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  1. I'd sum this up as workmanlike. It's solid indie/college rock, but not very original or remarkable. One famous song. The rest is all a bit ho-hum.
  2. Kiev ????

    Don't start praising Putin's actions in Crimea.
  3. The opening track was good. Somewhere between Nick Drake and Suzanne Vega. Very nice. But albums often put their strongest track first and sadly it was downhill after that. There's nothing new and all a bit too twee. Track 6 was good, though. Back to that darker, Nick Drake feel. So two good tracks while the rest was forgettable and dull.
  4. Well, it was a bit risky for the Wam demographic. Maybe I should have gone for Stormzy?
  5. I like track 5. As that's the one that reminds me of Laura Nyro. I also like track 9. Probably as that one reminds me of Brainfeeder/Thundercat stuff. First track is also good. And track 4 is very pleasant, if a bit too sweet a melody. So plenty of good tracks. It's certainly a contemporary album I can enjoy and appreciate, even if not all of it floated my boat. I think a worthy winner of the Mercury. And far better if da yoof are listening to a finely crafted album like this rather than some vile, manufactured X Factor s***e.
  6. How's about we check out this year's Mercury prize winner? 'Process' by Sampha. When I had a quick check of the nominees, I thought this sounded the best by far. But I haven't had a full listen so I'll be joining in the album club this week. Very much a singer/songwriter album. Lots of piano. Bits of it even remind me of Laura Nyro. Not too 'urban'. And it's that melodic, Thundercat style of urban so I think the WAM demographic will find it reasonably appealing. Spotify link: Deezer:
  7. Interestingly different for the Album Club. Some of it a bit too proggy and clumsy for my tastes, but there's plenty of variation and some decent tracks. Sounds promising. A bit too long so haven't been able to give it a full end-to-end listen. I would need to do that to give it a proper judgment.
  8. Walter Becker RIP

    Very sad when I saw it on Twitter. One of the greats. A major dude...
  9. Best bit for me was the clapping at the start... ...Actually only now just listening. You'd really need to be a fan of his guitar playing as there's not much else to it. Very gentle and atmospheric (I only knew him from Hocus Pocus). I didn't really recognise Classical Gas. I think will be a bit long and dull for me, but I like the concept of a bloke just playing his guitar. Can't knock that.
  10. It's all been done before (many, many times) and it's a predictable American signer-songwriter album, but some nice moments. Tracks 3 and 5 are good. I thought the album went downhill after track 5. Was quite enjoying it up to then, but the second half of the album was weaker. The end track has a nice bit in it, though. The songwriting quality that you need to make such a familiar formula into something special wasn't there for me. Average-ish.
  11. RIP Glen Campbell

    It's RIP time for country legend Glen Campbell. He'd been ill with Alzheimer's for some time. He may not have written his great songs, but those handful of songs he did with Jimmy Webb were truly magnificent. We'll have this...
  12. Haven't had a chance to listen to this properly. Am now having a skip through (and afraid only on me phone...). Bearing that in mind, I don't think I like it. At all. Bland and old fashioned. Weak melodies. Will attempt a proper listen, but this won't be my cup of tea.
  13. I also discovered her on Spotify (or was it YouTube...). Anyway, great album. I've played it a lot. She's channelling Joni, but she's channelling Joni when she was making some of the greatest albums ever. So fair enough. "Earth to Heaven' is especially fantastic. And when I say fantastic, I mean fantastic. The last track is a bit weak, but the rest of this is excellent.
  14. 2017 Mercury Prize Nominees

    Well, I've just had a sample of the albums and a bigger shock is that you have J Hus. I am presuming you suffered a nasty bump on the head some time ago. My sympathies. Hope you get better soon. Anyway, having had a quick sample, it seems to me that Sampha deserves to win. Though I quite like this year's token jazz entry (Dinosaur).
  15. 2017 Mercury Prize Nominees

    A member of Hi-Fi Wigwam who has a Stormzy album????????????? Say what? Is this even allowed? The Sampha album sounds quite nice. I was having a listen recently.