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  1. Don is collecting them on Monday. Thanks for interest
  2. In really rather nice condition. They're free because even though the tweeters work, they're not as loud as they should be...seem to remember they're reading about 2.5 ohms or so and they should be 4. Or 8. No postage, sorry. Collection within 2 weeks please from Braintree or I'll just flog the woofers on eBay.
  3. No arm etc Apparently in good working order in terms of motor, electrics etc. Lid has had some sort of hot wire resting on it so there are dents. From Braintree in Essex. Not posting, sorry. Nothing in 2 weeks = bin as I have way too much tat around.
  4. Can I be backup please? Thanks
  5. A friend always warned me off Behringer amps- notable for frying speakers apparently due to poor quality output stages
  6. the Denon is a MC- need a MM I'm afraid. Rob- have replied to your post
  7. A friend has just got, for some reason, a '1210 in used condition and doesn't trust the cartridge that's with it. Whats the the most 'reasonably priced' option bearing in mind that all it will see is Bob Dylan...definitely not DJ use! I see one recommended one is the AT440MLa but thats £125...thinking more the £40 range. Anything out there?
  8. Had a problem with my speakers- someone had fitted the wrong type of coil and now found out that the capacitor is 110uF, 50v whereas the stock one is a 100uF , 50v. The original cap is unbranded...the new ones ALCAP. Given they're pretty high end speakers it would make sense, even though it is a pain, to replace them both with an identical pair? Which brands/shops etc should i be looking at and are there varying qualities of them? have found the original coil in the other speaker so it is just a question of sorting the caps out! Ta
  9. I've used B&W DM3s, Kef Concertos, Rogers lS3/5as, Monitor Audio MA3s and IMHO they can comfortably hold their own with modern £500-700 floorstanders sonically but obviously modern speakers have a much smaller footprint and are more SWMBO friendly. More modern, slimmer speakers won't have the sheer effortless extension too unless they're uber deep things (like Audio Physic Virgos etc)
  10. Well if you're just using a pair of RCA cables from the audio out of the TV to the amp then the best sound you'll get is ProLogic You need ,at least, to get a digital cable (optical or coax) from the Blu-Ray to the amp to give you Dolby Digital or DTS in surround sound (assuming you have 5 or more speakers). You will still need to keep the feed from the TV to the amp as well for when you're not watching DVDs/ Blu-rays
  11. SSM- Kenwood DP-7090 cd player - good call For me: Philips CD960 cd player- just a Marantz CD94 but rarer. Wharfedale Harewood speakers- rare as rocking horse shit...will never part with my pair. Proof that Wharfedale made something good in the 90s! Kef 101- nicer than LS3/5as IMO Mordaunt Short MS10i Classic Rel Stadium Nad 3020 Sharp SD-NX10 lifestyle system (without the stock speakers of course though!)
  12. have some people managed to get Hammersmith tickets? how come? On ticketmaster it says: Onsale to General Public Start: Fri 06/03/09, 09:00 Start: Wed 04/03/09, 09:00 End: Fri 06/03/09, 08:00 So you can't actually get them till 3rd April? Damn...i thought they were being all American when in fact the tickets went on sale early March!! How much have people paid for their Hammersmith tickets?
  13. oh wow, didn't know Donald and Walter toured the UK too- will have a look into this, thanks for the heads-up!
  14. Rory

    HiFi on the Telly

    I had a pair of Philips speakers that were featured in the James Bond 'View to a kill'
  15. Superfi have this, brand new , at half price: 7 days only. Apparently