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  1. dudywoxer

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    Bloody hell fella's, packing a system into a car, reassembling it in working order is a big enough challenge for most of us.
  2. dudywoxer

    Impedance 4 / 6 /8 ohm question ?

    Very few speakers stick at the quoted ohms, and the impedance varies across the range. Some speakers remain comparatively benign across the range, and don't cause any problems, others present a nasty load. The same applies to amps, some seem to be able to drive anything, while others put their tails between their legs and run away at the first sign of a nasty load. I have not the first idea if any measurement can guide you. I have found it to be a suck it and see thing.
  3. Having your house invaded by a bunch of wammers, they will come, in your case bearing amplifiers, speakers, cake and biscuits, and normally a sense of fun and enjoyment. In return you offer hospitality, and tea, coffee, even food. You get to hear stuff in your system, music that in many cases is just unbelievable, and the piss royaly extracted.
  4. dudywoxer

    Newbies at Kegworth 2019

    It's not the worlds best hotel, but then they would not have the wam show, so it's hardly relevant. They tolerate us and what we do, in return we tolerate their little idiosyncrasies . Not sure what exactly people want for a £15 entrance fee. I enjoyed the show, coffee was nearly drinkable, parking was OK, easy access within the hotel, what else is needed.
  5. dudywoxer

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Don't want to damn with faint praise
  6. dudywoxer

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Just got home, my thanks go to all the exhibitors for going to the trouble . Most rooms sounded fine, especially given the footprint they are working with. It could be me , but most of the better sounding rooms seemed to have a helping of DIY kit involved.
  7. dudywoxer

    Advice on streamers via external DAC

    One side of the argument says if the bits arrive at the DAC properly it's job done, the other side point out the improvement in sound quality. As I have yet to hear improvement, rather than very minor differences I think I will stick with the bits are bits argument. I would spend a few Bob more to get something with a bit more appeal in the looks department than a Chromecast, but it would be ease of use and vanity rather than sound quality.
  8. dudywoxer

    WTD - Something Solid EXR & Rega CDP

    You have a pm
  9. dudywoxer

    Food at Kegworth

    Be going to maccy d for lunch then
  10. dudywoxer

    Beware:: This tweak/change worsened my sound

    Not sure, but does not listening to foo count. I learnt many, many moons ago that lots and lots of the, you would not believe the difference type claims should be avoided at all costs. Cable lifters, power cables, mega money IC's and speaker cables may work for those who spend their listening time listening to the system, if on the other hand you actually listen to the music they seem to have much less influence. The biggest mistake I made was buying a much lauded Scandinavian CD player. It did everything the reviews said it would, better soundstage, a little more detail, a bit more ''air and space''. Biggest problem I had with it was it was hi fi, not music. If I listened to the HiFi it was a great machine, if on the other hand I parked my arse to listen to music it failed me. I just could not get the connection with the music my old player gave. Fortunately because of all the good reviews it was easy to move on, and I think I lost out to the tune of postage costs. The old machine went back in and happiness was restored. I think I buy a music centre, not a hi fi, but it took me a while to work out what the differences are.
  11. dudywoxer

    System upgrade

    I am not going to suggest that power amps are the cure for all ill's, but the spendors I have had, (S5e and A6) where both different things on the end of decent power amps, and it is certainly an avenue worth investigating. To disprove that, the current A6's also reacted very well to a lower powered (60 watt aside) valve amp.
  12. dudywoxer

    Really basic system purchase advice request.

    I am a bit of aa Rega fan, and currently have kicking around a heavily modified P2, P3 and P9. I wold really walk around the P1 and go for the P2. If budget is a problem I, when is it not) I would really suggest you re think and look around the use market for a 3 of some description, with a RB300 arm. Or something like this is falls within budget, Sounds better than a 3, and looks smart.
  13. dudywoxer

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    It is an IKEA Expedit side on with a couple of shelves omited. Timber supports screwed along the bottom into the frame, and some B&Q legs.
  14. dudywoxer

    ART7 & ART9 voicing?

    the Art 7's requirements are a bit special, and would need a very quite phono stage capable of a large gain. I have heard a fair few AT carts over the years, and the ART 9 is on my too long list of potential replacements. I do not think they are voiced to suit a particular type of music, They are certainly not a ''old fashined'' warm and cuddly sound either. It could be a reviewers preference turnd into yet another internet myth.
  15. dudywoxer

    ??? SergeAuckland ???

    who is pompous? Serge has a very clearly thought out approach to hi fi, he may very well have thought your system was very bad, but would certainly not have said so.