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  1. Q Acoustic 3020 Speakers - £120.00 Mint condition in original packaging Collection from London SE13 preferred
  2. Nad C316BEE Amp. (Mk1 without phono stage) - £140.00 Immaculate condition, original packaging. Collection from London SE13 preferred.
  3. Pro-ject 1 Xpression Turntable c/w Ortofon 510E cartridge - £150.00 Good working order, carbon arm, about 10 years old but only lightly used. Good cosmetic condition , the dust cover has has surface commensurate with age but is not cracked or anything. I have manual and accessories but not the original box hence would prefer pick up from London SE13 or local delivery possible (just ask).
  4. PeteVid

    I am a nad fan, what is your addiction?

    I too use a Nad 316BEE with P3ESRs
  5. PeteVid


    I heard a pair at in the Devialet showroom in Canary Wharf just before Christmas, wasn't impressed by them at all , but that could have been due to the acoustics in the shop. Also the shop assistants weren't very knowledgeable.
  6. PeteVid

    Another affordable streamer!

    I wonder how many of those they have to sell to make about 91k profit?
  7. PeteVid

    When did this illness box swapping start for you?

    Started in 1977, upgrading my Garrard SP25 to a Pioneer PL12D and my Amstrad amp to a Rotel RA212. Now after 40 years of box swapping numerous budget Rotel, Sony, Linn, Nad, Castle, Mission, Kef, Proac, Rogers boxes I've come to the point where I think a Denon DM40 and a pair of QAcoustics 3010s are now so good they're all you need. Hope I stay this way. Enjoy the music!
  8. PeteVid

    NME news, front page,

    The Hyman Archive will have a copy if it exists.
  9. I can recommend this, lovely piece of kit. Three hundred quid or thereabouts, don't let the word receiver put you off, it's basically a networkable stereo amp with 4 digital inputs, USB etc. I think Yamaha amps are under rated like HK were for a time.
  10. PeteVid

    SONY STRDH550 for music?

    I have the Sansui badged version of this amp the Sansui SAP201v (for sale at £90 incidentally) , great amp but have replaced it with the Yamaha R-N500 network receiver , another viable option. Sansui Yamaha
  11. PeteVid

    What do you find makes the most difference?

    The speakers and how the room interacts with them.
  12. PeteVid

    [Technical] A nice visualisation of Fourier Series

    Brilliant Did Fourier series in my electronics degree but never really understood them, if I had this visualisation then it would have really helped.
  13. Just a heads up, coming soon on Radio 4 I wonder if he'll mention the show HiFi Pie Show, enough tweets to him and he might.
  14. PeteVid

    Bye bye BBC...

    Couldn't agree more, well said.
  15. PeteVid

    Parents pension question

    I think if she has a local government employee pension ie a public sector pension , she may not have the option to take a lump sum. The rule change where you can applies to private pensions and some company pension schemes. Delaying ie keeping the pot as large as possible usually means larger pay outs when the pension is eventually accessed. Get her to check if it's a finally salary pension as public sector pensions sometimes are, these are the best pensions you can get.