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  1. We see clearly the hologram drone at Heathrow today in the picture below. And a staggering sight at Victoria station this morning. I estimate close to half a million Chinese and Russian soldiers were arriving in London. I tried alerting the ticket inspectors, but they weren't even slightly interested.
  2. Not long now till we'll need to be off to our Brexit bunkers. I shall be broadcasting an alert from the top of the Crystal Palace transmitter when the time comes. How is your Brexit bunker going? I'm just installing the lighting in mine. Took me a long time to dig it out.
  3. As I say, holograms. Done by lasers. From outer space. The work of state actors.
  4. I think they were hologram drones. Done with lasers from outer space. I think China and Russia getting ready to invade and are testing our defences. I saw huge numbers of Chinese and Russian troops on the Piccadilly Line today. Carriages full of them. Train after train.
  5. Really weird anomaly captured on the CCTV last night. I think it's probably just a trick of the light though. Or maybe a fox from the nearby railway embankment? But you have to wonder why now. So soon after the discovery of the monolith. The CCTV has never captured anything like it before. Weird.
  6. I mean, an iceberg?? Do they have a giant ice cube tray in the South Pole, perhaps?
  7. They've found an iceberg monolith.. In the South Pole. Found by NASA. Is this really an iceberg? I mean, really? I find that very hard to believe. Or is it maybe an alien space craft?
  8. Plus where are Cirques du Clunes these days? They were really good.
  9. I though he was really good. Shame we don't hear anything of Joe these days.
  10. Hmmmm. A puzzler. I'm still not sure. I can't decide. Like I say, a puzzler.
  11. I am somewhat unsure as to whether this man (the one the right, who was known as the Russian Sinatra) is wearing a wig? Hard to tell... Wig or no wig?
  12. I use a Steepletone Norwich Retro Wooden Record Player slash Radio in the light wood finish, However, it was with some interest and not a little excitement that I saw Steepletone have a new professional Turntable With Auto-Return Bluetooth Playback in a wood effect finish. The Camden. If I were to upgrade to The Camden, does anyone know what sort of gains I could expect if using a scale of 1 to 100 where the Norwich scores exactly 50 points on sound quality?
  13. The forum became a bloated mess in terms of sub-forums. Even reading threads is a bit of a mess. There is insufficient differentiation between posts, and insufficient contrast between text and background. It all merges into a greyness. Apart from the bright yellow mod posts. It makes it look like this is a forum for mods. Then there's the adverts. Then the 100 threads per page. I would recommend getting a different theme. If you can't do it, hire someone who can.
  14. Yeah, I was going to reply to the WAC thread and then found I couldn't... I had a listen on YouTube, expecting it to be dull, blues-y MOR nonsense. Which it mostly was. But there was a couple of bright spots. I liked 'Money'. And I liked 'Moving On'. So I think a shame he didn't include other songs beginning with 'Mo...'. He was clearly channelling Steely Dan for these tracks. Big time. Slick and atmospheric.
  15. 'After bathing at Baxter's' or 'Crown of Creation'. Both are superb. Baxter's just edges it as the best, I think. Haven't heard them ages... So I know what I'll have a listen to today.