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  1. Cheers BB, is has been a few years
  2. There's the Aagrah near the Playhouse/bus station, or a nice one underneath the arches under the train station at the front (opposite the Scarborough Hotel pub).
  3. Injector


    Yeah. It's fucking annoying that every single time I'm poorly, whether mildly or severely, some gobby female exclaims that I'm suffering from 'man flu'.
  4. Injector

    iPhone OS

    It doesn't even run especially well on the iPhone 6, so a slowed-to-a-crawl *and buggy* o/s must be truly dreadful. iOS7 was a pig on the iPhone 4, and iOS8 is a pig on the 4S. You can't use yours much.
  5. Injector

    Formula 1 2014
  6. Injector


  7. Injector

    Cycling for fat bastards

    You mean that you're allowed to flatten all the padding in the seat and then hand it back fucked?
  8. Injector

    Cycling for fat bastards

    I used to cycle hundreds of miles per week as a teenager and I never used (*or had even heard of before this thread) chamois cream. Any bike saddle will be uncomfortable and lead to bruising when you first get back into cycling. Don't go hunting down a comfy seat because they don't really exist.
  9. Injector

    Humour Graveyard - the zombie jokes are rising

    I'm paying a hit-man to shoot the wife. He said he was gonna shoot her just below the left tit but I told him that I want her dead, not fucking kneecapping.
  10. Injector

    Bargain guitar buy

    I've got one of the original Musicman EVH signature models. I never play it but love the looks.
  11. Injector


    Man Utd have signed Robin Van Persie's replacement before Arsenal have.
  12. Injector

    Veggies or vegans

    It's well known that veggies lose out on crucial vitamins and minerals if they don't supplement, B12 for example.
  13. It looks like a Totota Celica crossed with an American muscle car. Not to my tastes visually, and as others have said it's just too darned big. That said, I bet it's a hoot to drive and that's 3/4 of the pleasure in owning something like that.