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  1. dudywoxer

    Van insurance ???

    if you can not transfer no claims around then its going to be silly expensive. My van is registered in my wifes name with me as a named driver. there are one or two companies that come out lower priced for me regularly. It does not have any commercial use though, which may make a huge difference.
  2. dudywoxer

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    I would buy the Volvo, but then I frequently have, from the V70 T5 onwards, with a merc in the mix somewhere. If the T5 was an old mans car there where some very capable old men driving. Never had a BMW, but then I dont like the ride. Its a method of transport that should be comfortable for long journeys, not a road based race car.
  3. dudywoxer

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    I have tried upgrading to a ''higher'' level a few times, (The stupidity is that my entry level ish system has a cart that exceeds most peoples entire system cost). I find the upgrade fails, as I find myself analysing the system rather than being pulled into the music. I am drawn more by presentation style than any hi fi attributes. I also found that ''better'' kit reduced the kind of music I listen to, which is the last thing I either want or need.
  4. dudywoxer

    XLR listening test into ATC 40 actives

    Any one who find buggering about with lengths of cable a fun thing to be must be really short of ''fun'' in life.
  5. dudywoxer

    Roy Gandy Q&A

    i get where the not interested in hi fi comes from. I own, and have owned a lot of Rega kit over the years. Is it the best Hi-Fi type sound you can buy. Hell no, it was never designed to be. It is however some the best when it comes to conveying the emotion and feel of the music. When I bought my first Rega I compared it to Sansui, Thorens, and some lenco thing. In terms of engineering the Rega was without a doubt the simplist, and probably cheapest of the lot. It did however have a arm fitted that blew all the others into the weeds. It was not my first choice, that would have been a LPT, with a Rega arm, if I could have been supplied with one that worked.
  6. dudywoxer

    XLR listening test into ATC 40 actives

    you decided to critise the music used at a private gathering, and they are short on manners??
  7. dudywoxer

    Pet Hates !!

    I suppose that as the builder of the original mini was that good at they succeded themselves out of business, the new, profitable, owner of the brand can do what ever they want with it.
  8. dudywoxer

    Bit of cartridge advice please !

    I like Audio Technica carts, but am a tad concerned with your comments about finding the 2m Blue a bit dry. While I personally would not describe the AT's as dry, they sure as hell are not going to add the ''old '' vinyl bloom to your music listening. If you are after a ''darker'' presentation then maybe you should be looking at the Nagaoka range. Although I would jump on any fine line Audio technica that fell in budget they do have a sound balance more akin to digital rather than the traditional vinyl sound. (I would go for the 540 or 740 ML, one just under budget, one just over.
  9. dudywoxer

    Vibrations From CD Ripping

    If the entire thing is moving together, why would it effect the read quality? If the laser was to move differently to the disc then a bad read would be expected. All cd readers seem to vibrate at ripping speeds.
  10. dudywoxer

    System advice please!

    I would be looking at cart and phono stages, that is where I feel you will get the best return. I used the Blue for a short while, and to be honest was not overly immpressed. At least it was better than the Red. Trying to hear carts is a bit of a nightmare, unless any local wammers have one you are interested in or a local dealer has some on demo. The AT range has some interesting models, both MM and MC. Staying with MM will be the least expesive option providing your stage will let it show.
  11. dudywoxer

    System for the ma-in-law

    have look at the Denon and onkyo mini systems. Decent looks and sound in the main, or maybe a Yamaha MCR N670D.
  12. dudywoxer

    Sugden ANV-50

    if the picture is of the amp you borrowed, it's not a ANV 50, it's a DAP 800, the ANV50 is this
  13. dudywoxer

    Roon Core help

    Yes the laptop will be with core, and needs to be on with roon running when you wish to use it. Not a clue about Innuos, but looking at the web site it does not mention roon, and roon don't seem to list innuos. Maybe look into roon Rock on a intel NUC if you decide to go roon. All music servers are in effect computers running whenever you want to use them. I run roon core on a ''server'' computer that does lots of other stuff as well. Stream out via a couple of squeezeboxes, controlled vis an android pad.
  14. dudywoxer

    What to upgrade!

    I think if it was my money I would start listening with something like spendorn D7 and a sugden masterclass integrated driving them, and go from there
  15. dudywoxer

    Qobuz Streaming Quality

    A lot of the time it depends which release has been digitised for streaming. I had tidal and qobuz for a .while. decided on qoboz, the biggest difference is you don't get Medium Quality Audio shoved at you all the time.