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  1. Thanks mate, I've had a look but I can't see any of those for sale. I've currently got my eye on the Q Acoustics 3010 / 3020. I wouldn't normally have bothered buying new but they seem to be getting some extremely good reviews. Would I be better off going for something second hand @ £100ish than these or are these likely as good as it gets for £170 (considering my usage)?
  2. Cheers. There are some on ebay ending soon, if they don't go up too much I might take a punt. Otherwise I've seen some Rega RS1s. I'll keep having a look.
  3. Good evening. I seem to spend rather a lot of time at my computer, and when the Mrs isn't in, I sometimes prefer speakers rather than being tethered to my headphones. I won't be using these a huge amount, but it would be nice to have something half decent. I have just bought a rather well reviewed T-Amp off Amazon and need some speakers to go with it. I want something with a wood finish, and under £150 if possible (second hand). I had my eye on Tannoy M1 and Monitor Audio R90 so far, any comment on those? Or any suggestions? They have to work well in the corner of the room on my wood desk. If they sound fast and fun but with a reasonable bottom end (not expecting nor wanting big bass) then all the better.
  4. Thanks guys, can always rely on you lot to give no nonsense advice
  5. Currently using a Rega Mira. I've been wondering whether a budget amp these days, like a low end Rotel etc, would sound better than an old amp like the Mira? I would quite like a modern amp / DAC with remote to clear some clutter, but I don't want to spend a fortune. I know ebay has some chinese T-Amps with inbuilt DAC and remote for £200ish, would that be better than a Mira with a seperate (Beresford) DAC?
  6. Just to conclude this thread, the answer was pretty much staring me in the face, and I didn't realise it. I remembered my Beresford DAC (which was out of action) have a variable analogue output, which you can control with the volume knob on the front of the DAC. So new PSU for £15 (cheaper than any attenuators I could find) and not only do I have my DAC back, but I've solved my issue too. Happy days
  7. Cheers, attenuators it is then. Thanks for the suggestions ETA I think mine is an earlier Mira so might not have the switch, and to answer the other question, speakers are rega elas.
  8. Hi tel, thanks, its just a rega Mira, along with a cheap Beresford DAC.
  9. Is there a way without degrading sound quality that you can reduce the sensitivity of the volume knob on an amp, I don't have the option to reduce the output level of the source. Any ideas?
  10. I've had a chance to have a proper listen to the Mira. My, what a sweet little amp it is. It certainly has something about it that I can't put my finger on, but its very enjoyable to listen to, smooth and natural yet lively and bouncy, an excellent match for these speakers.
  11. Cheers Purité North, I might just do that in the interests of saving money, I never really had any complaints with it in the past just wondered if things had moved on much.
  12. So I've got the Mira. Initial impression is that it doesn't sound as powerful as the HK which really did have a big sound, but the rega seems smoother, more natural and seems more tuneful. I suppose running their amp and speakers together helps there. Now, I need a DAC to go with it. Nothing expensive. I've already got a Beresford tc-7510 but the power supply has popped. So should I fix this or get something else, anything out there that is worth having for a cheap price?
  13. Yep, I'm still alive I've not really done anything hifi wise in recent years, been pretty happy with what I had, soundwise. Being a poor northern monkey I can't really afford anything fancier either. I will do. I had no complaints at all with the HK6550, I've owned it longer than any amp I've ever had, and it was only the lack of remote that proved to be the end for it - I want to use it all of the time, but it never gets used other than for music because of the volume variances between TV channels, adverts etc. I would have gone for the 6550R but £400!!! I've always fancied seeing how a Rega amp goes with the Elas, should be a good match in theory. If I'm honest, I don't really know what to expect from the Mira!
  14. Doesn't matter fellas, I saw a Rega Mira with a remote on ebay so bought that, seems like it'll be a good match for my speakers.