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  1. Ear cleaning .

    I know regular fiddlers clean audiophile dust of their precious and clean contacts but what do we do to give our own bit of hardware namely our ears a service . Any recommended products for ear cleaning apart from sticking your head in a sonic bath to dislodge ear wax.
  2. Just a name change on the spreadsheet so people know its Kegworth . https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a9wWTWeuqfAMb6iaM-K7q5BMKYFYOyfuG_AorZj9bas/edit#gid=995576601 Those who's circumstances have changed for whatever reason please edit accordingly by the 30th of November . Otherwise i will take this as done and start planning . Many thanks Danny
  3. Ear cleaning .

    Thanks for that
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    SW : hand.cannot.erase
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Early Saturday easing myself in
  6. When do cables start/stop making a difference?

    Cables are microphonic . We all saw how it ended for the big fella in Jaws 2 when Chief Brody started hitting the mains cable. Enough said .
  7. This is good advice and the Nu-Vista i think remains the jewel in affordable MF crown with bomb proof build quality .
  8. I have started with a few Stella's but i may move onto some Merlot later. Shame its only a virtual pub. I quite fancy the walk home and a kebab and then :puke::puke::puke::puke:. Ah it takes me back
  9. Phono Preamp recommendations

  10. Phono Preamp recommendations

    Can we have a rough budget though cos no one wants to spend more than they have to
  11. ATC SCM40A, any opinions?

    In short Phil can really highlight the quality of a recording for good and errr bad
  12. Kuzma Turntable – Stabi S12 & Stogi S12 + Extras https://t.co/ExXx9dGWbo

  13. What does the Pre Amp bring to the party?

    Jack if found digital replay stunning through an MFA baby ref but on analogue ( TT) is just didnt sing at at all.
  14. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    Dont worry i've been trying to get my Mac to talk to my SBT and gave up . Through IPENG it works flawlessly on my iPad and iPhone
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    That was earlier and this is now
  16. Albums of 2017 .

    i guess we are approaching the final furlong of this year so maybe its a good time to give some honourable mentions to the releases for 2017 . Please check your dates lol . Played this one a lot and if anything that Mr Wison's current solo genre is a bit more pop orientated . This thread is also a good chance for some late minute purchases of Albums that may have passed us by . Re-issues should not really count as well to be fair . New music please .
  17. Humans like symmetry . So as long as you can handle that it isn't you'll be fine
  18. I have always used the rather pricey but effective L'Art du Son concentrate mixed with distilled water and i'm down to my last drop . Do i stick or is there a cheaper alternative . Ps I'm not into creating my own potions but those suggestions are still welcome