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  1. Devialet = more truth than I want naim = the wrong kind of lies.
  2. It's a P8i MkII, so with the Esoteric mech but the most basic version of the dCS DAC. I use it with a Victor XP-DA999 because it sounds better.
  3. My dCS upsamples internally (switchable) but the S/PDIF output is tapped off before that so it's always 16/44.
  4. Not me, soz. Better off asking on Audio Abattoir.
  5. The Pioneer A-09 was a fantastic amp - way better than the naim shite being foisted on UK audiophiles at the time.
  6. But, but - it's the same dozen songs, again and again and again! Although I suppose you could say that about their entire career....
  7. Oh, and Volvos always used to be good, but I haven't been in any of the modern ones. Comfiest recent hire car was a Peugeot 5008.
  8. Best ride: Citroen CX, Jaguar XJ6/XJ8, Bentley Best seats: Rover 800 Fords are usually OK, but avoid the sporty ones. Most French cars are pretty good. Avoid: huge wheels, "sports" suspension, off-roaders and everything German.
  9. The internet's latest Yoof sensation, and the youngest artist to get a UK number one album... This will test your bass drivers!
  10. If you can find one, a vintage Pioneer A-09 class A monster integrated would float your boat.
  11. I have one. It will just about drive my speakers, but I would be afraid to push it for fear of damage. The specifications on these things are often just lies. Fine if you have £50 speakers that you don't care about, but otherwise best avoided. Anyway, even Class D amps costing thousands sound dreadful. What hope for one costing £10?
  12. All rubbish DACs sound the same, yes.
  13. LOL, you need to listen to some quality DACs. And I don't mean Chord.
  14. Nothing you can't do with a laptop and a USB DAC or a USB to S/PDIF converter and an ordinary DAC. But they do cost a lot more!
  15. Billie Eilish - When we fall asleep where do we go? This tests your bass!!