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  1. And on the exhibitors list no mention of Nad, Yamaha or Q Acoustics? Basically my hifi.
  2. If Harbeth are happy to demo their speakers using a Marantz CD5005 via a Hegel or Yamaha amp then these Harbeth dudes , who know a thing a two about audio engineering, surely must be content that this kit is as good as any to show off their speakers to the best of their ability. I like that about Harbeth.
  3. Yes so presumably any amp they use will be one that does work as it’s supposed to, we know the Yamaha is one, I’d be interested to know what other makes and models they attribute that to if they use something different.
  4. Also be interesting to know what amp Harbeth will use to demo their new PS3ER speakers. I understand they have used Yamaha in the past.
  5. Bazzer I have a pair of working DIY speakers where the parts, which are all in good condition, may be of interest to a DIYer. They consist of 2 x Monacor SPH135/AD Woofers (drop in replacements for Kef B110s) 2x Morel CAT298 Tweeters A pair of reproduction prefabricated L3/5A cabinets. About £250 worth of parts iirc I’d suggest £75 I can’t get to the show but if this stuff is of interest I live in south east London and can drop them off to someone fairly local who is going. Let me know. Thanks pete
  6. Could it be that larger speakers don’t sound as lively as smaller ones as they’re shifting a lot more air?
  7. They really mis-handled this. Could they not have branded the existing app Sonos ‘Classic’ and maintained that within the limitations of the hardware and then introduced the Sonos ‘Classic Plus’ App for newer hardware with features that the ‘Classic’ system couldn’t handle?
  8. Yes I did , I’ve had two pairs of LS50s over the last 6 years. In my experience you have to drive them harder/louder to appreciate them and to hear a significant difference in quality between them and the Concept 20s. Living in London with quite close neighbours etc it’s not that neighbourly to listen at those volume levels required. Given we are talking about £750 Kefs v £250 Concept 20s it was a £500 difference that I couldn’t hear which in the end bugged me hence I settled on the 20s. To me they are very balanced, image well and sound ‘right’ in my room. The sensitivity of LS50s is 85dB whereas the 20s are 88dB so more easily driven and I found them very satisfactory at lower listening levels. I’m using Yamaha RN602 receiver /amp which I love so I am talking budget kit.
  9. I’m on my third pair of Concept 20s, I just keep coming back to them, I love them. In my room, at my typical listening levels (not loud) they work really well. The new 3030i speakers look very interesting now though, I was always impressed by Gromit’s room at Scalford where he demoed QAcoustic speakers and have been a fan ever since.
  10. I've own Harbeth P3ESRs and also a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20s for when I fancy a change , in my room with my amp they are quite close in their sound.
  11. Price reduction to £525
  12. Mint condition and boxed. Approximately 2 years old. Only sparingly used in this time. Prefer collection from London SE13 or could deliver if you’re fairly local. £550
  13. Here I am offering another pair of stands,(due to house move). These are 500mm high stands with spikes Collect from London SE13- Lewisham/Blackheath