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  1. Rich in tonal balance? It's a while since, but I heard orton sounding rather marvelous through a set of Heco standmounts. I will try and figure out what model.
  2. so do we blame the tenants for having lowly paid jobs, and not being able to afford unrealistic rents for social housing? what outrage about Manchester, I mean what for?
  3. Given the above I would be tempted to track down the problem and fix it. Then use the new pc money to buy a basic with onboard processing.
  4. this may (or may not) help in the choice https://thenextweb.com/apple/2017/06/06/ios-11-flac-audio-iphone-ipad/#.tnw_46kyvjDn
  5. all he is saying is what a lot of posters on here have been saying for a while. If you want a system, buy on sounds or specs, but don't confuse jewellery of the masculine variety with either. If you prefer the looks fine, as long as you can pay for it. If however you want the industry to come back to life, and garner new interest you need to be looking to have good product at £800 - £1500 per box, or less. It also needs to be kept in mind that a phone and cans sound more than decent, especially compared to some of rubbish we all started with.
  6. As above, depends how much music you have, and what format it is in. If not a lot a laptop and dac. Single source and stacks of streaming music and internet radio. Vinyl is expensive if you don't have it, and if you go the used album route it's pot luck and you need a decent RCM.
  7. had a afternoon of generic ''pop'' type music, REM, Travelling Wilburys, Keane, enjoying the wife's company more then the music. Time to pour time wine, and change to may be Coltrane, or Davis. It seems not, if I wish to retain my testicles it is going to be at best Nina, at worst fucking Will Young,
  8. to give the widest streaming possibilities I think I would rip to Flac, using DB poweramp. Whichever method you decide to use, back it up, if you do not have at least two copies, at some point you won't have a copy at all. Just a portable USB Drive you plug into the NAS once a week and back up to will be fine. Unplug it when not in use.
  9. have a look at covers 33 http://www.covers33.co.uk/
  10. SOLD

    Kef 104/2 reference speakers. In good condition. Walnut/teak finish. All foams in good condition. Original tweeters rebuilt with new ferrofluid recently. The desirable kef cube is included in the sale. Any questions just message me. Collection will be necessary £350 copied from the add
  11. thinking of some of shorts, ''longs'' on display I'm not surprised.
  12. Did that set of snaps break your camera?
  13. having had a thought, no I don't want to exhibit for two days, don't think I would enjoy the experience. In addition having totalled up room cost, travel cost, meals and drinks, giving up Friday to pack the system into its boxes, load it into the van and travel, its too much in terms of time, and cost. I asked the Mag if she fancied a weekend in Harrogate which would have offset the time and financial cost to some extent. The response was a fairly emphatic not if your spending most of the time shut in a bedroom playing DJ. So sorry, but no. Booked a few days in Edinburgh in September instead.
  14. Thanks very much to Joanne and Des for letting the rabble back in good sounds, good music, bloody magic company. As a warning to others Dean has a bigger hat to hide food under, so stick to stuff that melts.
  15. My bits and bobs are pretty much as was. Difference is I can at last get back in the room and use it.