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  1. I think the user interface is going to be a large part of determining what people actually choose to buy. There really is no excuse for a crappy user interface, especially when you think what price the audio companies put on some of these things. A hard to use arm would annoy any one with a vinyl system in the same way as poor software will annoy streamer users.
  2. They are really lovely speakers. had them at mine for a good while. Not too fussy about placement, fairly amp agnostic. I took me long time to decide that I marginally prefer my current speakers. I guess that would come down to musical choice. If you want something that stands out from anything around this price point get your wallet out.
  3. The problem is you struggle to know where the digital version comes from, inn general terms I have found I don't really care if I am listening to my Rega P9 with AT33ptg II through an ios phone stage, or streamer into the Rega DAC. On some Recordings the P9 shows the DAC a clean pair of heels, on other stuff its harder to pick a ''winner''. I would suggest you put as much thought into the user interface of the streaming software and availability of music as you are into the hardware.
  4. was going to suggest a lenovo yoga, mine has been good for a couple of years, so did a quick price check- when did that batch of price rises happen?
  5. very much this, compared to the cost of a lot of music reply systems, our Carts alone meet the high spec/high cost requirement, even a denon mirco system may well fit the bill.
  6. fettling it may have given good results, getting the blasted thing to run would have been better
  7. never had the SP25, did have the misfortune to have a 86SB, didn't last long, tried to replace it with a LPT, which broke quicker, and more often than the Garrard, it was returned and replaced with a Rega.
  8. Unfortunately very true, but both parties are equally as bad, led by donkeys is very apt. I guess we all need to think ''is leaving the EU'' more important to us than trying to ensure the NHS does not become a yank profit making base, that we do not need food banks, that homelessness is really tackled, That a living wage means just that. ensuring that the Rich and multi Nationals pay the correct levels of tax on their income in the country it is generated in . The tories for me are still the ''nasty'' self serving party, with neither a social conscious, or anything beyond a base money grabbing instinct. Unfortunately labour are being pushed too far in the other direction, and have a real oddball as leader, looking to make previously failed nationalisation ideas work. I guess at heart I am a capitalist with a social conscience. Middle ground I suppose. This time around I think I will have to vote Labour and hope we keep the tories out, as I believe (Hope?) that will cause the country the least long term damage.
  9. A one topic general election could quite possibly return another hung parliament. Even if it does give us some kind of government with a workable majority, what a bloody choice to make. Personally I don't trust either of the leaders . Johnson is a bloody disgrace given his lie through my teeth approach to anything, and his willingness to chuck public cash at anything he fancies is concerning. Corbyn never seems to be able to make his mind up about anything, and gets dragged around by various factions within labour. So we are going to have to drag our arses into some under heated polling station, probably in the wind and wet, to vote for some bugger I don't want as Prime Minister. Prepare to be battered from the papers, social media, and some pillock on your doorstep peddling a huge list of half truths, doubtful promises, and visions of a sparkly unicorn for everyone's garden shed If a Brexit Party worker turns up on my doorstep I don't think they will be expecting my vote when they leave.
  10. spendor S5e would probably fit the bill, work well with amps from most makers.
  11. Why the hell would you want to do that. Decent rcm's are easy to source, and not that expensive when you add up the cost of a halfway decent vinyl front end.
  12. dudywoxer


    This really is the problem, at least from my perspective. I am concerned that if Johnson gets this deal through, it paves the way for a no deal brexit at the end of next year. He will then win the next election, and we will all be unable to do much to stop a hard right administration plunging us all into a race to the bottom. Workers rights will be fairly far down the list of any business in comparison to keeping the business afloat, and maximising profits. This ''deal'' is not the end of the Brexit discussions, it is simply the end of the beginning. There is a huge amount of discussion still to take place on the future relationship between here and the EU.
  13. Lot of use then? May be it does better with other serversoftware (LMS?) , but really useful information on the Music cast app is hard to come by.
  14. I use the VP cleaner, seems to work very well