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  1. Hope you enjoy the evening as much as we did
  2. dudywoxer

    Vinyl is a life’s journey

    I can not remember the last album I bought, be that vinyl or cd. As it is 50 odd years since I started buying I can not remember the first album I bought either. I can remember the first record I bought, but I know I no longer have it. Some albums and tracks jolt memories but that's about it.
  3. went to see K.D. Lang at the bonus arean in Hull on Saturday, not the best of venues, or the best of support acts, but the lady and her band where absolutely bloody stunning. The voice has not lost anything over 20 odd years, and the bass player and lead guitarist are a bit special. If their are tickets available near you its wellworth the trip, both for the show and the memory lane bit.
  4. dudywoxer

    Doncaster Bake Off, 3rd August

    I realise that, but the sod may still be attending in spirit
  5. dudywoxer

    Doncaster Bake Off, 3rd August

    I can bring stuff as needed, If your short of owt nearer the time I will pack the boot, as long as I get to veto shitbrokers music all is good He did, and unusally he was right.......
  6. dudywoxer

    Classifieds - I would buy this if....

    how about the alternative, I would buy this, but its not very good?
  7. dudywoxer

    How much snake oil can one buy?

    seeing this sort of stuff I always think about my Grans ''one born every minute'', I think she was wrong on the quantity, must be more than one.
  8. dudywoxer

    Rega Owners Club

    It depends on the budget you have. I would say to get long term satisfaction from your purchase a P3, or better a P6. From a number of years playing around with carts, I would suggest a AT cart, the AT33tpg to me seems to offer the best value in terms of bang for buck, which means a decent quality phono stage, The aria is the obvious choice, but the Rothwell Rialto and edwards audio MC1 are worthy of consideration. If you are prepared to spend more then the choice obviously widens.
  9. dudywoxer

    Spendor A4 v Dynaudio Special 40 demo

    the rega is more than capable of driving the speakers, dont be put off by where the volume control turns to for a given level, Rega make much more of the travel useable than many. To me its a lot better than 2 being to quiet and 4 taking your head off. Drawing you into the music is a bit of a thing with Rega. When I changed my Cursa\exon for an elicit R a fair few amps just left me cold. The biggest surprise was how musically dead the much lauded moon kit sounded. I seem to remember seeing a comment from Rega, not sure if what Mr Gandy or Batemen saying they where much more interested in music replay than HI Fi. Having owned a fair bit of Rega kit over the years, I guess I know where the are coming from. If you thank you want more poer Rega have got a slightly more up market amp coming up for release soon the Aethos I think it's called.
  10. dudywoxer

    Stupid question: What's the difference...

    Good and poor examples of both exist, If I had to put a description to the sound of rim or direct drive, I think it would have to be relentless. This may well be down to the memories of various Technics and Gerrard's I have heard over the years. Both have flaws, just pick your poison and go with it.
  11. dudywoxer

    My word can't tht black stuff be good ?!

    why should it be anything v owtelse. Streamin, CD's, tape, and vinyl all with one very important thing in common, they all carry music. Sometimes, when you want to try new, or new to you music, streaming is the only sensible route, othertimes you want to immerse yourself into some old, well loved favourites. Then vinyl, and only vinyl is good enough. CD's fit somewhere inbetween in my case.
  12. having had all sorts of all types over the years, I would say it is more about the design than how many boxes it comes in. I get the valve// sold state thing having done it, but ultimatley come to the conclusion that it means you have bought the wrong amp in the first place. The multi box thing will probably appeal to the more OCD geekie ones among us. I decided I wanted less boxes, and more KISS factor. I often wonder if Naim went from Nait to pre power as a way of distinguishing themselves from the mega integrateds the Japs where turning out at the time. Dons steel helmet to suggest they couldn't do it with sound quality.
  13. dudywoxer

    Spendor A4 v Dynaudio Special 40 demo

    why not have a look around for secondhand A6 or A6r. They seem to be available at around a grand used, which not only saves you a stack of cash, but too me where a better speaker than the A4. Moine work very well in a 16 x 14 room with high ceilings. They can harden up a bit if played loud, sorry I mean if played LOUD, but that seem to go with use.
  14. dudywoxer

    Define a "Classic"?

    I suppose it could be argued that anything from the 60's and 70's that sounded good then is a classic. The best sounding stuff from that period will sound as good, or better than a lot of modern stuff. Voicing and feature count have changed. Improved is up for debate.
  15. dudywoxer

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    Music first by a country mile. Mostly when I have been looking to ''upgrade my hi-fi'' I have found better hi-fi, and less music involvement. It becomes easier to get the hi fi attributes, but less connection. Why am I on a hi-fi forum, cos I didn't know that before I started looking, and lurking behind the wam is a still active and very friendly social side, and some stunning people.