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  1. PARAGON, I also have Chinatown. I have only just recently become aware of this group. I was in Chattanooga TNa couple of weeks ago when by sheer luck one very warm evening I saw them playing for free on an open air stage. Bloody hell, what gorgeous harmonies. Time passed much quicker than it should have. Anyhow, the next day I bought the only two albums that I'm aware of. Chinatown and Blue Horse. Back in England now and I find that at the moment all I want to play are these two albums. The girls are even better live IMO. Hope they make another album soon and visit the U.K. Regards, George.
  2. New Eliza Gilkyson album. Can't stop playing this one,beautifulsongs and a nicerecording.
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    Effem I didn't think for one moment it wasanything more than a jape. I'm all for having a laugh, not enough of it about sometimes. Regards.
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    Effem wrote: It means get your missus to use your arse as a dartboard with the needles No it doesn't.
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    As we say in Norfolk or at least those of us who were born & bred here do, 'Keep yew a troshing my old booty'.
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    The Wall

    antonbhoy I normally use these Pink Floyd sites for reference. I'm unable to find any info re 'The Wall' and SACD. You may wish to dig further. I have the 1994 remaster and it's superb. I alsobought the vinyl album when it was first released in 1979.