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  1. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Most magazines tread a fine line between pandering to their advertisers and pandering to their readers prejudices. What Hi-Fi? relentlessly plug Cyrus - I naively bought a 5-star recommended system and it was pretty awful. Similarly, What Car? relentlessly plug Audi, glossing over the fact that all of them are uncomfortable and most are miserable to drive - but readers want to believe the myth of German supremacy, and VAG spend a load on advertising.
  2. New phono stage perhaps

    The Grandinote one is very nice (but a bit spendy).
  3. 17th March is the final day of the Six Nations. Will there be a ginormous telly?
  4. The Ultimate Motor Car?

    I'd have this and £80k left over for fuel
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life CD
  6. Beer. Bottles or Cans?

    Stella makes me laugh - in the UK there was a big advertising campaign to persuade us that it was a high-quality strong beer. In Belgium it's what you might buy your daughter - until she's 12 and moves on to a decent trappist.
  7. DIY Cable Risers!!

    We are watching you, lettuce boy. It will be quinoa next!
  8. DIY Cable Risers!!

    A T-bone is a loin chop with the tenderloin left on.
  9. DIY Cable Risers!!

  10. DIY Cable Risers!!

    Key requirements: Ill-fitting Scruffy or threadbare Fashionable (in 1972)
  11. DIY Cable Risers!!

    If anyone CAN hear the effect of cable lifters, please contact me. I need help in transferring $15,000,000 from a Nigerian bank, and you are just the sort of person I am looking for.
  12. DIY Cable Risers!!

    Turn on your system. With no music playing, turn the volume up to maximum. You will most likely get a faint hiss from the speakers. Now belt your speaker cable hard with a hammer. You will notice that there is no effect on the sound from the speakers. Then stop worrying about ridiculous nonsense.
  13. Watches

    Get a Vostok Amphibian. 200m water resistance, screw-down crown, bomb-proof mechanical movement (a version of this watch is currently issued to the Russian army.) See here
  14. Total newb record deck question

    The height when you balance it doesn't matter as long as it's balanced. When playing, the arm height should be set so that the arm is parallel to the record and the stylus is at 90 degrees.

    Sorry, just looked at the pic - yes, that's an A40 Farina which did use the A-series.