible prices please. Thanks John
  3. The amp looks great David, but the speakers....... The wife would kill me:-)
  4. I'm still seriously considering your classik nick, just hoping that eBay behaves itself:-)
  5. I took my inspiration from your collection Danny:-)
  6. But I am now looking to rekindle my passion for music, I don't currently have anything, so am having to start From scratch,I need the 3 basic ingredients I guess,CD Player,amp and speakers, now the important bit,money Don't have huge resources tbh,probably looking at spending No more than £1500,a lot less would be great,so if it were You in my situation what would you do. Thanks.
  7. Shame you are in Taiwan Geoff
  8. As title really,must be in excellent condition Thanks.
  9. as above i have 2 brand new Hankook tyres surplus to my requirements, £60.00 collected from stevenage,these generally retail for around £40 each+ del.
  10. oi thats way more than 10 my friend...thanks anyway.
  11. some great suggestions there,keep em coming fellas
  12. or 5 if you cant be bothered to list 10. preference is female singer songwriters,soft rock that kinda thing. cheers.
  13. excellent news phil,bess is a lovely dog.