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  1. Early morning easy listening ...
  2. And the hum from your mahoosive 3-phase supply...
  3. Hmm, I wonder which one will sound the best...
  4. Two tracks was enough. Will appeal to people who judge music by the number of times the band shout "woo!"
  5. DQ

    Away at the moment, just seen this bad news. Sincere best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  6. I went this way - Grandinote Shinai + Celio. Very impressed. Replaced more expensive valve gear, sounds great.
  7. Another vote for big Tannoys - superb at low volumes.
  8. LOL, the best and most expensive turntable is the Linn Sondek, which can cost up to one THOUSAND pounds!
  9. Haim - Something to Tell You
  10. It leaked on line! Not sure, doesn't really grab me at a first listen.
  11. Your attenuators are changing the gain, not the power output. Don't worry, you won't blow up your Tannoy drivers with 32 watts! Your head would explode first.
  12. When you are as old as me with my driving record insurance isn't a worry. I paid about £185 fully comp for the Bentley.
  13. For £29k I'd have been driving a second-hand Aston DB7 and had enough left over for fuel and insurance!
  14. I didn't buy it - it's a company car, and we get very little choice. It was this, another Lexus (hated it) or a Passat (had one, hated it.)