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  1. meninblack

    DAC is important, but does the digital source matter?

    Unless there was another skinny ginger bloke with half a beard then it was you.
  2. meninblack

    DAC is important, but does the digital source matter?

    No - you were trying to sell those at the first Scalford!
  3. meninblack

    DAC is important, but does the digital source matter?

    LOL, great thread. IME it's pretty easy to tell the difference between DACs, although most of the modern ones based on ESS Sabre chipsets sound the same (shite.) All the Chord ones I have ever heard have also sounded shite - maybe it's just me. Also IME if you have a DAC that works properly, it's not so easy to tell the difference between digital sources. Recording quality tends to dominate. And Keith, get off your high horse. I remember you trying to sell me Acoustic Systems resonators, FFS.
  4. meninblack

    DIY mains block

    Why on earth would you DIY a mains block? Amazon will sell you one for less than £5.
  5. That's what lossy compression does. Lossless compression works by replacing strings of zeroes or ones with something smaller that cn be converted back into the string of zeroes or ones during decompression. *It does more than this - that's just a simple analogy.
  6. BluRay: HDMI to TV PVR: HDMI to TV TV: optical to soundbar Don't see how else it could work!
  7. meninblack

    845 replacement valves

    I always used Shuguang in the Mr Liang. Avoid the expensive KR Audio 845 in Chinese amps as they have zero tolerance to heater voltage variation and will go pop very quickly...
  8. meninblack

    PP's weekend quiz

    a dildo