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  1. dudy's rules Remember you listen to music to enjoy it. I don't care how it measures, if it connects to my soul, it's good.
  2. it's a long way from that. I guess the trouble is that a lot are regular visitors, and don't think to mention location
  3. I try to not think of hi fi in terms of cars or watches etc. If I was told the only deck I could have was an AT or project, then it would be project. They are one of those brands where the cheap stuff really is, and as you move up the range somebody else seems better for similar money. Not sure if much MF tech has trickled down yet. Which may, or may not be aa bad thing.
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/All-Rise-VINYL-Gregory-Porter/dp/B0833X9TWB?ref_=ast_slp_dp new Gregory porter album in April
  5. Mine I guess, simple to use system, comfy seats, decent heat source, music easy to source, decent supply of wine, beer and scotch to hand. No telly, books available, space for others to use. If it sounds more than halfway decent without filling it with acoustic panels its a win. It is a room to enjoy being in, to enjoy music in, not an audiophool space. The biggest win is that it is laid out in such way that the system can give a decent sound without any one bitching about speaker placement, furniture placement, and it is big enough to let the system perform.
  6. The 103 is a bit marmite. Best thing I did with mine was trade it in. I would rather spend the time setting up a micro line , or vital type profile than listen to inner grove distortion from a conical or elliptical stylus.
  7. Depends on phono stage and budget, I would look for an audio technica with a micro line stylus.
  8. I personally think each generation of rega CD players have got better. I currently have a Saturn, and saturn-r , both picked instead of much more expensive players.
  9. if age bothers you, then Saturn or saturn-r
  10. You need to do a bit of corrective work on the Luddite element of your system. You have a NUC, check its spec, then pop over to the Roon website and see if it meets the basic requirements. If it does, run the NUC as a roon ''core'' stream to the Squeeze box, and let the SBT feed the DAC. It will sound as good as anything else feeding the DAC, give you s superb interface you can control from a PC, Phone or tablet. There must be a wammer near you with a similar system you could Have a play with. You would be welcome here, but its quite a Hike on crap roads.
  11. No, it's because I am particularly interested in TV in general, music DVD's and bloody Utube in particular. If I want to inflect it upon myself then I will either use the room with the telly in it, or the bedroom telly. Failing that one of the assortment of computers kicking about the place. Not a fan of Linn or Ivor.
  12. I don't is the simple answer to that.
  13. Telly's are banned from the listening room
  14. Work some measurements or actives into this one Keith. Ripped out the open fire and had a lot burner installed in the music room. May not have improved the system but sure as hell improved the room. And my mindset. Done wonders for the blue time spent listening. Would have paid for a few "upgrades" doubt if the conventional upgrade path would have brought the same benefits.
  15. I very much doubt that a lot of what I listen to can be classed as popular. Still some rubbish recordings though