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  1. Well, that's a bit cultish.
  2. I've been watching The Path on TV, and I think I might be a Meyerist. Where should I send the cheque?
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Blanck Mass - World Eater FLAC
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Four Tet - New Energy FLAC
  5. And thus the world gets multiple, aggressively competing religions. And Jihad is born. Or Jihas-been in the case of Clapton vs Gilmour.
  6. You must raise an army of Claptonian martyrs and rain down death and destruction upon the Gilmourites.
  7. But you do really believe that Dave Gilmour is God, don't you?
  8. What’s your thoughts on this one please

    My Grandinote has two mains power supplies with separate power leads for each side. One channel has a screened audiophile mains cable with a ferrite shield. The other has a kettle lead. Difference? None.
  9. What’s your thoughts on this one please

    We did a blind test in the early days of the wam. Three disguised mains cables (2 cheap, one audiophile) were sent round and people had to identify the audiophile cable. Result? Same as guesswork, about 1/3 got it right. Cable comparisons only ever seem to work when you know which cables you are listening to so you can mentally prepare for the massive improvement.
  10. 2015 album from Manchester band Slow Readers Club. Indie electronica with a hint of 80s synth-pop and Scandi EBM On Spotify or download from Amazon New album coming out May 4th, CD and vinyl.
  11. Help with audio on new Panny tv

    That looks perfect - it even comes with an optical cable
  12. Help with audio on new Panny tv

    My Panasonic TV has an optical digital output which goes into my Victor DAC. You need to set the TV to output PCM stereo, NOT Dolby digital. A cheap, simple DAC will be fine for TV sound.
  13. Bye bye Oppo.

    Judging by the stock levels in my local HMV, DVD is still comfortably out-selling Blu-Ray. I don't suppose the people that sit 3 feet away from a 60" TV watching SD TV with the colour turned up to maximum can tell the difference. My brother and his mrs can't see the point of the HD Freeview channels: they claim they can see no difference from SD. Mind you, they also listen to music on the built-in speakers of a small tablet, and don't understand why anyone buys hi-fi!
  14. Roon Neucleus and Service

    LOL, computer audio is the new foo. Why do it on the cheap when you can do the same thing for shedloads more money? Find out more at