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  1. I think there was a good review of the SS-NA2ES in Stereophile recently - was by JA if I remember rightly, so a nice technical analysis. Just a point, but I suspect the price on the Sony website is per 'speaker, but if my suspicion is incorrect that sounds like a complete bargain!
  2. Biscuit

    Project: Horns

    Definitely should, I agree - just need to find 4 channels of matching amplification and get a new set of Dynaudio surrounds... Which is probably a bit too much activation energy when it comes to hifi these days! Having said that I came home this weekend to set up the big L300's and give them a final test - have spent a whole day playing album after album, they are totally epic - best 'speaker I've owned. Hence, to get back on topic, I'd say that 3-way with a direct radiator doing bass might be compromised for total horn heads (and probably also empirically speaking in terms of lower mids), but I reckon it is satisfying enough for most of us.
  3. Biscuit

    Project: Horns

    reminds me that I've still got those active monitors with the JBL Bi-radial horn mated to 8" Dynaudio drivers in the garage...
  4. horrible song, but was the thing that came to mind when thinking of something electronic with a big breakdown ala Harlem Shake.
  5. You could get what is regarded as one of the greatest V-FET amplifiers of all time for less? (this might be dodgy though, can't really decide)
  6. it is a combination that screams taste, refinement, intelligence and I feel it says a lot about me as a man.
  7. heavily reduced 'Taste the Difference' pizza and curly fries. Yeah I'm 'bout that life bitches.
  8. Biscuit

    SIT part Deux

    Incredible work Pete, and not a crocodile clip in sight!
  9. I had a pair of the Soavo 1's - they were good all-rounders and easy to listen to, but for some reason didn't set my world on fire. I'd listen before purchase if possible.
  10. So is it a bit like using MF Superchargers strapped on the end of a little class A amplifier?
  11. Since I'm aiming to sell the JBLs and have already sold the Luxman, I might go hifi-less for a while in 2013 (currently mostly use laptop 'speakers or Beyer DT880's). Eventually might try some active monitors if I can think of a setup that fits with my diet of music mainly played from the laptop/Spotify.
  12. I rather like the swimming pool, the rest is predictably a bit 'Manchester Businessman'
  13. well, when in Rome... Also, I suspect the anal sex option is about as classy as a date in Wagamama's (sorry Hoops)
  14. forum fads have really moved upmarket since the days of ebay cables, budget DACs and second tier Japanese amps!