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  1. ClassikFan

    proac 1sc or d1

    I remember hearing yours at Scalford in the early days Henry! That's what led me to buying a pair for myself. Your Tannoys are a of bit different scale, eh?
  2. ClassikFan

    proac 1sc or d1

    I have a pair of 1-SC's bought about 9 years ago from the classifieds on here. Wouldn't swap them for anything else, definitely a keeper. The do seem to bend the laws of physics with the apparent base response. Mine still seem to be in good nick but I wonder about sending them to ProAc for a service & TLC.
  3. ClassikFan

    Lost Luggage

    Well heard today that case has been found at Munich airport, will be back with us within 24 hours. Happy ending, hurrah!
  4. ClassikFan

    Lost Luggage

    It was British Airways, not sure if that is good for claims or not.
  5. ClassikFan

    Lost Luggage

    I flew home from a long weekend in Munich Monday evening and waited in vain for my suitcase to appear on the carousel. Reported the missing item at the desk and was told the case would be delivered to my home the next day. Had a text within 20 minutes informing me that a missing bag case had been lodged but since then there has been no further info other than to report they haven't yet located it. Looks like we can put in a claim for the loss if nothing turns up after 3 days. What is the normal result of such a claim? Most items of value were in the hand luggage but we have lost some decent clothes and my wife's make up holiday gifts etc? Will I need to provide proof of ownership of the missing items? Anyone had this happen to them in the past? I just don't know what I should expect.
  6. ClassikFan

    Thinking of buying a Discovery TD5

    Well it is MOT time again and the Disco failed :-( It needed a new ball joint on the steering arm and that was all. Will be back on the road again tomorrow and the new bit only cost a fiver.]
  7. ClassikFan

    6 Music festival - Bristol, 12-14 Feb

    I saw Savages a week or so before the 6 Music festival and they were superb, must see them again soon.
  8. Looks interesting, I'll reserve the first book at my library. Thanks Serge Edit, Just found out my wife already has the 1st of the series on our Kindles. Sorted.
  9. Having read Rankins Rebus, Billinghams Thorne & all of Michael Connelly + most Lynda La Plante and Val McDermid I am looking for a new series of books to read. Any good suggestions please?
  10. ClassikFan


    Any advice on what type of yoga a beginner should look for? I thought I might give it a go about a year ago but was put of by all the different types/terminology. Whats it all mean?
  11. ClassikFan

    Dickensian. ...

    enjoying this too, first episode was hard work but once you get the gist/characters sorted it is good entertainment. Like Engy Baby was surprised to see MJ back from the dead to play the Artful Dodger!
  12. ClassikFan

    Bicycle racing

    Get some experience of riding in a group. Before starting mass start races you need to feel comfortable being close to the wheel in front and going handlebar to handlebar. Sudden movements are not a good idea unless you are totally aware of who is around you. Join a club and get out with a decent size group and see how you like it. Crashes seem to be on the rise in bunched racing these days due to lots of low experience newbies. Don't let me put you off - it is the best feeling in the world IMO, but you need to be safe for your own sake but also for the rest of the bunch.
  13. Glad to hear life is getting back on track for you and Margaret.
  14. ClassikFan


    I was looking at Tudor watches in a Jeweler on Thursday. Interest free credit makes them even more attractive.
  15. ClassikFan

    Happy day,

    Every home should have a dog. A new chapter begins.