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  1. Fire Safety - Korean Style

    So I am in Cheonan, South Korea for a few days, mixing sealants in our new factory. My hotel is a fairly new 4-star hotel in an unassuming small industrial city. It is pretty much the only Western-style business hotel in the place, many of the surrounding buildings are "love hotels." It is 15 stories tall, and there are notices up to the effect that in a fire, you should use the stairs rather than lifts. Fair enough - but there don't seem to be any stairs. Certainly no signs of obvious stairwells. Instead, set into the wall next to a small opening window is this: and under the desk in the room, this: Just the job for a large, unfit fat bloke!
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Original 1980 vinyl, while I read patents...
  3. Socks

    Socks? M&S.
  4. Most software for streaming is shit, and the more "audiophile" it is, the more shit. Jriver? Shit. Foobar 2000? Utter shit, and with a user interface designed by bellends. Although if you have spod-level IT skills you can change this for a user interface designed by Prog Rock fans. Whoopee! Vinyl and CD for me, thanks all the same.
  5. Once is not enough...

    The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love (1992) (Touched by the Hand of Ofra Haza) Joy Division - Atmosphere
  6. The last album i bought was

    Released in 1979, five years after music ended ...
  7. As mentioned earlier, CD players are becoming unfashionable. The dCS P8i MkII that I have is in your budget second-hand, and would be on a whole different level to the rest of your system (£8k new!) It also has a digital input, and plays SACD as well.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Mercury Prize on BBC4
  9. 1. Buy the Russells 2. Keep your Rotel CD player 3. Don't waste your money on cables.
  10. The last album i bought was

    This morning: The National - Sleep Well Beast White vinyl
  11. Turntable, Technical query.

    I am cretin.
  12. Turntable, Technical query.

    Japan uses both 50 and 60 Hz, so Japanese power supplies are built to handle either. The US labelling will say 60 Hz because that's what North America has. As Serge says, an external step-up (not down!) transformer is the way to go; Airlink Transformers like this are very good IME.
  13. Apple Supports FLAC

    My MacBook already supports FLAC - I installed VLC Media Player! It also supports every other video and audio format known to man, unlike ShiTunes and ThickTime.