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  1. There is also the 100 mt Tsar Bomba. Where did it go? I reckon they dropped it whilst flying over Scotland as it was too heavy.
  2. I am now bored of coronavirus. I shall wander around supermarkets coughing loudly and sneezing. I shall not be washing my hands. I shall instead be watching interesting Russian documentaries about the Tsar Bomba.
  3. I just sneezed. I guess I will have to self-isolate.
  4. Newsnight was wall-to-wall coronavirus. Just as well I has started my panicking early. Tomorrow I will be running around my local supermarket to buy some tinned goods whilst wearing a microfibre cloth held on by masking tape. I'm thinking it will be safer if I run. I will also carry with me a long-handled broom and will use it push people out of the way so as to avoid any virus super-spreaders.
  5. Can I just pop in to ask who remembers Tank? They were awesome...
  6. Hundreds could be spreading it in London, as we speak Have now moved forward my panicking to 8 pm this evening. if no masks in Wilko, I'm thinking a microfibre cloth and masking tape.
  7. I heard somebody cough today. I'm not panicking yet ...but... I think I might soon. I've pencilled in Thursday afternoon. Probably around 4.30 or 5-ish.
  8. Seems a bit of an amateur sleuth. Probably suffers from delusions of grandeur. Thanks, but I'll stick to trusted, expert voices like Hank Kunneman. I'm sure Tom Horn will know whats going on too. Hopefully he'll have posted a video on YouTube.
  9. Oh dear. Coronavirus would appear to be everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Whilst I have not been to Italy or China recently and I do not feel ill, I did eat some German smoked cheese yesterday and I do feel a bit tired today. Perhaps I should self-isolate?
  10. Van Halen's early demos. Triffic stuff.
  11. I saw a full section of pickled onion Walkers in my local Asda. I therefore declare this thread total nonsense.
  12. Ja. Nicht nein. That's the great Cathal Coughlan.
  13. Incidentally, there is a sad lack of good quality early live stuff. A real shame. But this is decent quality and they really were tremendous I think in hindsight they were never the same after the success of 'The one I love'.