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  1. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Christ! *goes back to the drawing board*
  2. Craig

    Gear storage at home

    While I sometime wonder whether some of you have a flipping garage for all your gear, do we have any top Wam tips for sorting and storing gear at home? I’m soon moving house and wouldn’t mind moving on from my current regime of ‘most of its in the old bag I use for home storage, the chargers where I left it last week, and “who the fuck’s moved my new SD card”’ system Space is a bit of a premium but then I only have my M43 gear and a desk for the MB / screen........wall shelf’s aren’t an option as it’s in the loft. I’m a wee bit tempted to keep the gear in a tenba bag I’ve stopped using, or get an even bigger one, as it has all the compartments I need ........ but I think it’s nice to sit down at the desk and see a bit of kit. Sorry. So, hit me: how do you store yours ?
  3. Craig

    WAM Fantasy football 2016/17 + historic posts

    So - no posts since the beginning of the season. Not. feckin. one. Anyway, here's one to finish off the season. See you all next year
  4. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Thanks. I was up at 4.15 to catch the sunrise I’m chuffed to bits with a few of the shots from the walk, for the light alone. Needs a proper edit and a better crop though
  5. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    A few weeks out of season now, but hey: cherry blossom
  6. Sorry to hear the Sony didn't work out for you, though welcome back to the club !
  7. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Koh Lanta lighthouse, Thailand
  8. Looks sexy as ***, that’s for sure Which Q model is it ?
  9. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    A few Thai sunsets. Once I get off my lounger I’ll try and find something more interesting to take shots of
  10. I haven't noticed many OM-D'ers with this lens, so I'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts Good luck.
  11. Right. Well, that all seems perfectly sensible :-) Good luck with the A7 switch - I'll be following closely. I cannot help but shudder at the thoughtthe SOny menus could be any worse than those on the Olympus, but hey. ho What lens(es) did you walk out with ?
  12. I thought it had gone a bit quiet since you went to LCE, I was just looking on the wrong thread. So, let me see if I've got this right: you have kept the PEN, and now have a Sony A7RII and an X100F ......... and you went into the shop looking for a FF NIkon ?
  13. I think you might be right. I have had the Peak Design everyday messenger since Christmas. As a messenger bag it is peerless - a thoroughly well-conceived work of art As an M43 messenger, however, it's a bit more hmmmm. Those wee flappy dividers are about 1% as effective as they ought to be, esp with regard to height. The M43 kit isn't the largest, so I'm left with a quite a lot of space on top, albeit with no chance of the bag opening up and spilling its guts courtesy of the fastening. But there's the rub. What's the perfect camera bag ? Sometimes I want that extra space for an extra mid layer, scarf, packed lunch etc. Other times not so. I also don't want a bag that screams "£££ worth of kit in here, Pikeys." I'm sniffing around a Tenba Cooper 13 slim (that stripe on the DNA puts me off) to compare to Peak Design - I'll report back as and when I have a sneaking feeling though that what I really need is a Tenba BYOB insert, and a range of fucntional bags into which it can be placed and a easily accessed.