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  1. Marantz

    It's a lovely player, the way it resolves each instrument/sound in position with each other within a 3d soundstage is superb. Yum Yum
  2. one word daily

  3. Cleaning the platter

    Warm soapey water, always works for me; come out nice and shiney
  4. Cleaning the platter

    Danny, I just use a lens cleaning cloth on any highly polished metal or chrome surface and a bit of breath to get the odd finger mark away. If bit more sturborn or grubby, then a wet microfibre cloth first. Never use any sprays. Testy So the aftermarth from 6 bottles of Barolo
  5. Really enjoying this, has a feel of what the late 70's early 80's imagined the future to be. Going to order this ,
  6. Sorry does nothing for me Danny, some of the intros and instumental embellishments are OK, but then I switch off when the jangly guitars and vocals come into play.

    A few rooms are still available for anybody still undecided
  8. Your dream garage

    In no particular order except this: 1. Ferrari 512 s Berlinetta Speciale Ferrari 330 P4 Lola t70 mk3b Lamborghini Espada Mk2 Fiat Abarth 2000 Scorpione Alfa Romeo 33 Bertone Carabo Lancia ECV Isdera Imperator 108i Mclaren F1 Wally Power 118
  9. This is quite relaxed compared to likes of Skinny Puppy. Thanks for giving it a go.
  10. I have some drone albums you might like