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  1. Have I missed anything, or am I ok to vanish for another half-a-dozen or so years?
  2. Teaching granny to suck eggs but you don't exit until your path is clear to do so, or the oncoming car completes its manoeuvre. In this case it would either be turning in, or passing you. Indicators can easily be left on unintentionally. We've all done it! Until the car and driver do either of the above , you should stay put. If the space is sufficient to pull out regardless of the drivers intentions, then that's the correct manoeuvre as you're unlikely to get t-boned! It's how you are taught and is in the Highway Code. Unfortunately it's lazy driving to make an assumption of what another road users intentions are. You can never really know, so you are deliberately taught to drive defensively. We seldom do though!
  3. Someone might have money they want 'cleaning'. They've probably got a rusty old Hotpoint twintub on for 6k to help with that.
  4. Ahhh, but units of this era came with a 'knickers up, or down' slider and a 'parents home early' warning mode. They can't advertise this for legal reasons as they were outlawed come the advent of the midi system.
  5. kingsxfan


    3-2, stick with it.
  6. They can help with mildly warped records, bringing them flush against the platter. They can also have a damping effect which would no doubt be measurable with the right equipment.
  7. I think you'd need to hear something you think represents, what you'd like to gain. There are very big subjective gains to be had, but then there's the cost! I'd personally go for a really good phono stage, audition one, see if that brings on what you already have. You may decide that, and a really good cart, gives your already capable deck a lift that refreshes your listening experience. Will it be enough? Well, that's the big question really.
  8. Good luck Jack, they do actually sound better than they look. I can vouch for that!
  9. Arm and cart sold which leaves the deck..... Still for sale, HUGE saving on a new one, which for the deck alone is currently well over £6k. This is a genuine wam bargain £2.3k firm, boxed etc. Superb German precision engineering and one of the best bearings in the business, regardless of price - zero tolerance! Will leave it up for another week or two then will be stored for future use..................some time.....
  10. He has his reel on upside down = fishing fail.
  11. Indeed, my user name is actual down to the fact that they are/were one of my absolute favourite bands in the early 90's. The first four albums are simply masterpieces, if you like hard rock fused with heavy blues and a bit of smattering of soul/gospel, you need to have these on replay for a few weeks. If you don't hear something you don't like, then don't tell me you love music!
  12. You'd have been very suprised at the synergy between this particular high mass deck and the Hadcock, John. When this was suggested around the time of purchase I thought someone was having a laugh. It was only when I heard them both together with a decent MC, it still remains as one of my biggest 'wow' moments in hifi. Plus, I've yet to hear any turntable that made me think, that's so much better, want one! The point is moot anyway seeing as the arm and cart have now moved on (as is my interest into expensive'ish hifi) but synergy exists in some truly strange combinations. We shouldn't let our preconceived notions or ideas get in the way of making the right choices. It really is no coincidence that a lot of AS users have Hadcocks or other unipivots fitted, even on the 7.5k flagship. That is of course, you are totally against unipivots from an engineering point fo view! I'm sure the OP will find something that suits his pocket and his ears, the best thing you can do is try and listen to a few decks. Unless he's willing to drop a substancial wad of cash, I doubt he'll get a massive jump on from the Thorens. I went from a Roksan deck to a Gert Pedersen modified Orbe, the changes were not huge at all. The 'wow' factor came when spending serious money, which understandably, not everyone is willing or able to do. But as with all things, you pays your money.....