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  1. This This Spotify or flac's when i cant be arsed to move from the couch but nothing beats the lights down low , glass of red and a slab of my favourite vinyl playing
  2. Hi Guys I am sorry to report that there will not be a Harrogate show this year. Due to work commitments elsewhere for Peter and myself and problems with sourcing a suitable location after the Swan made it clear they no longer wanted to have the show. It has proved impossible to organise seeing as most trade allocate budgets outside of the time constraints we could offer . Cheers Danny
  3. Duvet


    :oj:and doing them at Old Trafford ............ still not sure we want a cup run though...better to win the league but enjoy the moment i will
  4. Well as far as I I recall a lot of the wardrobes at Kegworth are built in and minimal furniture compared to the Swan . Remember trade rooms want the the room totally cleared . They sleep in a separate room themselves . It is far more intensive in terms of workload for that reason . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. That was part of it to be honest even though the furniture removal was fully explained to them . Also they raised costs for hire which in our opinion were totally inappropriate and deliberate to price themselves out of the market . So anyway it’s done and more importantly we concentrate on the Kegworth show . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Except in the dealers section which is the whole point of it
  7. I have been in the game of hifi for quite some considerable time now . In fact probably too long and hence can be quite dogmatic in my stance . When a Wam show comes up i can look at the systems and know which ones are going to tick my box . Ricks system , AdamK, Mavericks etc but the most fantastic thing about the show is I do the rounds and walk into a room and wow a 180 degree happens . This year it was Spiders room and then walking into Audioflyers room and the lovingly restored JBL's which i could have spent all day listening to. Not sure that a best in show fits in with my ideology where the Wam show is concerned
  8. I have started with a few Stella's but i may move onto some Merlot later. Shame its only a virtual pub. I quite fancy the walk home and a kebab and then :puke::puke::puke::puke:. Ah it takes me back
  9. I do what I can to support Roger Waters Pink Floyd among others in their dotage
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    What are you listening to right now?

    In the garden . Windows open . Just finished eating . Glass of red and ignore the world
  11. Duvet

    New house - opportunity or dilemma?

    Stereo SBT's 😀