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  1. So, I got one of these last night.....and shortly after finishing it I got an OM-D M1 mm II on ebay Oops. Need to hope I can sell my mk I for a decent price Had told myself I'd wait for the M5 iii but it was a very nice bottle of wine
  2. I think I'll avoid that, to be honest Happy enough with my current selection. A return to the 17mm, or the Panna 15mm has been on my mind for a while, but the 12-40 Pro covers so (too) many of my needs that I think I'd end up not using it much ...... at least, that's what happened last time The 25mm suits me fine as a walkaround prime lens
  3. Cheers Richard Have spent the weekend catching up on the state of play on the forum, I presume that is the forum you refer to ? Not sure the X is something for me, but hopefully it'll nudge the mk II prices a wee bit down
  4. Hi Richard. Thanks for the advice. Full frame isn’t an interesting option for me at the mo, as the required investment is beyond what I want to chuck at it. A7 + decent / comparable glass would cost a bit too much wedge. I guess I’m just wary of Olly/Pan leaving M43 in the state they left 43......I’m not sure how much more they can squeeze out of the platform, though as you rightly say the IBIS is the devils work: amazing stuff. It may be a case of trying to pick up a used Mk II on the cheap, as and when that’s possible and sticking with it. The price difference between that option is significantly less than changing to Fuji / Sony / something else Until then I’ll “just” have to keep enjoying the mk I
  5. I have an Olympus OM-D M1 (original) with the 25mm, 12-40 pro and 40-150 lenses. I really like it, and have no particular complaints about it ...... frankly, I'm still LEARNING to use it It was bought used, and I normally keep an eye on used prices to make sure I'm not ending up holding a worthless brick that prevents upgrade / sidegrade / maintaining value. I got a nasty shock then when I was on eBay last night to see how much used M1 prices have fallen off a cliff the last 6 months. I have no particular desire to leave Olympus / M43, but I find the M1 mk II prohibitively expensive considering that - for what I need, at least - it's a modest upgrade over the mk 1 (Richard?) So my options are: 1) Stick with it for now, live with the depreciation, and hope for an interesting alternative in the M43 stable that allows time ..... to change to a different and better body (at a price) while keeping the excellent glass 2) Get shot and buy a used platform that has a bit of life in it yet, f.eks a Fuji X-T2 Any thoughts on what to do ? I don't suppose this is a unique situation
  6. I'm on here der too rarely these days. Every time I'm here, though, someone (called Richard) has a new bit of kit. Christ!!!
  7. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    The most wonderful light this morning over here. Lucky I was up to catch it
  8. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Cleethorpes Pier last night (iPhone)
  9. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Enjoying the gig photos - where are they taken ? We’ve just moved house, next door to a wood, so some exploring to be done Jnr on my shoulders, so phone only
  10. Craig

    Mirrorless with outstanding IQ in AUTO

    Never noticed. He has lovely chestnut eyes though, and a lovely head of hair
  11. Craig

    Mirrorless with outstanding IQ in AUTO

    Agreed. It's one of the reasons I moved to the M1 from the M5
  12. Craig

    Mirrorless with outstanding IQ in AUTO

    Not sure I'd expect it to blow it out of the water, though I have only tried the mk III In fact my (ignored) advice was to whack a 35mm prime on the Nikon and learn how to take proper shots, and not fanny around with switching platforms
  13. A friend seems rather fixated with moving on from his Nikon 3100 to a mirrorless kit. It's a size / new toy thing. He's a beginner, basically, and probably always will be - which is to say he shoots in AUTO and always will shoot in AUTO Given this limitation, does anyone have a feel for which of the usual suspects - Fuji / Olympus / Pana / Sony - would be the best bet for him? He'll probably stick with a kit lens, so digital shenanigans aside, he's not gonna be shooting low-light, or going for a bokeh-party I myself have Olly M43 but have no experience of shooting in AUTO
  14. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Wandering with the phone
  15. Craig

    'Shirt pocket' compact cameras

    Social Media. I heard some kids say it so I was just trying to be hip.