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  1. Yello sound amazing...some tracks spread so far across the room, you would swear they were next to you
  2. I found in bridged mode, my Nads sounded better.
  3. Try a Philips miniwatts, bright clear highs, warm mids and deep bass.
  4. Try here.... I've had great service form them several times.
  5. I have 2 pairs of Aurum Cantus floor standers. The AC-782 (2005 Edition) and the Music Goddess which I use on my main system. I have had them over 5 or 6 years and they sound great. Build quality is high and the sound wonderful on all types of music. Before moving from the AC-782 to the Music Goddess's, I auditioned about 6 speakers in the 3-4,000 pound range. I liked the sound I had, except wanted deeper bass, so bought the Music Goddess's, which sound much the same as the smaller Florrstanders (they have a 7 inch bass driver and same midrange and ribbon tweeter as the Music Goddess's that use a 10 inch Bass driver) beautiful detailed and clear highs, slightly warmer midrange on the Music Goddesses, and deep extened and powerful bass. They are rated as 32 -40,000 htz +- 3 dbl.
  6. I use an Amperex 6922 PQ white label in the output stage of my CDP. I have used several tubes and liked the sound of this one best.
  7. Gong... Angels Egg and Flying teapot. Shamal was a personal favourate of mine.
  8. Colin^

    ribbon vs dome

    I love the clarity of the ribbons in my speakers....
  9. I've have a white (1960-61) NOS Amperex 6922 PQ-O valve in my output stage and it replaced a Philips E88CC SQ valve. I found it very open, warm and an audiable impreovement over the stock JAN-Philips 6922 American made Valve that came with it.
  10. The Full Music 12AX7s are very good and the Web Seller very good. fast and efficent. I had tried about 8 NOS varients and types of 12AX7 valves in my Pre Amp before I read a Valve Shoot Out in Hi-Fi World Mag and ordered some in Jan 2010. My favourite valves until then in my system were NOS Philips Miniwatts 12AX7s...great bass, warm mid range, but slight brighteness in highs...but amazing 3D soundstage, and NOS Telefunkens 12AX7s which had great bass, amazing slightly warm midrange and a warm extended top end. But the Full Music 12AX7s were a revelation in my system to be honest. I had hesitated to buy the Full Music Valves even at a discounted price, reasoning they were Chinese made 2009 stock, not NOS 1960s Telefunkens. However on first listen to them in the system, I had all the warmth of the Telefunkens and the 3D soundstage of the Philips miniwatts I wanted. My systems sound seemed to take a step up, and honestly, I did hear things on albums I hadn't heard before. I can't rate them highly enough... I have about 12 NOS Philips 12AX7s and 3 NOS 12AX7s sitting in a draw with another 20 or so other valves that didn't make the cut.
  11. You hear, and funny enough mainly in forums... About how unreliable Chinese house Brands actually are, but when you talk with most owners of reconized, reliable and established Chinese Brands, which have won prizes in the Chinese Annual Audio show. You find out, they are as reliable as anywhere else. :)Especially theChinese companies that OEM many European, UK and USA HiFi brands. But I guess, they have a fair share of unrealiable 'cheap' crap too, but you usually get what you pay for as the old adage goes... I bought a ShengYa S10 CDP in 2003 off eBay, because I wanted to try Valves at a reasonable price with my NAD C370/C270 C541i CDP and Wharfedale EVO 30s at the time. I was hooked on the build and sound quality and after more online research and chat with an Online dealer (my origional eBay dealer) based in New York who shipped from China direct, bought the system I have today over the next 2-3 years..03-06. I have listened to music daily and the system has been powered up 10 hours a day at least, and its operated since 2003 without a problem. Then again, so has my NAD system which is older still.
  12. Here are a few links to Chinese Home brands that made OEM and their own hifi that have a good reputation in China.