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  1. kingsxfan wrote: Harsh just after b'fast. Feel like
  2. gaul

    The N word

    I would say if it is seen as offensive, don't bloody use it. Funny thing, is that 'un Noir' (a Black) is now referred as 'un Black' in France these days by the youth who see probably the English term as more neutral ...
  3. gaul

    The N word

    Duvet wrote: Some Black people from Western Africa (part of ex-French African colonies) prefer to be called 'Negre' with the French word as a sign of pride. White people could call them this way in the 60s but the word itself has been seen as derogatory with the years so my advice as a White person would be not to used this word. Too difficult to explain you use it in the 'original' sense...
  4. gaul

    Formula 1 2008

    notaclue wrote: Probably not
  5. And Ze Franch will be able to call them 'Cheese-Burger eating Surrendering Monkeysto Liberal Black Mama' Good to see that happening; proof that Melting-Pot is working fine!
  6. Testure wrote: Is this the MATRIX watch As the movie, nobody has a clue what's happening or what it means
  7. notaclue wrote: Am scared notaclue wrote: Knew it was you as I did vote no to your poll.. notaclue wrote: Halloween was designed by and for American people... hem... customers.
  8. PeteVid wrote: Give the rats esp. Brand the boot or at least credit crunch packages
  9. Russell Brand is a twat and a CUNT who tries to make himself cool by claiming he sleeps or will sleep with famous women But at least the cunt has a good taste
  10. Agree myself with Brits who criticise EU and who claim they don't want to be part of it. But why no mass demonstration in ze Iou.Kay against ze I.Iou? Agree once more with Lady Thatcher (as I did when most of you were still Socialists on this forum )
  11. We can never be part of a federal Europe Sorry for poor formatting. Posting with Firefox tonight
  12. beckypumps wrote: I guess it's including Sony Shop and Apple Store shop assistants who pretend to be so cool but too often don't have a clue... or less than the average customer after 15 min of online search