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  1. meninblack

    What are you listening to right now?

    [/img Sophie Hunger - Molecules CD
  2. OK if I pop in? I am no distance away (High Wycombe)
  3. meninblack

    What are you listening to right now?

    The National - I am Easy to Find CD
  4. meninblack

    What are you listening to right now?

    Karen O and Danger Mouse - Lux Prima CD
  5. meninblack

    What are you listening to right now?

    Honeyblood - In Plain Sight CD
  6. meninblack

    Richer Sounds gives free shares to staff

    I have no idea what this means. English, please.
  7. meninblack

    Sugden owners club

    It's light because it has a switching power supply - extremely unusual for class-A. Most amps with switching power supplies (Linn, Chord, Devialet) I detest with a vengeance. Has Sugden finally made one sound not awful? I had an IA4, wonder how they compare?
  8. meninblack

    4k streaming

    Blue Planet II is available in 4k on bit-torrent sites. As far as I know it's not illegal to download BBC programmes if you have a TV licence.
  9. I am playing FLAC and mp3 files from my MacBook Pro 15" (2019) to my DAC. two routes: 1. Mac -> HDMI -> TV > optical out -> DAC 2. Mac -> USB -> Musical Fidelity V-Link (Mk I) -> optical out -> DAC Player is either VLC Media Player or iTunes: makes no difference Source material is 44.1 kHz/16-bit according to Mediainfo So various Computafool websites tell me that for best results I should output to the DAC without resampling, ie at 16/44. But I can't! I am using audio settings to select the output device, and Audio MIDI Setup to select the output format for each device. With the TV selected, I can choose 32/16, 44/16 or 48/16 32/16: sounds fine, but DAC shows 48 kHz input 44/16: the same 48/16: the same OK so maybe the TV always upsamples to 48 kHz With the V-link selected, I can choose 32/24, 44/24, 88/24 or 96/24 32/24: sounds terrible, loads of crackle, DAC shows 48 kHz input 44/24: the same 48/24: sounds fine, DAC shows 48 kHz input 88/24: sounds terrible, loads of crackle, DAC shows 96 kHz input 96/24: sounds fine, DAC shows 96 kHz input WTF is going on?!
  10. I've had a few. Currently this:
  11. meninblack

    1 Metre pair of Atlas Titan Interconnects

  12. meninblack

    The Dambuster anniversary

    If we had lost the war, we WOULD be celebrating the blitz. In German.
  13. meninblack

    SOLD Rotel Michi RHB-10 RHC-10 RHQ-10

    Very nice. I used to have an RHB-10 and RHC-10 and it was a great-sounding combo. Much, much better than the four-box Cyrus set-up it replaced, and cheaper too.
  14. meninblack

    Advice, do I go valve, or stay SS class A??

    I used to run an ia4 with Turnberrys. Good combo, but needed an hour or so to properly warm up. In the end I preferred a warmer valve sound, but I have now gone back to SS class A with a Grandinote Shinai. This is a superb amp, but costs about twice as much as an ia4.