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  1. ah yes, the festive spirit:) I want to wish all wammers a good 2019. But I am pissed already so...pinch of salt re 'all' LARGE pinch :))
  2. Ronnie....more thickness but why do I need Audirvarna or similar. If I download qobuz doesnt it's home screen give me what I need?
  3. many thanks to all, and I'm looking into all the above...TA!
  4. because the Gramofon box ONLY picks up spotify and no other service, hence this post. I'm thick, but not THAT thick
  5. right. It's time to enter the 21st century. Maybe. I have: Vinyl (staying as is, not being copied) CD's (might as well keep the CD player too...why not, I have the space). I don't think the dac in the Luxman CD is available seperately...not sure. Two Macs one of which (probably the laptop air) will be the 'activity center'. Right now I use spotify premium. From the Mac, it goes via a WiFi connection to a 'Gramofon' mini dac and thus into the amp (wired line in). It sounds OKish. I have decided to trial Qobuz HiFi (or whichever sounds best at reasonable cost) to up the SQ over Spotify. Heres the question. What is the simplest, fuss free/idiot proof way of sending Qobuz from the Mac to the amp. Part of that journey MUST be wire free (blutooth?), but box to amp can be wired. I think I just need a dac that will pick up a blutooth signal???????? There, see? On this subject I really am that dense. Help, but keep it simple and keep it CHEAP! SQ must at least = CD replay via the Luxman D-05u. Ta.
  6. I just have a decent rucsac for the kit. It's not the system , it's the age of the body carrying it that's the problem
  7. Its for when things move. You know, like birds and stuff. I think it started about 10 years back but has got betterer. Hope this helps. (Can't help with prayers as am a tad agnostic).
  8. Thanks. I've seen them once so far..I suppose they were half a mile away and about the size of a thumbnail, frame filling is a dream!:) I'll start with the Oly and see where it leads. Weight is an issue for 3kg of camera is not enticing on a 10 mile walk.
  9. Chaps. I'm a landscape photographer by inclination. Things that move far off are foreign to me so...I recently joined a Golden Eagle watch project here in Scotland and am being encouraged to takes some pics. HELP! I really can't see how the D610 will be of use, even if I could buy a massive lens for it (which I cant afford) so maybe the Olympus OM10 with it's 2X crop factor? I can afford a 300mm (so 600 in real money) for this. Would that be enough with a simple not very advanced focus tracking system??? I need a D500 and long zoom but the damned numbers didn't come up again. All serious advice on what might (quite cheaply) produce publishable images of distant eagles in flight most welcomed.
  10. According to DpReview the new autofocus is as good an Nikons D500, and since that was state of the Art last year anyway, that's gotta be good enough for anyone surely? Still a great size and weight, and a new flippable touch screen also looks impressive. This realy is a golden time for cameras...OM 1, FujiXT3, new mirrorless from Nikon and Canon, the Sonys, Nikon D750, 500 and 850...really are cameras that even hardened pros seem to be saying 'enough' to. My most recent read is suggesting for many (wedding photographers etc) some calming down on pixel count is needed...24 is enough...but 24 with the kind of dynamic range we have? The future for me needs to be forgetting a pixel and gizmo chase...we got there now, it's about who will be the first maker to sort human eye repro dynamic range? Bet it's Apple or Samsung
  11. good plan tho...think of the horns that could be built downstairs in that big sitting room!...and the remote corners where bedrooms could be found for drunken snoring. Perfik. Who can cook?
  12. I think the camera can be set to record 2 images...1 JPEG and 1 RAW on the same card at the same(ish) time? Unless you are a dedicated motor drive man, the write times will be vanishingly unimportant at a guess, so the 2 card thing might not matter, esp since bigstore cards are now quite common. That and the wait for less weight (hoho) from dedicated lenses is what will hold my hand a year.