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  1. Craig

    WAM Fantasy football 2018/19

    Thanks chaps. Everything came together, and then some A one off, I feel quite sure
  2. Craig

    WAM Fantasy football 2018/19

  3. Craig

    A week in Hong Kong

    Bloody hell - there are some keepers in there, Richard - well done After the Storm standout winner IMHO
  4. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    More Brussels traffic (last one, I promise) That's just totally bonkers - leaving aside the high-roller Leica-Q-crowd, who on earth would buy a "compact camera" now ?
  5. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Brussels traffic
  6. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Brussels scooter
  7. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    Brussels skyline
  8. Craig

    Gorillapods - anyone use them for travel ?

    Well, I won’t say it was a simple experience, but I managed to get by with the gorilla pod on the Brussels trip. Certainly a damn sight easier than taking a small ‘proper’ tripod with me, and - in addition to the sitting on a hedge shot below - the gorillapod excelled at allowing me to affix it to a railing or a post, which the other 'mini' options wouldn't have done
  9. Craig

    Adobe Photography Plan - help required please.

    I love this video. It’s as if Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman had a quieter nerdy younger brother who was really into photography
  10. Craig

    Gorillapods - anyone use them for travel ?

    Cheers Les I have a 3LT Punk Travis, I think. It's not carbon, and around 15kg IIRC. I could take it at a push, but I'd rather not cart it around with me attached to my bag TBH. Olly in a pouch and Joby in the back pocket Have bought the Joby now, it'll come in really handy for when I go wild camping in a few months time. Weight is king so that vs the 3LT tripod is a no brainer Thanks for your help, as always
  11. Craig

    Gorillapods - anyone use them for travel ?

    I'd looked at that too, and as good as it looks, I figured it offered less flexibility (I.e. I can't attach it to a post / railing) and I still have to go doggy style if I want to set a shot up from the pavement. Do you do that, or just look for something to plonk it on? That's my main concern; that there would be insufficient things to rest such a tripod upon
  12. I'm heading away for a few long weekends in the coming weeks, and I'm trying to keep it all to carry-on luggage. I quite fancy doing some big-city night-photography, which requires a tripod I 'could' pack and walk-around with my wee-ish 3-legged-thing tripod, but I'm wondering whether I should instead use a gorillapod. I have an old one from years back which I ever really used then, and can't use now as my kit is much bigger / heavier (relatively) and my main conern is that if there's nothing to sit the Gorillapod on or around, then I'll end up getting down on my knees to take shots with it on the ground, which seems like a royal pain in the ass in waiting. Has anyone been happy to use them for city work, or is it just too much faff to find something to which it will attach / sit upon?
  13. Craig

    Random image of the day 3

    We were supposed to have the Northern Lights last night. Did we feck. So here yet another shot of the local bathing pier
  14. Craig

    Norther Lights tonight - Top Wam Tips ?

    So, northern lights they said. As near as promised it, they did. Northern lights my ‘kin fat hairy arse. What a swizz! Thanks for the tips though, much appreciated esp. at such short notice! The evening was “enlightened” by a late and very red moon rising on the horizon.........RIGHT ABOVE the nuclear power station on the other side of the sound. There were 30 secs where I felt very nervous. Then all was clear
  15. We have the northern lights this evening, so am probably gonna head to a park north of Copenhagen to get a shot Any tips? I have a composition in mind which has a hunting lodge in the foreground, but I’m wondering where I’m just wasting my time with the foreground and should just go for a pana with as much of the lights as possible Never tried shooting them before, but will google a bit before heading out