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  1. dudywoxer

    Hi-Fi Society Blog

    Why think about it logically, previously I had a fairly good idea of who was asking. Now I have a chance if not having any idea at all. Rather than put myself in that position the "event" and invitations will be private.
  2. dudywoxer

    Hi-Fi Society Blog

    No, but to an extent the "request" to attend list is restricted to the members of the forum I choose to list it on. Your blog has taken that choice from me. As anyone who wants to attend will have to join the wam to post, or pm me, if they use a new user name I have little chance of working out who they are, and may well be someone I have little interest in socialising with.
  3. dudywoxer

    Hi-Fi Society Blog

    I have a bake off most years, normally I would put them on the wam thread. As you have taken it upon yourself to widen the thread, and therefore the invite to anyone to visit my home, any future events at my place will be restricted to pm invite only. Probably not the outcome you hoped for, but then I would not dream of inviting anyone to your house.
  4. dudywoxer

    DIY mains block

    It look a nice machining job, I would just have got one of these
  5. dudywoxer

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    The music industry is making a bloody shambles of availability at the moment. Re issues, special issues, limited editions. They are spending too much time trying to get us to splash the cash on stuff we already own, rather than ensuring a decent range of music is available to purchase. I don't want another copy of DOSTM thanks Sainsbury's, a decent choice if CD's would be nice though. Vinyl is not main stream, and looking at the crap decks people are buying to play it on, it's not likely to be. Vinyl replay done properly is in the main too much faff.
  6. dudywoxer

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    got a third of the way through that and had to check the authors name, was it Doug Self, or Self Harm
  7. dudywoxer

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    I gave up buying hifi years ago , I find it. much more enjoyable to buy a music replay system. A
  8. dudywoxer

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    I had assumed you would realise I was taking the piss out of your taking the piss.
  9. dudywoxer

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    make that two then
  10. dudywoxer

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    Shock horror, the world is ending. Hi fi forum member hears things differently to a reviewer. go. Prostrate your self at the feet of the review god, seek his foregivness , and kick him in the gonads as you get up to leave.
  11. dudywoxer

    £2k Turntable.

    I think your deck may have just arrived in the classifiedshttps://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/131532-fs-michell-orbe-turntable/
  12. dudywoxer

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    There is nothing wrong with the majority of digital masters, blame the loudness wars compression stuck onto it before it hits a CD for the problems. When everything is recorded to either sound the loudest possible, or to sound good on a phone and ear buds, decent systems don't stand much of a chance. Vinyl can not carry the same level of compression, so in some cases sounds better, but certainly not all. Trying to make digital sound ape old fashioned vinyl is a strange thing to do. Go for the best digital or vinyl reply your pocket will stand. Although I would not claim my system is anything more than mid fi at best, as both sources have improved they have grown closer in balance of sound. Having said that there are a lot of expensive DAC's out there that scream digital. while others manage not to. I find most of the much praised highly detailed DAC's at best objectionable, and at worst unlistenable.
  13. dudywoxer

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    Most new vinyl comes from either a digital master or remaster. The warm vinyl sound as far as I can tell comes from older decks, and especially old cart design. As a stick your head up to be shot at, something like a early LP 12 with a DL 103 on board. Why you would want to produce that digitally is beyond me.
  14. dudywoxer

    Roon Core help

    to add other music libraries, go to settings, storage. If the music is on a networked device you should be able to browse to it from here. To run the core I would go for something based around an i5 or ryzen 5 on a SSD drive. It makes the browsing experience much quicker, and stops frustrations hampering a listening session while a slower ''core'' keeps you waiting while it searches then presents the information to the remote. don't forget you can add internet radio streams as well.
  15. dudywoxer

    Roon Core help

    I guess it depends how much ease of use matters to you. The entire point of streaming to me is ease of access to my ripped music, or streaming from the net. All the family use it, and the simple fact that my flac files, my sons apple library, Internet radio and tidal are all available from one common interface on a pc, phone, pad just makes it simple to use. In my case roon core runs on a general use windows 10 PC. It is only average spec, ryzan 5, 16 gb ram, 500gb ssd drive for the OS, and some programmes. several standard sata drives for storage. It acts as my small office back up, fax machine, family file store etc etc. It runs roon without breaking sweat, and has a spdif out to feed the office music system. The nice part about roon is the interface, type an artist into the search box, you have a view of all your library albums,plus all the tidal albums, to pick from. A simple click plays it, or adds it to the que. If you have your hi fi buried in a man cave it may not be worth paying for, especially if you lock yourself away to listen them some arcane lump of linux software may well be fine, if on the other hand you have a computer phobe wife who wants to listen to music alone, or with others, and finds a smart TV challenging then Roon may everything you need. I have been using it for a couple of years, not had drop outs, lost players or any malfunction in that time. Well not a unintended one. The only problem is when the 6 year old granddaughter turn it off before using youtube . It amazes me how many people will spend hundreds on a length of wire, and blanche at paying for a piece of software that brings ease of use to a house hold.