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  1. Transparent = great recordings will sound marvellous. Anything less than great will sound terrible. Detailed = you will hear all sorts of things the artist didn't intend you to hear. The musical essence of the performance may be hidden behind these things. I worked as a component designer on the B&W Nautilus 800 series back in the 90s. They were very detailed but also very unmusical.
  2. Yep. A beautiful recording will sound beautiful on Spotify Free. A crap recording will sound crap regardless. Sadly a lot of hi-res services are aimed at the kind of idiot who can't hear a difference but believes it's worth spending £1000 on an interconnect.
  3. I'm surprised - most 1.1x's do have a switch
  4. Mine looks like this: The little toggle switch selects either the RCA or XLR input
  5. Which DAC? Mine has a switchable coax/AES input, and although the manual says don't connect both at once there seems to be no downside to doing just that. Source can then be selected with the little switch on the back. (I always power off the sources before selecting and then power on only the selected one, just to be on the safe side!)
  6. Perhaps Harry just wants to keep his family away from his racist grand-dad and kiddy-fiddling uncle?
  7. I have one of THESE It can be configured as a receiver with both optical and 3.5 mm analog output, or as a transmitter from hi-fi to bluetooth headphones.
  8. Interestingly Suzuki's 1.3 litre dohc with VVT is more flexible and tractable than the old, non-VVT version. About the same power output, but less tiring as you don't have to rev the nuts off it all the time.
  9. meninblack

    RCA Extender

    LOL, there aren't any expensive ones. A hi-fi company would sell you a more expensive pre-amp. Of course you could buy a passive pre-amp and turn the volume up to maximum.
  10. meninblack

    RCA Extender

    One of these: must be worth a punt at £15. If you don't hear a difference, then there is nothing to worry about.
  11. LOL, a handful of publicity-hungry clowns funded by vested interests vs thousands of proper scientists? Still, people like you are easily fooled - just read all your posts for proof of this!
  12. Hi Lee, Heco Direkt are ecxellent and well worth a try. Big Tannoys would also work with your Sugdens and also in your room.
  13. A better analogy would be whether you prefer a photograph or an oil painting.
  14. Measurements aren't everything - but neither is price,. Expensive kit (well, moderately expensive) can sound shit. Sorry if this includes what you make money out of, but that's life.