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  1. Continuing to thin out the collection… Superb passive magnetic pre-amp using Stevens & Billington transformers. 6 inputs – 4 RCA, 2 Balanced Balanced and single ended outputs. 3 position earthing switch, +6dB gain switch Works superbly with a wide variety of power amps, surprised me how well it worked with my class-D Lyngdorf. I will own one of these again one day, I’m fairly sure of it. £1200 including UK postage, ono.
  2. The best I've ever heard, but I'm just not using them. Bought new from Highend Headphones in late 2016, I am the original owner. They are in perfect condition, in a very sturdy luxury plush box, single-ended 6.25mm jack cable and a 4-pole Male XLR cable for balanced headphone amps. The very thick instruction book has never been opened, nor has the supplied cleaning cloth. £800 incl UK postage. Or pick up in Edinburgh for £25 discount. The flash, of course, exaggerates every spec of dust, they are actually very clean (I use a blower brush on them from time to time).
  3. Yes the Harbeths are ported.... sadly. They still manage to sound quite good though. But if somebody made a 40 litre sealed-box three way I'd be very interested. No don't have the grilles for the KEFs I'm afraid.
  4. Classic 1980s KEF 103/2 speakers. They just don't make them like this anymore! 25 litre sealed box standmount - yes- sealed! Infinite baffle! Like what speaker manufacturers have forgotten how to build and have tried to saddle us instead with flatulent ported aberrations that chuff lumpy sogginess all over you instead of fast natural bass done properly like these do! (Ok ATC, fair enough they have kept the faith - but not with an 8" woofer like these elegantly refined beauties). It has to be said that I have compared these KEFs side-by-side with the latest ATC SCM19s - and they win by a long way. These are really good. Just not quite as good as the much larger Harbeth's I now have - but which cost several multiples more. I don't have boxes or packaging for these so it will be collection or meetup only - I am in Edinburgh. They are a bit frayed at the edges and have some marks but these are purely cosmetic, they are completely intact and working perfectly - and sound great. £225.
  5. I have owned this for a few months and its excellent. However, I think it may have just taken me past my personal point of diminishing returns - basically, its too good for the rest of my system and I'm not going to spend yet more money upgrading other bits. So its a perfect example, boxed with instruction manual. Photos below of the settings instructions so you can see what it can cater for. Specs are at Price new is £2895, £1400 for this one including UK postage, not really interested in offers until its unsold for a while - this is a lovely phono stage and its no problem if I keep it.... on the other hand an e-bike to help get me up the steep hill to my elderly mum's could go on the shopping list if this sells!
  6. SOLD Time to sell this lovely DAC/Pre-amp/Headphone amp. In addition to being a 192/24 and DSD 256 capable DAC, it is also a full function analogue pre-amp with balanced inputs and outputs. And it has balanced and single ended headphone outputs, and is an ideal partner for the likes of Sennheiser H600s and 800s. Digital Inputs - Coax, Optical, AES/EBU and USB, Bluetooth AptX, plus front USB port for phones/tablets Analog inputs - 1 pair RCA, 1 pair XLR Outputs - same as above. All the inputs & outputs are clearly marked on the back panel so can be seen on the photos. The remote control can switch inputs, control volume and dim or switch off the display which itself has various modes. All inputs can be individually set to unity gain - e.g. if you want to use it as a standalone DAC with another preamplifier Specs are here: I have the manual and all original packaging. UK RRP was £1200, but they seem to be selling for more than that on ebay now so will post in the UK for £700. I have owned it from new, bought from a UK dealer.
  7. musicbox


    Bump - £280 delivered
  8. I've got a completely unadulterated DL-103R almost unused, maybe 10 hours on it. All original packaging. £200 (£280 new). cheers.