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  1. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    The most wonderful light this morning over here. Lucky I was up to catch it
  2. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Cleethorpes Pier last night (iPhone)
  3. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Enjoying the gig photos - where are they taken ? We’ve just moved house, next door to a wood, so some exploring to be done Jnr on my shoulders, so phone only
  4. Craig

    Mirrorless with outstanding IQ in AUTO

    Never noticed. He has lovely chestnut eyes though, and a lovely head of hair
  5. Craig

    Mirrorless with outstanding IQ in AUTO

    Agreed. It's one of the reasons I moved to the M1 from the M5
  6. Craig

    Mirrorless with outstanding IQ in AUTO

    Not sure I'd expect it to blow it out of the water, though I have only tried the mk III In fact my (ignored) advice was to whack a 35mm prime on the Nikon and learn how to take proper shots, and not fanny around with switching platforms
  7. A friend seems rather fixated with moving on from his Nikon 3100 to a mirrorless kit. It's a size / new toy thing. He's a beginner, basically, and probably always will be - which is to say he shoots in AUTO and always will shoot in AUTO Given this limitation, does anyone have a feel for which of the usual suspects - Fuji / Olympus / Pana / Sony - would be the best bet for him? He'll probably stick with a kit lens, so digital shenanigans aside, he's not gonna be shooting low-light, or going for a bokeh-party I myself have Olly M43 but have no experience of shooting in AUTO
  8. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Wandering with the phone
  9. Craig

    'Shirt pocket' compact cameras

    Social Media. I heard some kids say it so I was just trying to be hip.
  10. Craig

    'Shirt pocket' compact cameras

    Good point - I get some lovely shots off my iPhone / Snapseed, and anyone who follows MarkLJ-types on SoMe will no doubt agree that they can do soo much. Utter crap in tricky conditions though
  11. Craig

    Fuji X-T3

    Indeed. Ive been really rather surprised that the trio of new releases haven't blazed an IBIS trail - after the huge success it has been on the Olympus bodies, I'd have thought it'd have become more mainstreamed by now I could easily be convinced to move on from the M1, but the lack of IBIS options is leaving me to keep the M1 in place
  12. Craig

    'Shirt pocket' compact cameras

    Used Fuji X100S? ........ though IIRC the AF isn't the fastest, so if you take pics of kids then it'd not be a great choice If you can live without an EVF then a Panasonic LX15 seems very popular Then there's the ubiqutous Sony RX100, though the newer ones are bloody expensive, IMHO
  13. Craig

    Nikon Z range

    I agree with a lot of that Not being a pro shooter, and having never encountered an SD failure, I'm a little unsure as to how essential two slots are for a casual like myself A pancake would be very high on my list of wanna-see's too - I don't mind the size of the 24-70 for most shooting, but a pancake for street / wandering would be ideal Price wise it's rather good, I think. Coming from an Olympus , it's a chunk more than the M1 II, but (on paper) enough better for me to have a good think about it
  14. Craig

    Nikon Z range

    So I suspect I am not the only one keeping an eye on Nikon's site today ? I won't be rushing in, but I have been wondering for some time how I would 'future proof' my kit, and this might be what I have been looking for. Thought it might not. At first glance, I'm a wee bit dissapointed to see such large primes: I've got rather used to what Olympus can do with a compact prime If the IQ and usability are as good as the (untested) hype, then I could be tempted to few a quid back in Nikons direction.
  15. Craig

    WAM Fantasy football 2018/19

    Thanks. A lucky start is just lucky The hard bit starts now. Oodles of weeks for that lead to be chipped away at, and IME it normally only takes one or two cackhanded weeks (and a few unjudicious nights on the sauce) for me to blow it