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  1. meninblack

    FREE Lenovo 17" laptop

    OK - didn't get a PM but your name is on it. Will you be at Kegworth?
  2. Please can I have the 17" laptop. I can collect from Kegworth on the Sunday. Many thanks, David

  3. meninblack

    FREE Lenovo 17" laptop

    Collection only, sorry. High Wycombe or at the Kegworth show next Sunday.
  4. meninblack

    FREE Lenovo 17" laptop

    Surplus to requirements, Lenovo 17" laptop 2015 vintage upgraded to Windows 10 Home Model G70-80, Intel i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, CD-ROM drive, 3xUSB, HDMI, VGA Battery good, original UK charger included, Ethernet doesn't work but wi-fi is fine. Can bring to Kegworth. PM me if you want it.
  5. meninblack

    Cars with ridiculous names

    Nissan Cedric Prince Gloria Diahatsu Naked Mitsubishi Minica Winky Mazda Titan Dump All from Japan...
  6. It's the opinion of people who understand the science. People who don't understand the science may have a different view, but it won't change reality.
  7. LOL, there are no scientific papers about this because the whole idea is silly. There are also no scientific papers about whether astrology is true.
  8. meninblack

    SSD USB hard drive vs standard USB hard drive

    I've had an SSD fail. Unlike mechanical drives, you get no warning. One minute it's prefect, blink and it's totally and unrecoverably dead. So have a good backup strategy!
  9. meninblack

    Doing time.

    I joined on day 2!
  10. meninblack


    The headphone amplifier you have chosen needs an analogue input, so the D/A conversion will need to be done by the PC and your PC sound card will need to have an analogue output, either a pair of RCA connectors or a mini jack. If it has a mini jack you could probably drive the headphones directly without the amplifier. For better stereo audio quality, go for something like this Whih connects directly to a USB output from your PC and is about the same price.
  11. Ha ha, let me guess: you have only ever owned and driven cheap rubbish, but you read What Car?
  12. Yes. Before I was made to have a company car, I drove a Bentley Brooklands. Sometimes life is shit.
  13. I didn't buy it. My company gave me no choice.