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  1. Christ alive! Another filter system I'd not yet heard of!?? (Thanks, obviously - I look forward to reading up on them.)
  2. CPL. ND 5, 10 & 15 stops Not going any bloody where near grads. Pandoras box, and all that. It’s a fair point on the 100 x 100, but I really don’t see myself upgrading / side grading anytime soon (£££), so ..... (edit: whoah, that must qualify me for thicko of the month award. 5 and a 10 it is :-))
  3. Cheers Rick I only have the 12 40 for 'wide' work and have no plans to get one of those wizzbang wides that you have, so the Format-Hitech 85mm setup could well work well for me Like you, sometimes the 10 just isn't enough, so on reflection I'll be after a polarizer and 3 ND's.
  4. That’s a good comment, as it’s worth mentioning that they are for occasional use Of course, I’m hoping Santa takes care of it, but Santa still has his limits
  5. Thanks for the replies, chaps. More research to be done, as not only is Tillman’s suggestion new to me, but I’ve also stumbled across the NiSI M75 filter kit.
  6. So Christmas is coming, and this seems a good time for me (well, comeone else) to replace my lost filter pouch with filters. I'm after a CPL and a few ND's (5 and 10 stop) For those on here who use the 12-40 PRO ........ what filters do you use (if any) and would experience / adviuce could you impart? (FWIW I've previously used Hoya and been happy enough. Sadly, i think Santa will unceremoniously tell me to do one if I aslk him for the Lee Seven5 system, nice as it surely is.)
  7. Indeed so, squire Code to join this league: zqdjo4
  8. We've been in Bath the last few days (pics to follow post-Post) and this one seemed worth posting. A Brazilian lady entered the Spa water (rancid, as it turns out) wailing about being a child of Jesus and was clearly having a bit of a turn for the worse. She wouldn't leave the water (for three hours, apparently - i'd long since left.) The initial titters changed to worried looks as it became clear that she had as little intention of leaving the waters as the staff (and the local Officer Dibble, soon on the scene) had a scooby soo upon how to get her out. All accompanied to the rumble of various foreign tongues wondering what the actual fuck was going on. I took a shot, obviously.
  9. I’m sure there are worse things in life than only noticing in post that your ND’s are totally covered in water splashes ........ but I’m damned if I know what they are this morning
  10. Hi Greybeard. No worries. Ventured to the coast for some mornibg mist / sun rays from the east but little luck and a lot of odd light that I didn't know quite what to do with Sunset at Crackington was utterly gorgeous though
  11. @ greybeard : what are my odds of catching some coastline sunrise here on the north coast? I have TPE but extremely ropey 4G
  12. Thanks for the replies, chaps We're currently stationed at Crackington Haven, which is bloody bloody lovely. A few ropey phone edits below. I don't suppose any of them are particularly original but I haven't the time time to really wander; sunset = family dinner time Will be trying to get up to Bodmin at sunrise tomorrow, and a few sunsets hereon the north Cornwall coast before the shitty weather arrives in a few days
  13. I’d clean forgotten about the pebble beaches when I booked - there are a few sandy beaches within a short drive though so we’ll be checking them out ! Thanks for the tips - duly noted
  14. Probably worth mentioning that Durdle Door is already on the list