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  1. meninblack

    Summer Cars

    My new summer vehicle:
  2. meninblack

    Melco best app

    There is no app that can add metadata to wav files because the format simply doesn't support it.
  3. meninblack

    Melco best app

    LOL, when we did a forum blind test with 5 golden-eared audiophiles, only 2 could tell wav from mp3. Zero could tell wav from FLAC.
  4. A 10-bedroom mansion in California, built to house the Old Testament patriarchs that the JWs prophesied would be resurrected in 1925. When this failed to happen (another useless JW prophesy, no shit!) the JW leader lived in it himself until his death. It was sold 6 years later. I'm sure any profits were given to the poor. (Yeah, right.)
  5. meninblack

    The Ultimate Motor Car?

    You'd be surprised. I drove a (bigger) 90's Bentley for a year as my only car with no real problems. The S1 is about the same size as a LWB Transit. Plenty of those in town.
  6. LOL, does it remind you of Beth Sarim?
  7. meninblack

    Advice required re: digital signal over AES/EBU

    No is the answer. Don't you have a dCS DAC? A lot better than naim.
  8. meninblack

    Help me find a turntable

    Systemdek IIX is very good, IME
  9. So what was your comment implying that Gay Pride marches are/should be illegal aimed at? If that wasn't what you meant then I apologise, but it certainly read that way.
  10. Others do. But the individuals espousing morally abhorrent views in this thread are Christians.
  11. I don't much like anyone who holds these views - but Christians seem to put themselves on some sort of moral pedestal when the facts often suggest otherwise. It's the hypocrisy that offends.
  12. But thanks for reminding us that so many Christians hold such nasty and out-dated views.
  13. meninblack

    Adding distortion to improve percieved sound

    Personally speaking, I didn't spend all this money to enjoy music less. Since I get zero pleasure from basking in the satisfaction that my dull, grey-sounding hi-fi is "accurate" (however that might be defined) then I'll go for the pleasing sound, thanks.