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  1. Spendor Owners Club

    There have been a few for sale, but I think it will need patience. Hi fi for sale and shark have a few sold listings
  2. Tidal is reported to be running out of cash

    just a thought, but how many companies have 6 months running costs sat in the bank?. I will stick with it till it goes. If it does go I think Roon will be going as well. I prefer to have all my ''computer'' based music in one place.
  3. a case of cabernet franc from around Chinon would be fine thanks
  4. Insurance for Hi-Fi and record collection

    We where with hiscox, moved to John Lewis 2 years ago. Was pleasantly surprised when this year's renewal came through, same as last year despite a break in. Nothing of any real value went, but it was handled well, and quickly. The only fly in the ointment was car keys. Two sets where taken, cost over £1000 to get them replaced, recoded etc. As far accessories they are not on the house policy, and have to be claimed on the car cover.
  5. just tried to play this in he office. My wife is working alongside me today, and has very nicely asked to turn that painful bloody racket off. I will try later in the week when I have a room to myself.
  6. Have DACs really improved?

    i can not measure it, and don't really want to, being one of those subjectivist sort of people, i.e. if I hear it and like it that's near enough. I will probably be told I am wrong, but some digital conversion systems seem to me to go for detail is all, which to my ears often means a tad hard, or brittle sounding, and no soul. Try a Rega DAC-r at a dealers and go from there.
  7. Chris Rea WAC thread

    hope he is OK https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/dec/09/chris-rea-collapses-in-a-clump-on-stage-at-oxford-theatre saw him Monday night at Sheffield City Hall. We both thought he was playing better than we have seen/heard him play live before.
  8. Auction of quality hifi stuff on the 12

  9. Chris Rea WAC thread

  10. Chris Rea WAC thread

    My favourite albums are , especially the blue guitar box set., I think some are still around at around £50 for a 11 cd boxset
  11. Chris Rea WAC thread

    No thanks
  12. Chris Rea WAC thread

    depends on the customer, I try to pick mine. selfish wittering me first one's can bugger off, I don't need the shit, as usually they spend the least, and expect the most.
  13. depends if you would rather drive, or drink