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  1. musicbox


    Bump - £280 delivered
  2. musicbox


  3. musicbox


  4. musicbox

    Wanted: Denon DL103

    I've got a completely unadulterated DL-103R almost unused, maybe 10 hours on it. All original packaging. £200 (£280 new). cheers.
  5. musicbox

    Sold - Nagaoka MP-500 MM Cartridge

    No worries.... It's now sold.
  6. musicbox

    Sold - Nagaoka MP-500 MM Cartridge

    Bump - £450.Open to offers.
  7. I bought this to try and decided I prefer my Ortofon 2M Black after only a couple of hours. So its almost brand new, I have all original packaging and stylus guard. The Technics 1200 headshell in the photos will not be included. Due to its tiny size and shiny surfaces it wasa real pain to photograph with a mobile phone! These are c £700 new, you can have this one for £500 ono including UK Royal Mail Special Delivery. I'm in Edinburgh if you want to collect.
  8. musicbox

    Jaguar XE V6 S

    I had a few hours in a XE 2.0 240BHP R-Sport petrol a few weeks ago. I thought it was OK, but seriously disliked the suspension which was very unsettled over any bumps and bounced around far too much. I also found there was far too much road and engine noise for an exec car. Not going on the shortlist.
  9. musicbox

    Brexit good for the economy!

    I have to laugh at people claiming that Remainers were wrong to predict economic crisis due to Brexit, when we haven't actually left yet, and probably won't for a long time still to come. Brexit hasn't even started yet.
  10. musicbox

    Who knows the brand?

    Looking at the way the front panel joins onto the bodywork I'd say its fairly budget gear. Saisho/Matsui? Or budget far-eastern.
  11. musicbox

    Is There A Big Jazz Following Here?

    I'm not much of a jazz head. I like a few albums - kind of Blue, Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage. Couldn't grasp In a Silent Way or Bitches Brew, I know its good but doesn't speak to me. Herbie Hancock's Headhunters is great, is that jazz? Sounds like a re-invention after listening to Maiden Voyage. I am going to give his "Thrust" a go. I listened to that Martin Taylor video above.... for all the viruosity and however much the musician are loving it.... sorry, its call centre waiting music!
  12. musicbox

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Funnily enough I listened to Abbado 2005 Mahler 6 with Berlin Phil last night, I think its the one that gets it right most of the time. I used to have the Sinopli/Philharmonia but offloaded it - found the slowness and hesitations in the andante off-putting and didn't get the narrative to cohere in final movement. As with several Mahler symphonies, the best version might be individual movements by different performers - so for the 6th I'd have Bernstein/VPO for 1st movement and Scherzo, Karajan (!) for the andante, and Abbado for the finale. Rafael Kubelik's Mahler doesn't get much attention nowadays - his DG 6th in his complete BRSO set is very good. But a live recording on Audite also with BRSO is stunning too.
  13. musicbox

    Music to sooth a troubled soul...

    Its very difficult to muster any appetite for music when one is feeling down and depressed. But one piece that always restores me is Beethoven's Eroica. It has plenty of life and bounce, and profound bits too, especially the slow movement which might provide some catharsis. The 4th symphony is good fun, kind of like a knees-up on Mt Olympus.
  14. musicbox

    Your Best "Classical Music" Discoveries of 2016

    My best discovery this year is Nyman's saxophone concerto "Where the bee dances" which I first heard at the final of BBC Young Musician. This performance does it full justice too - just like the amazing performance that night from 17 year old Jess Gillam. I don't normally go for Nyman, find his minimalism just too dull and too full of baroque pastiche.... but this is an exception.