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  1. Some manufacturers only allow their own drivers to do the lap.
  2. Thanks everyone One of those epic days one gets every now and again. Mrs A is on the high-priority list now so we have a scan every four weeks to see how things are developing. Solid, oh yes, I'm packing heat. ATB Craig.....although jnr might want to be a blade
  3. Mrs Alien had her first scan a few weeks a go to have a look at our first little alien, all was great. Mrs A had to have an emergency scan yesterday due to some problems, everything is okay so no worries (after a very very frightening morning) but yesterdays scan showed something the first one didn't - a second alien . Where the hell did that one pop up from! Both are perfectly fine and if anything slightly ahead of average . Not sure it's really sunk in yet that we've got two on the way, I just hope they can develop well and stay in there for a decent length of time.
  4. Favourite pastime in france I believe. I was involved in the construction of a crematorium a few years a go so I have an idea of what goes on.
  5. No, it's illegal to open a sealed coffin and it goes in straight after the ceremony. The lot goes in unless the coffin you see is a cover or cocoon I think they call them. These are used when the body is in a cardboard coffin and the family want something a bit nicer to look at. If the coffin is to be cremated it has to use combustible fitting, usually plastic. Screws etc are collected by a magnet. Crem's are actually open to the public if you want to see what goes on behind the scenes.
  6. I'm presuming your being very sarcastic because that's all bollocks.
  7. My advice is not to take advice from someone who thinks making tax efficient use of profits as tax fraud! You're in a tricky situation. I'm thinking of just paying the early termination charge on my mortgage and going somewhere else.
  8. Tax fraud? Accusing me of tax fraud is well out of order and you've just seriously pissed me off. Oh and I have a mortgage thanks.
  9. It's very hard these days if you're self employed or a sole trader. I visited the tosser shop to enquire about borrowing some more on my mortgage to do some major work on chez alien. Basically, I need to show my income for the last year and my company books for the same period to see the profit. They take the SMALLEST figure and use that for the purposes of income (I kid you not). Well that's fine but as we all know profit has to be tempered unless you want to pay her maj gov a decent whack of it. There are more in's and out's of course but that's the long and short of it. I couldn't really believe what I was being told so I did ask various people at the tosser shop to clarify and the same answers came back. Tossers. I hate the lot. Sympathies brother.
  10. The answer for question 17 is 17, you click on the number 17 in the top left.
  11. Isn't 27 the question that asks which question you want to go to next?
  12. Q49 and got board but enjoyed the Flaming Lips
  13. Don't worry Chris you're not there yet but any more publishing of dimspanners literature and there'll be trouble