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  1. I am connecting my MacBook pro to a 4k TV using a £15 USB-C to HDMI cable from Amazon. Works fine, 4k picture great, sound (stereo from TV optical out to DAC) great, no issues at all.
  2. Well I never. I answered a knock on the door yesterday morning, and there was Steve Baker, in person and all on his lonesome. I politely explained why I wouldn't be supporting him or his idiotic Brexit, and he left looking a little sheepish. Odd though - I've never seen a Conservative candidate canvassing before. In Wycombe you could stick a blue rosette on a dead sheep and it would be returned to parliament with a decent majority. Although Wycombe voted remain, and in 2017 Labour reduced his 15,000 majority to 6,000. Maybe he's worried?
  3. Nigel Farage made £300.000 by charging £100 application fee to stand as a parliamentary candidate. It has been reported 3000 people applied. Today he has ”stood down” 317 of them. This means £28.300 was for successful applicants, £271.700. Is in Farage’s bank account. Farage has just said on LBC Eddie Mair show he will be keeping the money & not refunding the candidates. Oh well. At least he only stole from racist scum.
  4. All of the SACD capable players I've had have output hi-rez from the stereo analogue outputs - the dCS only has stereo. However some players will convert the DSD digital signal to S/PDIF before sending it to the DAC and some people don't like this.
  5. I have listened to most of the Utopia range over the years. I find them very harsh and bright-sounding, which I have always assumed was down to the tweeters. My hearing isn't great, I can't hear anything above 12 kHz!
  6. The Linn sounds truly awful. Speaker cables = least of your worries.
  7. Really? For me, those Be tweeters are like having someone go at your ears with a hammer drill tuned to ultrasonic. Never heard Focals that I didn't immediately hate. Same for naim - they deserve each other.
  8. My first expensive system was a result of reading What Hi-Fi: a Cyrus amp and CDP with Quad 11L speakers. Everything got 5 stars, even the cables. Unfortunately it sounded completely shit. I then threw good money after bad, upgrading to a top-of-the-range six-box Cyrus system: CDP 8 with PSX-R, pre-X with PSX-R and a pair of aPA 7.5 monoblocks, plus Dynaudio Contour 1.8 MkII speakers. Still completely shit. Epiphany came when I dumped the Cyrus gear in favour of a much-cheaper Rotel Michi pre-power and a Victor xl-z 999ex CD player. Decent sound at last! When i added the Tannoy Turnberrys, we were off and running...
  9. I got a 70's Sanyo Music Centre from my parents: TT and cassette deck on top, tuner and VU's for record level on the (aluminium) front, wood sides and big power transistors on the back. Crappy speakers connected with yer actual bell wire. It sounded better than the black-ash-vinyl 80's fake tower system they replaced it with!
  10. meninblack

    Valve info

    Tubes don't burn in - they start at 100% and go down.
  11. meninblack

    Valve info

    My Air Tight ATM-1 sounded fantastic with JJ EL34's
  12. My DAC was about 10% of total system cost. Vinyl rig about 60%!
  13. This explains why Weiss stuff sounds awful, if not why it's so expensive.
  14. The megabucks giant Utopias fed by naim Statements is probably the worst thing I've ever heard. Twice. The first time they tried, the statement amp caught fire. The next couple of times it made a sound, but not a nice sound.