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  1. I saw a full section of pickled onion Walkers in my local Asda. I therefore declare this thread total nonsense.
  2. Ja. Nicht nein. That's the great Cathal Coughlan.
  3. Incidentally, there is a sad lack of good quality early live stuff. A real shame. But this is decent quality and they really were tremendous I think in hindsight they were never the same after the success of 'The one I love'.
  4. They were fantastic in the early days. When on I.R.S. records. Up to 'Life's Rich Pageant' is a spectacular runs of albums. Still good afterwards, but lacked the early magic. Some of the later albums, I've never even listened to.
  5. You should check my supermarket. By which I mean the website 'my supermarket'. I don't literally have a supermarket. They indicate only Asda and Ocado have them Possibly Asda have done an exclusive deal. Or a factory shortage. Or possible they are poor sellers and other supermarkets don't bother stocking them now.
  6. It is also very important to listen to this man. I think he also advises the WHO.
  7. I believe he advises the WHO* and I believe he has the cure! ______________________ * The World Health Organization, not the rock band.
  8. This remains absolute perfection.
  9. It's a chuffing bomb cyclone Quite possible that the island of Great Britain will be swept away into Norway.
  10. If Ciara didn't get you, Dennis will. A month's worth of rain and gale force winds. So an umbrella is needed, but I'm wondering exactly how useful an umbrella is going to be.
  11. Oh my. This is grave. Very grave. I suspect even Wilko won't have any.
  12. Don't be foolish. I have seen a video on YouTube that said* it was a time machine. Next you will be saying that videos on YouTube aren't true. * Probably that is what they said if you speak Hindi.
  13. You are spreading disinformation. Clearly Die Glocke was a time machine.
  14. I haven't read this thread (because I am lazy), but have you heard the theory that The Bell (in German, Die Glocke) was used by Hitler as a time machine? Quite compelling. He would not have been able to travel into the past (not possible), but it is possible he travelled slightly into the future (might be possible if you go fast enough). That is likely why there are reports that he surfaced in South America, but there are no reports of his escape. Some believe that Roswell was Hitler's landing. The Bell travelled a coupe of years into the future then crashed back to the present.