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  1. We used with no issues.
  2. I'm using Pharos Parcel and I can choose services from UPS and Yodel for only a small amount. Anyone used Yodel? What's the catch?
  3. Didn't Sean Connery turn Japanese in one of the Bond films?
  4. Is of any use?
  5. Maybe the POA reflects the London Metal Exchange price of silver which could fluctuate. No idea only a thought.
  7. It's a down beat show. You need to accept it is somber and not much happens in it. It took us a while to 'get it' too, but you eventually get all the unspoken feelings, subtle messages and can enjoy the storyline and beautiful cinematography. There are no car chases, bombs, aliens, etc but stick with it.
  8. This is what I want. Azimuth's Mr Roboto watch:
  9. yup kept me laughing. but the bottle of wine helped.
  10. Specs are like mini-skirts: They give you good ideas but hide the most important stuff.
  11. Evening fellas. Anyone near-ish to Donegal?
  12. Maybe it should be Northern Irish wammers as everyone is in the south. Anyone from NI?
  13. On the mowbly just now and will answer pm's once I've beat the traffic home. Cheers