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  1. Broken Project Debut Tonearm wires - what to do now?

    Have a word with audio origami http://www.audioorigami.co.uk
  2. Do you trust magazine reviews

    I don't trust magazine reviews in general, (Hi Fi or anything else) with Hi Fi I have found a couple of reviewers who seem to hear things in a similar way to me, and that helps create a shortlist sometimes. Measurements seem to be somewhat selective, and subjectivist reviews are in the main useless, you will not t have the room or the other kit used available to you, and there is far too much purple prose and waffle, not to mention if it's more expensive its doubtless better.
  3. Towing trailers

    chances are if you ask a traffic cop they will know, a beat copper probably wont. If a traffic cop does not know, he will at least know where to look.
  4. just call it the wam show, Scalford stuck I think because of the quirkiness of the hotel being a fairly equal match with the quirkiness of the people in the early days. The Scalford Hall setting and the original wigwam crew where just a good match
  5. New phono stage perhaps

    how much do you want to part with? I think a great number of wine type tokens will be required.
  6. Network Switches

    what a shitty suggestion
  7. Network Switches

    yes but only if the mana is that high you need steps to operate the kit sat on it
  8. Network Switches

    I am trying to work out what the difference can be, and short of a handful of fairy dust in the case, can not. That's why I ask if the old unit was a switch, which as I understand it routes the data to where it's needed, whereas a hub throws it out to all and sundry.
  9. this place was suggested a long time ago, and was rejected on the grounds of aircraft noise. Will the volume levels need to be higher
  10. Network Switches

    was the old unit a switch, or a hub? switches are a bit smarter than hubs.
  11. Valves for WD Kel84 amp?

    Can I suggest you have a look at the karltone website. See if the do a JJ set for your amp. Every bit as enjoyable a listen and way more reliable than any no's stuff.
  12. Which turntable is best for starting out

    So how long do you think it will be before a rock in budget pops up for sale. Get the Rega, it's a very good buy at that money.
  13. Tunes Thursday 9th of November

    thanks fellow reprobates, last night did me the power of good. thanks for the taxi run Steve, very much appreciated
  14. Many moons ago I had chord speaker cable, looking at web site the current equivalent is probably shawline. I was swapping rooms so needed way way longer speaker cable. Currently a 2.5 m length pair of shawline seem to be about £250 - £300. I bought 4mm Van Damme Blue current price about £30.00 for a 2.5 m pair. Preferred the Van Damme. When you consider I bought 11m lengths in todays prices that probably saved me over £900, I became a little sceptic about bloody hi fi wire.
  15. Roon Server hardware options - what's best?

    No I don't use DSP, tried a few, and found a few different presentations, but nothing inherently better than he room as is. To be fair I am not really into upsampling either, and the more I look into, and read about MQA the less I find to like. It looks very much like a solution looking for a problem to fix.