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  1. Listening on these now. Had then for years, and I've no desire to upgrade. Great headphones at a good price
  2. Decent cosmetic condition, given age. Music comes out distorted, though (even if just using as power amp). Free to collect from Dundee (preferred) or can probably post if someone is keen. If posting, recipient can donate to GiveDirectly instead of paying postage costs
  3. Thanks! I'll take a look at those models. Any other suggestions, let me know
  4. I'd like a cheap amp for a garage/gym system - what do you good people have It's to drive some Castle Pembroke speakers - so doesn't need to be massively powerful (they don't have huge power handling) but I want something with more oomph than a wee Sonic Impact T Amp. A power amp or integrated or old av amp would be fine (it'll be driven by a Chromecast with its own volume control). £20 or £30 would be ideal - it's not exactly for critical listening, and all amps do sound the same I'm in Dundee, if anyone is local.
  5. Ha! Whether the tweeters are at ear height depends on whether I'm doing squats or pull ups... This is the speakers in their current habitat. Not exactly ideal acoustics, but they're sounding pretty nice. Arguably the speakers are too good for a garage system but the last owner was definitely a smoker - and the smell hadn't shifted...
  6. I've been playing with the equaliser on this (to cut bass). It seems pretty basic, but better than nothing... I was curious if anyone had seen measurements or more detail on it - there's not much on Google's site.
  7. Thanks! Seem to be way working ok now - tempted to just leave until any more problems crop up, unless this is a bad idea?
  8. I might be interested in those speakers if Don isn't - enjoyed a pair in the past... They definitely have 1st call, though
  9. I've turned the speaker upside down, and it has either stopped the rubbing or made it almost inaudible (with v loud/deep bass it's hard to be sure if there's a slight run or something is resonating). They sound good, so I figure I may as well just run them with both upside down for now - sounds sensible? Thanks for the help! Speakers are sounding nice - St Vincent MassEducation is sounding lovely...
  10. Thanks. I'll start by trying turning it upside down when I'm home, then!
  11. I bought a pair of the original Castle Richmond speakers from eBay. They sound really good, except one of their bass drivers makes an odd vibrating/rubbing noise when there's a deep/loud sound played Any suggestions on how to diagnose/fix this would be great - does it sound like this is the magnet rubbing? I can't see any visually obvious problems. I know I could return them via eBay, but I won't - I bought them from a charity, and it's a hard fault to spot TBF (I'd played a good few tracks before Massive Attack's Angel made it obvious...) So ideas to fix would be great
  12. I've now ended up with a pair of Audioengine A5+ in the bedroom (got locally for £100, and they're great for the money) with some of the original Castle Richmond on the way - any experiences with those? I also have a pair of broken Rogers LS55, but at least the seller refunded those quickly...
  13. But amps all sound the same Sorry - didn't realise your current kit was under 'wigwam info'...
  14. Fair enough! They were cheap enough that I think the seller is refunding without wanting them posted back - anything worth trying before I see if anyone on freecycle wants them or take them to the tip...?
  15. I've just got some audioengine a5+. If you'd consider active speakers, these sound very nice at low volumes (though will also go very loud before struggling). I think the slightly 'warm' sound may be partly why they sound nice at low volumes. They do seem to slightly emphasise some bass frequencies, though, so may not suit your room...